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Top Ten One On One Non Title Wrestlemania Matches

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Hey guys, Wrestlemania is around the corner and hopefully it'll be an improvement on the absolute horror that was Wrestlemania XXVII, the card is an exciting lineup and I'm sure some of the matches have a good chance of appearing in top ten lists in the future provided all guys are on top of their game. I saw a list recently naming the top ten title matches at Wrestlemania so I thought I'd construct a non title list.

10) The Rock V Hollywood Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania X8

This was a good match considering Hogan was basically injured and couldn't compete to the level he would have liked. The crowd was insanely hot, polarized crowds became the norm after this and you couldn't help enjoy the nostalgia of Hogan hulking up old school style. The Rock for the first time in a long time through no fault of his own would be the heel which would eventually set up his "Hollywood Diva" character just a few months later. Rock wins with the people's elbow but both men walk out winners.

9) Ultimate Warrior V Macho King Randy Savage - Wrestlemania VII

This was the first Wrestlemania I watched live and this match had me on the edge of my seat. I was always more of fan of Warrior than Hogan back in the day and I was more worried about Warrior losing than Hogan winning the belt back because both guys careers were on the line, when Warrior kicked out of the five elbow drops I couldn't believe it, looking back now its pure cheese but you can't beat a bit of nostalgia! Anyways Warrior wins in what proves to be his last great match.

8) Kurt Angle V Chris Benoit - Wrestlemania X-Seven

This was two of the best technical wrestlers in the world going head to head in the biggest event of the year, the match itself was a proper wrestling match with near falls, quick counters, excitement and dirty tactics, after going nearly fifteen minutes Kurt wins with an assist from holding the tights. Great stuff.

7) Vince McMahon V Shane McMahon - Wrestlemania X-Seven

This was a street fight between father and son with Mick Foley as the guest referee. This match far exceeded expectations considering how limited both men were in the ring. Some excellent spots included Shane trying to elbow his father through the announce table and Vince comically placing his wife in the middle of the ring to witness her son's demise lol Shane wins with the coast to coast when Linda comes too and kicks Vince in the grapefruits allowing the setup. Excellent match.

6) The Undertaker V Randy Orton - Wrestlemania 21

This was the second best match on the card and still totally upstaged the more publicized and promoted World title matches. This was the first time I genuinely believed the streak would end, when Orton countered the chokeslam into the RKO I thought that was it. But you can't keep The Deadman down for long as he rose from the dead yet again and reversed an Orton Tombstone into one of his own for the win.

5) Edge V Mick Foley - Wrestlemania 22

Another street fight with Mick Foley finally getting his shot at a Wrestlemania moment. This was an all out brawl from the start and the blood shed by both men was amazing. Everyone knows Edge wins with the still awesome looking 'WTF' spear through a flaming table. This for me was the match of the night even though Vince/HBK run it a very close second.

4) Shawn Michaels V Kurt Angle - Wrestlemania 21

Match of the night, match of the year IMO. These two went nearly half an hour and showed why they were the two best wrestlers at the time, near falls, crash and burn spots, quick counters, everything you would expect two pro's to deliver. Kurt wins when Michaels eventually taps to the ankle lock after god knows how many minutes.

3) Bret Hart V Owen Hart - Wrestlemania X

This is an absolute classic match that still holds the test of time today. Owen was trying to get out of the shadow of his more famous brother and no better way than defeating him on the biggest stage of them all. This like the Angle/Benoit match was pure wrestling at its best with two excellent workers putting on a masterpiece. Bret injures his leg early which inevitably costs him when Owen counters a victory roll for the win. Amazing stuff.

2) Bret Hart V Stone Cold Steve Austin - Wrestlemania 13

The match that launched an era, a superstar, a legend. These two made you believe they genuinely hated each other which made the match that more realistic. This submission match started off like a hurricane with the two going toe to toe from the beginning, they fought in the crowd, beat the hell out of each other with everything until Bret smashed Austin in the head with the ring bell and locked in the Sharpshooter for the win, even though Austin never submitted, the image of Austin writhing in pain on the canvas with a crimson mask is one of the most memorable 'Mania Moments' of all time. Still as exciting now as it was then it's just a shame this was Bret's last Wrestlemania for thirteen years.

1) Shawn Michaels V The Undertaker - Wrestlemania XXV

This was an absolute masterpiece. For these two guys at that stage in their careers on the biggest stage to put on a match like this was incredible. This one had it all, Drama, Excitement, Awe, I really didn't have any fingernails left after this was over! The Taker dive over the top rope was insane and his reaction was the same as mine when Shawn kicked out of the Tombstone! After another back and forth exchange Taker catches Michael in mid air to deliver another tombstone to finally put Michaels away and continue the streak. A truly fantastic match.

Anyways if you've got this far thanks for reading. As always any comments, criticism, friendly banter are welcome.

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  1. ozfan's Avatar
    Great blog and I agree. The only things I would change is Orton vs. Undertaker to Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 27 and instead of Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 25, I would of done HBK vs Undertaker from WrestleMania 26. But other then that, Ozfan gives you a thumbs up and in 3 weeks, you can add John Cena vs The Rock to the list.
  2. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Nice blog! Very timing considering the Rock-Cena match coming up which has a chance to be on this list as ozfan said. Triple H - Taker in HIAC as well has a good chance to be a match of the year. I loved each and every match you included! Not one of the 10 shouldn't at least have consideration to be a top non-title Wrestlemania match of all time. I agree that Triple H-Taker from WM27 might be a better choice over Orton-Taker. Rock-Austin from WM19 could also be considered. But a good job!
  3. buck627's Avatar
    I agree great blog but what about hbk vs Chris Jericho from wm 19 that match was a classic. It's the best match from wm 19 if not at least tied
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I see various blogs like this with Wrestlemanias from 14-present and trying to get out of actually doing every wrestlemania. Didn't like the Warrior/Savage match because Warrior got up after all those elbows.
  5. Fitman's Avatar
    Really liked the list. But I would make a few changes... HBK/Y2J would definitely be on my list.

    The Savage/Warrior match was so awesome and the post match reunion between Savage and Miss Elizabeth even after watching it a hundred times still brings a tear to my eye. One of the truly beautiful moments in wrestling history.

    I agree with your number one. I know some people preferred the match at 26, but personally I have no problem saying the match at 25 was the best match of all time.

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