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Ruining The Rock vs John Cena Part II

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This weeks Raw had several segments featuring The Rock & John Cena and this week I think without a doubt that The Rock came out on top. His first segment where he was at the Boston Harbor throwing John Cena merchandise into the Harbor was hilarious, especially the part with the midget jean shorts. Cena on the other hand yet again showed why we the fans dont like who he is.

Cena's first promo this week on Raw saw Cena sat in an empty arena talking about the match at Wrestlemania. He was giving one of his routine, cheesy, emotional speeches about how he has to win or he will have nothing and blah blah blah. The best part of this promo in my opinion (apart from it finishing) was that the WWE cut the sound of the crowd out (Cenas hometown crowd dont forget) because they were booing him as always. I was on twitter during this promo and one tweet I read summed it up for me perfectly.

'WWE has finally found a way to get John Cena on TV without being booed. Put him in an empty arena. Brilliant!'

So Cena delivers his emotional promo in the empty arena, then he comes out at the end of Raw and tries winning the crowd over by being over the top and making fun of his appearance (Can anyone else name a wrestler that makes fun of Cena's appearance and gets cheers? Oh yeah the one he is feuding with)

The Rocks second and third segments weren't as great as the first (although in the second when he referred to Cena as Superman I had to laugh) and finally Rocky hits the ring and Cena barely gets a word in edge ways. A Tooth Fairy chant broke out towards the end of The Rock verbally trashing Cena which was then drowned out by a Fruity Pebbles chant.

Cena again made fun of the notes on the wrist shoot but it just didn't work. The main problem I'm seeing at the minute with this feud is repetitiveness. Cena keeps spewing that he needs to beat Rock and Rocky keeps calling Cena a different type of bitch. We are less than a month away from Mania now and the game needs to be stepped up.

Ps. This has nothing to do with the Rock/Cena feud, but is it pissing anyone else off that Triple H keeps spewing this 'Last two of an era' crap out? The era in question, the attitude era. He thinks he and Taker are the last two ... Mark Henry, Kane, Chris Jericho, The Rock (for the time being), Big Show, Christian & William Regal ... they were in the attitude era were they not?

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  1. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    Good blog! But when HHH said "Last of an era", he definitely doesn't mean Attitude Era, since Taker and HHH have been around long before the others that you've mentioned have been into WWF/E and both were definitely around before Attitude era. William Regal, yes I agree, but as of now he's not active participant. Second point is that HHH & Taker belong to the breed that would give their everything in a match, small squash type matches to real big main-event matches like HIAC or Iron Man match.
  2. ShaunieB's Avatar
    The thing about the whole Rock/Cena thing is it seems that the WWE don't want things to get physical till the last Raw (even though whoever comes out on top will most likely lose at WM), they should have it get personal and quick and have them brawling or something.
    Also, the contradictory nature of Cena's promos rear their head again.....Cena's gone from saying that The Rock only return to promote his movies and launch his Twitter account to saying that The Rock was waiting for a worthy which one is it?
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I think Cena's empty arena promo last night confirms his heel turn. All the "having to win", "I must win", "No one remembers 2nd place". He's gonna cheat to win the match, in a style like when Stone Cold beat the Rock down with a chair and sided with McMahon.
  4. StratZ-'s Avatar
    Callumomac= fan of the Rock's *** whats he calling his penis now a days? Rock mark.

    Even the superstars in the back think the Cena is beating the rock in promos man.
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    No offense dude but you seem VERY bias for The Rock.

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