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Yes Sir,We Promised You A Great Event

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Hello Guys I'm back!

Yes Sir,We Promised You A Great Event....

Can Hulk Hogan ever return to the WWE? I'm sure the WWE would love to have Hulk Hogan come back, but they're in a position where they can easily go on without him. Knowing the Hulkster, if he wanted to return to the WWE. He can't come back and expect to do whatever he wished to do. Just because he is Hulk Hogan. Simply put, he won't have the leverage he once had before. Hogan is big, but he is no longer bigger than the WWE. If Hogan wants to return to the WWE for whatever reason, he would have to do it at his own expense. He won't be able to go backstage to the WWE and request a program with whoever he wants or be the hero in the ring anymore. He would have to take up more of a backstage role and help younger guys break into the Main-event scene. But I doubt that would be the case, Hulk is happy in Impact Wrestling and loves the role he places for that company. I'm sure he would not trade that in for another spot in the limelight again with the WWE.

Brian Kendrick Return? I'm ecstatic at the news. Sure, it's not confirmed yet, but I'm a huge Brian Kendrick mark. His run as The Brian Kendrick got me interested in wrestling again, he was that good. With the right gimmick, he can be extremely charismatic on the mic and can go with the best of them. Saying that though, I was always surprised at how the WWE pushed him in the first place. He seemed like a future endeavoured star just like London. They took a risk with him, though and it paid off. I can see why they would do the same the second time round, especially if Kendrick has got clean, drug-wise.

Saying that, though, with the rumoured cruiserweight show on the WWE network being planned, they could (and should) center the division around him. He has the experience in an inexperienced world. What more could you need? Kendrick as a heel feuding with likes of Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta and Curt Hawkins would be an IWC's dream. That said, the ICW would have to only include me.

Speaking of Kidd, Baretta and Hawkins, he could form a tag team with one of them. A 2012 version of Londrick would do wonders for the tag division. Imagine Baretta and Kendrick versus The Usos and Primico. They'd be extremely fun matches to watch and get the crowd invested in.

Should WWE have wrestlers only meet once before a big match?:Pro wrestling is all about conflict and drama, and programs built around guys not interacting with each other, will have neither. Should they wrestle each other before a huge event? No way, because it can give away too much of what fans are going to see during the big match they are hyping. But they need to interact.

This past Monday was a great example. Cena and Rock were both in attendance, and both cutting promos (albeit musically) for their match at WM, and it just didn't work as well as weeks prior when both men were in the ring together. Even if they aren't laying hands on one and other, there is a palpable tension when you have to wrestlers that are supposed to hate each other in the ring together at the same time. Guaranteed the last Raw before WM they will come to blows, just so people see them in the ring together, and to really push the fact they are in a bitter feud.

Jericho and Punk are sort of in the same boat. Just by nature of having CM Punk in a match at this point in his career and with his character, you can't not have him actively engaging his opponent, it would really kill a lot of what gives him his momentum and gets the fans behind him. If Jericho were to have come back, and never had any real encounters or one on one moments with Punk, the match, and his return would have fallen flat (his return already has in a lot of ways).

The key is to keep the wrestlers together, without giving away any elements of what will be their big time match, while keeping the drama high and the feud personal.

Will we ever see another Kane or Undertaker?:Maybe.

Kane and Taker, or Glen Jacobs and Mark Calaway, are both excellent performers. Long before the Kane character came along, Calaway was playing one of the silliest characters ever. He was a dead guy who drew power from an urn. It was very much a character from an age of wrestling we don't see much from anymore. He took that and played it essentially his entire career and will be remembered as one of the 5 greatest performers of all time. He was so good you he made you forget he was playing a ridiculous character.

The Kane character was an offshoot of the Undertaker. If I'm not mistaken when Calaway was in WCW his name was Cain the Undertaker. Jacobs was never as good as Taker but he was good in his own right. Hell he played a deranged dentist at one point. His character wasn't always as over the top as Taker's had been in the past but he still played it well.

Thats why I say maybe. In today's business the characters and gimmicks aren't as cartoonish and out there as they were 25, 30 years ago. It would take someone who was not only good in ring, but someone who could play the character well to pull it off.

Heat on Bicshoff For Borash Comments?:Borash has been there from Day 1 in TNA, he has done a hell of a lot of work for the promotion since it has begun, and I certainly think Bischoff is being unprofessional here, if indeed he isn't just working us.

TNA could survive quite easily now without the input of either Borash or Easy-E, but if Bisch is indeed angry at Borash for claiming he is the "boss" in TNA then the matter should have been dealt with in private, rather than going on FB and running his mouth like a gossip-spreading teenager. Very immature from Bischoff.

Borash isn't the boss of TNA, and shouldn't be claiming that he is- IF that is true. How reliable is a barman as a source of information? It's pretty likely Borash would have been drinking if he said that while in a bar- perhaps he was attempting to impress a girl or was just a bit drunk? Whatever, its not like he insulted Eric Bischoff's family or took a piss in his Dad's mouth is it?

Borash, stop pretending you are a big cheese to get a blowjob, and Bischoff....just fucking grow up.

Mr Anderson Returns:Happy to see Ken Anderson back, was a huge fan of his when he was in WWE as Mr. Kennedy, after his initial debut in TNA I thought the dude was the best thing going in professional wrestling and to an extent at the time, he could have been, but after Justice later in the year and a couple injuries, his forgettable reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion and not to mention his nowhere heel turn to join Immortal, I am hoping TNA are going to use Mr. Anderson to the full extent of his capabilities.

The angle with AJ Styles, Daniels and Kazarian is boring me though. AJ Styles and Daniels need to be isolated from one another because at this point they've ran through the book as far as storylines go. Adding Kaz makes no difference. Hopefully Anderson can kick it back into gear and make what I imagine is going to be a VR or Lockdown match involving the four interesting to watch.

The End...

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  1. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    A good read until your rant about JB and EB. Some good points. I have to correct you on Undertaker's name in WCW...he was Mean Mark Callous. Kane the Undertaker was his original ring name when he debuted in the WWE and was very quickly dropped.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    What is this blog about?
  3. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    What is this blog about?
    You could bother to read it too ya know!

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