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I'm new to Ring Of Honor and I would like to post my experiences so far.

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About two months my local area picked up on ROH TV and I knew I had to see what all the hype was about and instantly I was hooked. First off I'd like to talk about the familiar faces I saw.

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
I obviously know them from their time in WWE and obviously they are a great fit for ROH with their highly technical style. Their current storyline with Dem Boyz, The Briscoes is very good, proves you can do something new in Wrestling.

Nigel McGuinness
I know him as Desmond Wolfe in TNA and always wondered why he wasn't pushed more, I like him in an announcing role, he seems comfortable and like he is having fun behind the booth.

Kevin Kelly
An old WWE backstage announcer, I was never a fan but he is a familiar face which is good in a way. He is really bad but he tries and gives Nigel something to work with.

Jay Lethal
Obviously a bigtime TNA standout and a great competitor, I heard he was in ROH and he fits very well.

The Young Bucks
I remember them as Generation Me, and do these guys impress everytime I see them, I like their matches here just like I did back in TNA.

Jim Cornette
Simply an opinion here but the best on screen non wrestling personality of all time, and he has a backstage role too as he has a great eye for talent, more of the same from Cornette, which is good as his character is timeless and ageless.

Now that is what I recognize but what I've discovered since seeing ROH TV has impressed me even more, and I will go over them now.

Michael Elgin
I had never even heard this man's name before watching ROH, but he has impressed me greatly, he is my favorite wrestler in ROH and the future is bright for this young powerhouse.

Eddie Edwards
Now, I like Eddie Edwards but he comes off as cheesy to me, from what I've seen he is the John Cena of ROH, what I mean by that is he is booked strongly even if he isn't the champ, I see him come from behind just like Cana does.

Thommaso Ciampa
I know he has a past in WWE and TNA but I don't remember his face or his name. I like his style and his character, I also think he is good on the mic.

The Briscoes

Proof that tag team wrestling still exists, two guys who either look alike or are brothers(I don't know their background) and play a gimmick really well, and their storyline with the WGTT is amazing, very original and booked perfectly.

Kevin Steen
I first saw this guy and instantly thought "Is this guy for real" and it took me about 20 seconds before I swallowed my words because he is incredible, whether it is on the mic or in the ring.

There are other people I haven't seen much of so I don't have much of an opinion, but have heard their names and seen them sporadically include Roderick Strong, Adam Cole, Caprice Coleman, Cedric Alexander, Davey Richards, El Generico, Jimmy Jacobs, The All Night Express, and Mike Bennett.

Now what do I feel other wrestling organizations can learn from Ring Of Honor?

Squash Matches
Now ROH has squash matches, but in a very different way than WWE or TNA, ROH will have a 5 minute match for nothing other than to elevate someone's character or to give them a win against a lower booked person, which I like. 30 second matches don't do anything for anyone.

Pre Match Interviews
This one is big, before every TV match you get a 90 second promo from the wrestler or manager about the upcoming match, I especially like this as it gives everyone much needed mic time and allows someone new like me to catch up and find out what exactly is happening.

Code Of Honor
I saved the best for last here as I feel that this is something that sets ROH apart from the other two big organizations, whether face or heel you shake the other man's hand before the match starts and then they face off. Now notably Kevin Steen and The Young Bucks don't follow the Code Of Honor which gives them identity and a character all in their own.

That is my opinion on this organization after 2 months of watching the TV episodes and I am hooked, I can't wait to see what ROH has in store for me in the future.

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  1. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    Great Blog, ROH gets no attention on this site. I have been watching just about the same time as you and im very impressed with Mike Bennett
  2. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    I forgot to mention that I know Maria, I like her role in ROH too, seems a perfect fit for her, you know, while we are on the subject of Mike Bennett.
  3. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    wait till you see generico brrainbusstttaahhhhh!!!, i reccomend you watch the past ppv's especially final battle steen vs corino and the old stuff like nigel mcguinness(desmond) vs bryan danielson i watch njpw mostly but roh is the best american promotion atm in my opinion

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