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My Idea for The Miz's Wrestlemania! PART 2

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Now I know I said I was going to let you guys think of what would happen at wrestlemania if The Miz was involved in the GM match up (on long's team). But I got thinking about it, and I thought I would share it with you!

Special shout out to the DK Wrestling Savior for his kind words and apologies if you were thinking along the same lines.

Here goes! So based on the potential teams being....

Now I know teams are subject to change and this is by no means the line up for the match, so don't slate me for it. It is an idea I have not a fact!

So I am going to go with all 12 men around ringside at the same time and I take it, it will be an elimination format.

Khali and Christian start the match, Christian starts at a fast pace trying to avoid the big clubbing blows of Khali. Khali as per usual is looking really slow and sluggish. Christian starts laying into Khali, only for Khali to push him flat on his backside. Khali grabs Christian and puts him in the neutral corner before doing a gigantic slap as the crowd cheer. Khali throws him to the other side of the ring, before Christian scrambles on his hands and knees and tags in WSM Mark Henry! Henry and Khali stare at each other in the middle of the ring before Henry starts talking smack. Henry runs against the ropes and goes to knock the giant down, but Khali holds his ground which shocks the WSM. Henry goes for it again and runs straight into the head chop. Otunga jumps into the ring and starts arguing with the ref, complaining about an illegal blow. Khali approaches Otunga and grabs him by the throat, in the mean time Henry is up and takes the back of Khali's legs out. Henry follows it up with a big splash.....1.....2......3! Khali ELIMINATED. (I think you would all agree this is first elimination if he is in the match).

Laurinaitis has a smile across his face as his team takes the advantage. Truth is in the ring working on Henry, having success with big rights and goes for the lie detector and connects. Henry is down and crawls to the corner to tag in Ziggler, as Truth does a little dance with little jimmy. Ziggler and Truth go back and forth with a few high spots. Ziggler goes to the top rope, only for truth to meet him as they trade right in a precarious position. Truth goes for a superplex off the top rope, which takes both men out. The 10 count begins with both men motionless, as the ref gets to 5 Truth begins to get up, shortly after Ziggler is using the ropes to help him get to his feet. Both men stand on the count of 9 as they start to trade again. Truth gets the advantage and goes for the Little Jimmy (reverse STO), only for Ziggler to pull off an amazing reversal and connecting with the zig zag! 1.......2........3!! TRUTH ELIMINATED.

Team Laurinaitis go 6-4. Ace starts smirking and laughing at Long while giving him a wave. In comes Kofi springing off the top rope to connect with a big chop against Ziggler. Kofi is pumped and continues to land big strikes before landing the boom drop. But in comes Swagger to interfere, but Kofi sees him coming and hits a massive Trouble in Paradise. Now all hell breaks lose as members from each team both enter the ring. Ace and Long also get involved in an altercation at ringside. Normality is restored as Kofi and Ziggler continue the match. Ziggler manages to get Kofi in the sleeper and Kofi begins to fade. Kofi fights out and bounces off the ropes and connects with a big right knocking Ziggler down. Kofi goes to the top rope and hits a huge diving cross body. Kofi is up again and starts rallying the crowd as he signals for the SOS. Ziggler gets out the way of it by pushing Kofi away, only to walk straight into the Trouble in Paradise 2 seconds laters. 1........2..........3!!!!! ZIGGLER ELIMINATED. 5-4!

TEAM LONG cheer!! As Ace and Vicky on the other side hold there hands to their head in disbelief. In comes Swagger who nails Kofi with a clothesline and suplex. Swagger works Kofi over before getting hit by another Trouble in Paradies out of no where. Kofi crawls over to Swagger and pins him close to the ropes. 1.......2...... ADR places Swaggers foot on the ropes to break the count. The Miz who notices this rushes the ring only for the ref to hold him back. With the ref distracted Team Laurinaitis bombard Kofi with kicks and punches. Kofi lays motionless as Swagger gets up to deliver the Swagger bomb 1.........2.........3!!!!!!!! KINGSTON ELIMINATED. 5-3!

TEAM LONG are in trouble as the numbers game begins to take it's toll. Swagger tags out to Otunga. In comes Brodus Clay who immediately starts throwing Otunga about the ring with suplex after suplex. Otunga gets some offense in before tagging Henry back in. Henry starts working over Clay in a way that hasn't been seen. Henry connects with the WSS but instead of going for a cover he starts rubbing it in to Team Long. He get's into the face of Santino, Santino raises the cobra only for Henry to grab his wrist. Henry starts laughing but what he doesn't realize is that it is the spitting cobra!!! The cobra spits in his eyes which blinds the WSM. Henry holds his eyes as he turns around to be met by the FUNKASAURAS. Clay hits What the funk?. 1...2.....3!!!!!!!!!!! HENRY ELIMINATED. 4-3!

