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MY TOP 10 Greatest WrestleMania Matches (Between 14 & 27)

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What Is Going on Guys this is my VERY First Blog.
Well since we are getting closer and closer to WrestleMania 28 I thought my first Blog will be my Top 10 Greatest Mania matches, From Mania 14 to 27.

#10.TLC Tag Team Title Match: Dudleys Vs E&C Vs Hardys

What A Great Start On my Countdown with this awesome/Physical/intense Tag Team title match, This was the 2nd TLC match and it could not of been better, These were each on there way of becoming the best tag teams in the WWE. Each Team left everything in that ring, there was Table crashes, Falling of ladders and some huge chair shots (Lita to Spike) It was Edge who made this match even more impressive with the spear to Jeff of the ladder OMG!! Another great win for E&C IMO This was better than any MITB match at WrestleMania.

#9.Triple Threat World Championship Match: HHH V HBK V Benoit
What a fantastic ending to a Great Wrestlemania, Benoit was on the rise in the WWE After coming off a huge Rumble win And was on the road to the main event, BUT! With HBK & HHH Rivalry far from finished The match was made Triple Threat, The match then became even more exciting as you had 3 men with Huge amount of talent. The Match saw some great moments in the match, some close near falls These defiantly stole the show. With Benoit coming out the Victor There was no other way to end this match then with him and Eddie in the ring to Close the show!!

#8. Hardcore Rules: Edge Vs Mick Foley
What Can't You say about this match This could easily go down in History as the greatest Hardcore Match in WWE, Edge was Just getting bigger and Bigger as the years went on and it was natural to have someone Like Foley To Help Edge on his way. A Fantastic match with some Great Hardcore moments This was just an all out Brawl With Blood flowing Everywhere. As for the Ending There was only one thing to say O.M.G!!!!

#7. Randy Orton Vs The Undertaker
This was the first match Where WWE Actually wanted attention to be brought on the streak, This match easily stole the show with HBK Vs Angle Randy orton showed how great he actually was!! This was easily the Undertakers Hardest match at the time, And few occasions i actually thought Randy Had done it, As Orton controlled most of the match Undertaker still battled As only he does, BUT It was the RKO Of the Chockslam where i thought it was Over But NO The kick out was made then the tombstone was hit and it was all over (Big Props To Orton)

#6. The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan
WOW Is all I can say, How did this match not become the main event of Wrestlemania 18 This one one of those match where the crowd was just 100% behind it. There was Hogan fans there was Rock fans It was just Awesome. We all know this wasn't the greatest Technical match BUT Both men put on a great match, Hogan showed he could still go as well. It was a great win for the Rock. This match also had a Great ending with 2 icons Shaking hands.

#5. Edge Vs The Undertaker: World Championship Match
This was IMO Undertakers 2ND Greatest Wrestlemania match, This match MADE Edge's legacy in the WWE, Firstly both men had Awesome entrances LOL, Edge controlled nearly the whole match and was just one step of the Undertaker the Whole time, Except Undertaker HBK This was the one I 100% Knew the Streak would be over. BUT Undertaker again would shock us all And fight back Counter Edge's 2nd spear and lock in the deadly Hell's Gate, NEW World Champion and Streak goes 16:0

#4. The Rock Vs Stone Cold: WWE Championship
Out of all 3 matches these 2 competed in at Wrestlemania this was without doubt the best encounter, Both entered as the Face and the Crowd was proudly behind both men, These went back and forth countless times both being busted open quite a few near falls this match had everything, BUT!! NO one expected what happened at the end Stone Cole Screwing us all and joining forces with Mr. McMahon, The Rock still thought hard kicking out of Chair shots and Stone Cold stunner's It was the vile assault with the chair at the end that finished the Rock, As the show ended with Vince and Steve shaking hands

#3. Y2J Vs HBK
This match was Just amazing from the very start to the very end, This match stole the show at Wrestlemania 19 and submitted Jericho's Great career, These 2 put on a great technical wrestling match The whole time. As the famous quote from Jerry the King Lawler it was as if these 2 where to be wrestling themselves and it was clearly true These 2 were so similar throughout the match and there careers, Y2J would even go for Sweet Chin music But as Michaels Kicked out Mr.Wrestlemania came out Even with Michaels hitting the real Sweet chin music Y2J Still! Kicked out After some more back and fourth action it was HBK With the roll up to take the victory.

#2. The Undertaker Vs HBK: Wrestlemania 25
Simply Undertakers Greatest Wrestlemania opponent And possibly the greatest match in Wrestlemania history, With these 2 and the near points of there career they pulled everything out the bag and left everything in that ring! Fantastic wrestling match, Undertakers leap out the ring was Phenomenal, HBK Shocked us all kicking out the Chockslam, Last Ride and possibly the most shocking & Unbelievably moment in WWE He kicked out the Tombstone. Give Undertaker credit as well fighting through Elbow Drops Sweet Chin Musics and quite a few submission holds, It was only natural these 2 have alot of time off after this match! (They would then make history again at the next years Mania Main event)

#1. HBK Vs Kurt Angle

This will always go down IMO As the greatest Technical wrestling match in Wrestlemania History, Michaels would surprise us all and try to out wrestle the Olympic Gold medallist and sometimes he even succeeded. These 2 great wrestlers went back and fourth And back and Fourth For nearly 30mins Even after the Sweet Chin Music The match still continued, with Angle locking on the Ankle lock Where HBK Was in it for quite long i dont know how he did it, But as well all thought Michaels would fight threw it and Get to the ropes He was dragged right back to the centre of the Ring and had no option but to tap out!!

Thanks for reading if your still here LOL if this blog comes out as a success i would love to continue Blogging. KhaosHEEL Out!!
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    Well this sucks, 2 of my top 5 are near your bottom. Mine is talking all-time. What a cheap shot!!
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    wow... punctuation is not your strong point. try talking a little bit more sophisticated rather than sounding like an ADD kid on prozac

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