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The Abdominal Stretch: Still Staggering Down The Road to Wrestlemania

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Hey fans of this insanely crazy world we call wrestling. The Saviour here with another addition of The Abdominal Stretch, bringing more fresh perspectives and new, interesting topics.

Before I start, I'd like to thank TheSilk for jumping in my grave on The Miz face turn post leading to Wrestlemania. I had a similar idea in mind but he went into great detail and brought up a scenario that would not only give merit to the GM feud, but would start a few meaningful post WM feuds as well. Check out his blog. It's titled, "My Idea for The Miz's Wrestlemania!.

Okay, now it's time for this week's Abdominal Stretch and I'm going to continue my bumpy road to Wrestlemania. So here's what we got.

Teddy Long/John Laurenaitis

They're putting more emphasis on this than on the Daniel Bryan/Sheamus feud, which disappoints me. This 12-man tag match is going to be a watered-down, time-wasting, cluster-**** of a match that I'm convinced the WWE put together because they didn't know what to do with these guys. And that's a testament to how poorly the creative team is for the WWE. Either that, or they're really just putting all their chips into the Big Three Matches. My money's on the latter.

Daniel Bryan/Sheamus

Like I stated above, I can't believe Teddy Long and Johnny Ace are getting more effort than this match. This match has so much potential and could be a great feud, even post-WM. The pure neglect of the WWE on this match is doing such a disservice. If anyone is expecting anything other than a proverbial squash by Sheamus at this point, then be prepared to be let down. It's too late to build anything good around this match. 2 weeks just isn't enough time to build Bryan up as a potential threat. Sheamus is going to win and it won't be as good a match as well know it could be. Shame on the WWE for this one. Teddy Long vs Laurenaitis isn't worth burying this match for.

Overdoing The Rock/Cena Blogs

This is a mash-up blog which means I'm going to talk about things other than the WM matches. There are so many Rock/Cena blogs is getting ridiculous. It's also rehashing everything that's been said already. I wish some of the one-sided, non-objective blogging would take their discussions to the forum because their points are getting stale. We know the feud isn't being built up right. We know The Rock has been away a long time and it shows in his promo work. Whatever. How many more do we really need to read. It would be nice if some of the bloggers who are doing Cena/Rock stuff would be mindful to what's already been written. The reason some people like my blogs is because I try to be fresh, and original, and different. That's why I don't blog about Cena/Rock. Trust me, I have my opinions, but there's enough repeating as it is. I'm not going to add to that.

The Big Three for Wrestlemania

I'm going to state the obvious. The WWE only really cars about three matches on April 1st. It's a shame because there's so much more potential. But let's break down where we stand with these three.

First, CM Punk vs Chris Jericho. Am I the only one who is still wondering what role the girl plays in the Jericho videos? I guess. Anyway, I am looking forward to what should...or a good match. I say "could" because when I think about it, Jericho hasn't exactly wrestled much. And with these two, I don't wanna see botches or mess ups. I want to see what we all want to see, a great performance by two great wrestlers. It will really take a way from it if Jericho tries his springboard drop kick and misses. Or if he tries a lionsault and Punk moves but Jericho lands on his feet, and stumbles or trips. I'd like to see Jericho in real action in the next two weeks...getting wins over Kofi Kingston and R Truth, by making them tap in impressive fashion. That would add more than just talking smack and hitting the soft spot with the alcoholic dad talk. Besides, we're not idiots. In what world does the champ have to fight matches, while the challenger sits and watches all night?

Second, The Rock vs John Cena. ugh. I don't know what else to say. Something physical has to happen. In fact, why not have The Rock in a match on Raw? A quick hit win over the one man southern rock band would be fine. But something has to happen. Singing, dancing,'s all so cute, right? I'm actually getting annoyed with this feud and am looking forward to another match. Hopefully, they'll really turn up the heat in the next two weeks. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed.

Finally, The Hell in a Cell. I read a blog earlier that said this match would be boring. These guys could be 75 years old, and this match wouldn't be boring. I know it's the third time HHH and Undertaker are fighting at WM. Who cares? I've said it a hundred times, no good would come of anyone else fighting Undertaker. This is the perfect match for this purpose. 20-0. We all know that Undertaker really isn't going to lose. But you gotta admit the HBK factor is intriguing. And he said it perfectly himself. Even though the segment wasn't phenomenal, HBK said it about being ironic that he could be the one to end the streak after all. Can't wait until next week when all three are in the ring. Let's see how HBK stirs things up once again.

Thank you everyone for reading this week's Abdominal Stretch. Keep a look out for my blog coming this weekend. "Not Your Ordinary Wrestlemania Predictions". I got some Bold, BOLD predictions coming. It's going to be great stuff. Be safe everyone and enjoy the rest of your week.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Saviour, excellent blog bud! I agree with all of your points. Dead on with everything you said(especially the Rock/Cena blog part)
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    Way to plug your blog....but anyway nice blog, couldn't agree more. The predictions are quite obvious: Sheamus squashes, bad GM match, Punk retains, Rocky wins, 20-0. Besides the Undertaker, all of these are the outcomes I don't want happening. BTW the girl in the Jericho video is just some more closure WWE won't deliver us.
  3. madnonsense's Avatar
    I'm still curious how they will raise the HIAC cage in an open stadium. Fans several hundred feet away from the ring cannot see what's going inside. They have to rely on the jumbotron screen to watch the match. To me that's stupid. I can see this WM 28 will be another let down like last year.
  4. TheSilk's Avatar
    Good blog! Everything is what I'm thinking in terms of why and what will happen. Just hope the miz is not involved in a rock/cena screw job. And hope shawn kind of is with hhh/taker, but preferably screwing his buddy instead!

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