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Top 5 Under-rated moments in Royal Rumble history

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Never is really talked about, but should be because they were big moments at the time. Overshadowed because of other big moments that happened on the Royal Rumble event at the time or simply because it is under-rated. Numbering this by year rather than 1-5.

1994:Taker beatdown- A ton of wrestlers beatdown the Deadman during his title match vs Yokozuna. Had the match won until like 20 wrestlers chaos with the Undertaker's urn and the green smoke. Similar to a cartoon like atmosphere. Overlooked when you talk about Bret/Luger tie Rumble victory.

1998:Kane burns Taker's casket-1998 where Kane burns Taker post match seems to be overlooked in my eyes because of HBKs injury in that match. I believe that was the first time they burned the casket while Taker was inside. I believe they were both under-rated moments in Rumble history.

1998:Austin enters the Rumble-At the time, he gave a Stone Cold stunner to everyone including Vince McMahon. Other wrestlers were looking for revenge and when his music hit.....everyone stopped and looked towards the entrance ramp for Austin. He came out from the crowd and threw out some wrestlers.

2002:HHH/Austin faceoff-Leading up to 2002, Austin, HHH, Undertaker, and probably others told Rock in the back they'd be facing him at Wrestlemania when they win the Royal Rumble match. Debra and Stephanie were fueding at the time. Same goes for their husbands which made the moment even bigger. Austin eliminated some guys waiting on the turnbuckle for competition when HHH's music hit. Fans were into it while HHH slowly made his way to the ring to face the rattlesnake. Unfortunately, the walk to ring took longer than the actual in ring battle they had one on one. Definately a huge moment in Royal Rumble history.

2005:Hassan gets eliminated by everyone-Muhammad Hassan was getting a ton of heat at the time for taking shots at the USA. Beating up JR, Lawler, and so on. His music hit, everyone stopped similar to Austins entrance except everyone in the ring beat him up and threw him out.

Contenders that didn't make the cut:
2001 Kane lifts Big Show, 1994 Owen turns on Bret, and Jeff Hardy leap in table match 2000.

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  1. urbanRedneck's Avatar
    weak list.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by urbanRedneck
    weak list.
    Ok, give me your 5 under-rated moments.
  3. jjlbuck82's Avatar
    I remember the taker beatdown more than the hart n luger tie. Because what happened with taker was AWSOME! For a while there it looked like taker could hold em off. Then hed get beatdown again. Then comeback.. That match is huge part in the making the legacy of the undertaker.
  4. MR Boss's Avatar
    I am not really a expert when it comes to things that happened during the Royal Rumble. I think you should add to your list. Kofi Kingstones handstand, and when John Morrison jumped on the barricade.

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