ACE looks shocked as Long does a dance on the opposite side. Once again comes Swagger who gets met by a massive suplex. Clay shouts out 'shall I get him!?' in his camp way, only for Vicky Guerrero to climb up on the apron. Vicky try's to interest Clay by performing a similar dance to his, shaking her back end. Clay smiles and approaches Vicky slapping her ass, Vicky falls to the floor in pain. In the mean time Swagger has got up and managed to roll clay up. 1....2....3!!!! CLAY ELIMINATED. 4-2!

Clay leaves the ring disappointed as Ace helps Vicky up with a huge grin across his face. In come The Miz who completely dominates Swagger making quick work of the fatigued all american american. Skull Crushing Finale. 1.......2........3!!!!!!!!! SWAGGER ELIMINATED. 3-2!

The Miz is on fire and wants ADR!!!! ADR makes out he is going to enter but decides against it. In comes Christian who makes the match slightly more technical. Miz and Christian go back and forth before Christian hits a cross body and gets the upper hand. Meanwhile on the outside tempers begin to flare again between Ace and Long. Long hits Ace on his ass and Santino and Otunga start threatening each other. ADR and the ref are helping Ace up as Christian is shouting for the ref to get back in the ring. Christian turns round to get hit by the Mizard of Oz, followed up by the Skull Crushing Finale. The ref re-enters the ring..1......2......3!!!!!! CHRISTIAN ELIMINATED. 2-2!

It's all even as ADR is raging on the outside. He runs into the ring and Miz and him go at it. Trading rights and lefts, each man trying to get the upper hand. It's a proper brawl as they roll around the ring continuing to kick and punch each other. Miz starts to get the upper hand hitting a scoop slam and a big boot to the head. Miz picks him up and hits a snap ddt to his kneeling opponent. 1.....2....kick out by ADR. Miz picks him up again and sets ADR in the corner, Miz runs full speed and goes to hit the jumping clothesline, only for ADR to move at the last minute. Miz has a nasty fall as ADR gets to his feet and starts stomping on The Miz. He then lays in his vintage kicks and tags in Otunga. Otunga works over The Miz for a while before The Miz gets his chance of a tag. The crowd goes crazy as Santino comes in and starts laying into the A-list. Otunga quickly tags in ADR. ADR gets the upper hand on Santino quick and starts to man handle the US Champ. ADR locks in the armbar only for The Miz to rush the ring and get the break. Santino finally gets away from ADR and dives for The Miz's hand. TAG!!! Here we go again as The Miz immediately takes control, they both end up going over the top rope and begin to brawl outside. ADR smashes Miz's head off the announce table as the ref begins his 10 count. Miz gets back into it and rams ADR into the steel steps, he picks ADR up and goes to whip him into the barricade only to get reversed. ADR lays into the Miz as the refs count gets to 8. ADR goes to run back into the ring only for the Miz to grab his leg.....9...10!!! DOUBLE COUNT-OUT! 1-1!

LONG and ACE cant believe as there down to the final 2. Who are both captains of their respective teams. Miz and ADR don't seem to care as they begin brawling back up the ramp, only to be met by security who try and break them up. Try being the word as they continuously break through getting to each other!

Back in the ring the 2 captains have a stare down as well as the GM's. They begin to go back and forth before Otunga takes control. Santino fights back and goes for the cobra only for Ace to get up on the ropes and grab the arm of Santino. Teddy runs around and and pulls Ace off the apron. Back in the ring Otunga lays out Santino with the Verdict. 1......2........kickout!!!!! Santino manages to kick out to the shock of Otunga and Ace. Ace and Long both end up in the ring now, Ace goes to clobber Long and accidentally hits the ref. Cobra time as Santino hits Ace with the move. Long kicks Ace out the ring and starts to revive the ref as Santino goes to hit another cobra on Otunga, only for it to get reversed into another Verdict spinebuster. Teddy does not realize as he goes outside to take care of Ace only for the ref to pin 1........2..........3! And THE WINNERS............TEAM LAURINAITIS

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Like myself, you are a visionary. I can't imagine this match going any other way. When I hit the lottery and buy TNA, I'm hiring you as one of the head creative writers. We're outing Bischoff and making real competition for WWE.

    Great job again.
  2. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    This would be awesome to play out. Dynamic, pretty good pace of action... Plus this would give Miz, Santino, ADR and Otunga some nice time to shine.

    Only thing I disagree with (and it's nothing against you)... Santino reverses the 2nd Verdict into a front facelock while held in the air, transitions to an impromptu DDT from desperation, then hits the Cobra as Otunga stumbles to his feet FOR THE WIN... It's TEAM LONG!!!

    ... Just because I can't stand Johnny...

    But seriously, awesome write!
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    Jesus you are creative

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