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Top 10 worst moments in Royal Rumble history

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Worst is a bit more impactful word than "least fav" Royal Rumble moments. Prob would have got more comments in my blog if I used that for Mania. In any case, I'll give you 10 of the worst moments in my opinion in Rumble history. Instead of numbering because the critics will argue. I'll just go by year instead. A reminder: Worst would mean fav superstar loss when they should have won, terrible appearances or victory, injuries and so on.

1989:Big John Studd wins Rumble-What was the payoff from the victory? Other top stars competing in the Rumble and he wins. He had no match at Wrestlemania, but he was a ref of the Jake Roberts vs Andre match. Made no sense and had no real impact after that in WWE.

1990:Hogan doesn't know his line-I believe this was 1990, but it could have been 91 where Hogan was talking about the war and he forgets his line during his promo. It was on a recent show on WWE youtube with Road Dogg and Josh Matthews. Good thing Mean Gene was there to help out the Hulkster.

1995:Royal Rumble match-Moments in the match where you could see HBK telling wrestlers when to let him throw them over the top. Most obvious was the Bushwackers being in there for less than 10 seconds. 40 minute Rumble match with no strong star power at all in the match. Worst Rumble ever if you ask me.

1996:HBK wins, but he was eliminated-Vader threw HBK over the top during the Rumble match, but according to the announce team...he wasn't eliminated even though he was tossed over the top rope. Wrestlers have eliminated themselves, but they can't be eliminated from opponents who were already out of the match?

1998:HBK back injury-One could argue this was the worst moment of them all because it was a big blow to WWE at the time. Losing the war to WCW coming off the screwjob at Survivor Series. Back injury cost HBK 4 years of his career. No one believed he would return, but did in 2002.

2000:Mae Young-If you seen the moment I speak know what I'm talking about.

2001:Chyna can't move-During her match with Ivory, she hit her back hand moonsault move on Ivory in the corner. Afterwards, she fell to the ground and didn't move. Ivory pinned her for the women's championship. Announcers and EMTs came in and took her to the back on a stretcher. Chyna returned at Wrestlemania 17 and beat Ivory in the amount of seconds.

2001rew Carey competes-He was part of the Royal Rumble to promote some stupid ppv thing he had at the time. He came out while Hardyz eliminated each other leaving himself all alone in the ring. Kane came out and he attempted to give money to Kane. Carey eliminated himself from the Rumble match instead of taking a choke slam or Tombstone like Pete Rose had done in the past at Wrestlemania.

2004:HBK can't win world title-On Raw in HBKs hometown, he almost won the world title only have his shoulders on the mat when the ref counted to 3 which meant HHH retained the title. That only to have the Last man standing match end in another tie with HHH retaining the championship.

2011:40 man Rumble-Making the Rumble match 40 men to have guys like Hornswoggle and other joke wrestlers to compete. It also lasted a very long time as well which sucked. That with the terrible announcing during the match. Got guys who competed for the world titles competing as well? Ruins the prestige of the world titles if you ask me.

Contenders that didn't make the cut:
2009 Matt turns on Jeff Hardy instead of Christian, 2008 Jeff Hardy loss, 2003 World title match

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  1. xAzureSkye's Avatar
    Chyna can't move. more like Chyna can't wrestle.

    She absolutely ruined that storyline by returning after an injured neck and destroying Ivory, destroying any momentum Ivory had gained during the feud
  2. VenturaHeel's Avatar
    sorry dude have to disagree with the Big John Studd one..WWE or WWF as it was then was a complete kettle of fish and the rumble was a new PPV(88 not on ppv) and the rumble winner was not automactically main event wrestlemanina that didn't happen until yokozunna in 93...Hogan won it in 90 and 91 but was always going to main event as he was the main event guy..Big john winning it was the last of the tradition of the big men winning battle royals..Andre won more than anyone back in the day....
  3. Zochar's Avatar
    Ah yes..

    I remember the Hardy vs. Orton match at the 2008 Rumble,
    he had HUGE momentum going in, Swantoning Orton from 50 feet on RAW and all..
    maybe he did should've won it that night.
    I also remember being a huge Hardy fan back then, and thinking he wouldn't ever win it after that, haha! Though I do like the way how they made him win it eventually!

    Nice blog .

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