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The Thuganomic Rock Concert

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I didn't know what to expect when I heard that The Rock and John Cena would be going at one another via music this past week on Raw. I was pleasantly surprised when Cena came out with his 'Thuganomic' attire on (although still wearing his wonderman wristbands). He had a mean look on his face and it looked like he had gone back to the gimmick we all loved back in the day.

Then came the rap.

Which was beyond disappointing. First he compared The Rock to Lebron James who most people outside of America will never have heard of. Then he said that if Rocky struggled with his song tonight he should read the lines off of his wrist ... repetition is ripe in this feud ... he then called him a G.I Joke, a Jackoff and said he had surgery on his and I quote 'boobies'. He then said he was going to give The Rock a 'Cleveland Steamer'. A little research later and it turns out thats when someone craps on someones chest ... alright. He then referred to the crowd chanting 'Tooth Fairy' last week in Boston. He'd make you believe the entire crowd was chanting it when it was literally a small group of people who were then drowned out by Rocky chants. He then actually called Rock 'Miami fried chicken sh!t' but because of the PG Era the WWE cut the sound for about thirty seconds so you couldn't actually hear it or the crowds reaction which up to that point had been mostly boo's.

He then admitted he doesn't have any balls ... but at Wrestlemania he will 'put his nuts on his The Rocks face' (he then pulled out a packet of peanuts and threw it at the camera). Which brings me to this question.

For the past week all Cena and the internet for that matter have talked about is 'The Rocks wrist notes' and how his stuff is scripted and blah blah blah and how Cenas stuff is all off of the top of his head ... so explain to me why Cena is walking around with a packet of peanuts in his pocket? He then dropped the mic and left.

That was it from Cena. They replayed a couple of lines throughout the show but that was it from him live. He was literally out there for five minutes.

The Rock on the other hand had about fifth teen minutes of air time. And even though I am a Rock fan nobody can deny that his 'Concert' was far more entertaining than Cena's rap. He completely tore Cena apart from calling him Marky Mark, the son of Vanilla Ice & a TeleTubby, an Eminem wannabe etc etc.

But I get why The Rock got more time.

The past few weeks rumors have surfaced that the WWE wants the crowd to be split 50/50 going into Mania. The past two weeks Cena has come out on top with the war of the words. So this week they needed to let The Rock 'win' if you will. But the problem is it simply isn't going to happen. The crowd boo'd the crap out of the entire Cena segment. The crowd boo'd Cena when he did the wrist notes dig, and they boo'd him last week in his home state of Boston. Going into next week it will be interesting to see if Rock comes out on top again.

PS. Hornswoggle shooting on The Rock? Who gives a flying f what the midget thinks? Who the hell is he to talk about legends in the business?

I leave you with good old Jim Ross telling the truth.

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  1. Theicon's Avatar
    Hornswoggle isnt entertaining you dumbass jerk only a cena sheep would dribble that shit out his mouth
    [QUOTE=StratZ-;bt56781]And don't be dissing Hornswoggle, Randy also said that Cena was the best on the mic including better then the Rock. I don't see you dissing Randy for saying that? So don't be dissing Hornswoggle even if he is a midget. He's funny and entertaining[/QUOTE]
  2. Theicon's Avatar
    Lol at the pathetic cena sheep grow up you little tards & get a life
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