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The "Passing" Of the Torch

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Okay, I'm going to start off by saying that this is my first blog on this site, so bare with me. I'm going to weigh in on my thoughts on how people are viewing The Rock vs. John Cena as what some are hoping to be a passing of the torch so to speak like Hogan did to Rock. So if you're tired of seeing blogs like this then STOP READING NOW.

If you're going to continue, then now here is where the blog shall start. I'm going to say first and foremost that I am a Rock fan, not a Rock mark, but a fan. I grew up watching wrestling from a good starting point, the first match I saw was Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 12. Bret is my favorite technical wrestler ever, but the Rock will always be my favorite all around WWE superstar of all time. So yes, I too was disappointed when he left for Hollywood, but I've gotten over it as most people have.

That being said, I don't believe that Rock possibly losing to Cena will be a passing of the torch to the next generation. I find that statement quite ridiculous as Cena has been passed the torch by quite a few veterans and legends of wrestling already. WWE, The Rock himself and a large enough number of current are trying to make it seem as if this is the biggest match of all time, but really that match TO ME was and always will be Hogan vs. Andre.

Now to continue on as why I believe that this truly isn't a passing of the torch because the Rock's time as the face of company was over pretty much as soon as he started leaving for Hollywood. Rocky had passed the torch onto Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, both who didn't stick around very long and Triple H stepped up and became the face of the company, despite the fact he was playing a heel with the Evolution stable. At least in my opinion, I believe Triple H was the face of the company during 2003 until early 2005 when Batista turned face and won the World Heavyweight title from Triple H.

But quickly, and we all honestly could tell, Batista wasn't gifted on the mic, he was decent but he never really struck me with any amazing promos that I'll always remember. So the draft happened and John Cena and Batista switched spots, bringing the WWE Championship to Raw and vice versa. So in a sense, although at that point in his career not a wrestler was passing the torch, but Vince McMahon clearly was branding Cena as the new face of the company when he got drafted to Raw. And so Cena held the title on and off basically up until last summer when CM Punk gave us the "shoot heard around the world".

I'm going to backtrack though, and describe how Cena was officially "passed the torch" by a wrestler in my eyes. When they had Triple H lose via submission at Wrestlemania 22, and then HBK the same way a year later at Wrestlemania 23, that was when the torch was "passed" I believe in the sense that people describe Hogan putting Rock over at Wrestlemania 18. When both Mr. Wrestlemania and the Cerebral Assassin put Cena over on the grandest stage of them all that was when Cena was passed the torch. Because obviously, Triple H has enough pull backstage he could've booked himself to win the title at Wrestlemania 22 from Cena but he didn't, he put him over cleanly.

Now back to the present, and mostly from what I feel was rambling in that last paragraph. To this day as most of us know, Cena is a workhorse, doing all this charity work and granting wishes for the make a wish foundation, he's still the face of the company even though CM Punk is holding the WWE title. I'm not gonna lie, I grew tired of Cena's character when he won the 2008 rumble coming back from an injury and entering at number 30 no less. His year long title reign had bored me, although he did have some great matches that year, but I was glad when he dropped the title to Orton who then entered a disappointingly lackluster feud with the returning Chris Jericho. But yes, Cena came back from an injury winning the rumble, a win I believed should have gone to Batista that year, and Cena was right back in the title picture.

So I'm gonna try and wrap this up here, I believe that Cena has already been passed the torch. Hogan beat Andre, Rock beat Hogan, but I don't believe Cena has to win against Rock. A lot of people I've seen say "well it says a guy can come out of essentially retirement from wrestling and beat the top guy". Honestly, the Rock's not even 40 yet and Cena's only behind by about 5 years, this isn't Hogan who was around his mid-40's "wrestling" with Rock who was 29 at the time, its a 34 year old going up against a 39 year old, if you want to look at it that way, then call bullshi* on the multiple times Triple H, who's older than the Rock, beating Cena cleanly.

Sure, the Rock's promos this past month have been lackluster, I'm saying that as a Rock fan. The Rock concert was good up until the We Will Rock You sing along, but even repeat viewings have made me miss the heel Rock concert from Sacramento and Atlanta, which were much better. I did enjoy seeing the Chain Gang leader back, if even for a one time thing, still much more entertaining than the Cenation leader. I don't hate Cena, but I really doubt that the Rock, Rocky, Dwayne, whatever you wanna call him would take a small break from movies where he's making enough money that he DIDN'T have to come back to wrestling at all, would do so to simply put over Cena at Wrestlemania in his own home town. That's just how I feel about it, thanks for reading if you made it this far without getting bored.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Okay...Not a bad write up. i'm not going to completely bash this. However, I do want to point out a few things.

    Hogan didn't pass the torch to The Rock at Wrestlemania 18. Hogan, in reality, didn't pass the torch to anyone. But Bret Hart took the torch once Hogan departed WWF for the next 8 or so years. Also, Bret Hart passed the torch to Stone Cold. Stone Cold passed the Torch to The Rock. And back to square one, The Rock never passed the torch, he departed the company. HHH took the torch, much like Bret Hart did, and then, that's where you're right. It was HHH and HBK that passed the torch to Cena.

    I agree with you. This match is not a passing of the torch match. Just like I don't think Cena will win cleanly. All will be explained in this weeks' Abdominal Stretch. Check it out.

    Good blog though. Nice job for your first time. Keep it up.
  2. TheTruth's Avatar
    First, Unstoppable Thombo, Great Blog I like most of what you said

    DK Wrestling Savior: "Hogan, in reality, didn't pass the torch to anyone."

    What consist the “passing the torch Match”?

    Is it losing to the person at WrestleMania cleanly?

    The Ultimate Warrior (WrestleMania 6) Clean win for Warrior
    The Rock (WrestleMania 18) Clean win for Rock

    Or is it having some really good matches with a wrestler?

    Hulk Hogan and Great matches with Randy Savage, Paul Orndorff, Roddy Piper.

    Also you are acting like wrestling is real and that (Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Rock) really tried to win the match and lost the match “Cleanly” so passing the Torch.

    Do you really think Hulk Hogan said to Vince McMahon (in the 80’s) I will not lose any matches to anyone, I will decide who I will wrestle and who I will not wrestle.

    Lets see there was one wrestler that told Vince McMahon that He wanted a lot of money to lose to Sgt. Slaughter and after that match you never saw the Ultimate Warrior in WWF/E
    Again. so to you Hogan did stuff like that all the time and McMahon never said anything to him. I don't think so.

    I thought Vince McMahon had the bottom line creative control in the WWE
  3. shang123's Avatar
    Hogan lost to Warrior because Vince dared him to do it, and he didn't think he'd actually do it. He thought Hogan was too selfish to give up the spotlight.
  4. hbk2416's Avatar
    Concerning Hulk hogan, two words.....Creative control. Didn't have to lose any match unless he agreed to.

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