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Top 10 Wrestlemania Moments

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What's poppin folks! RatedATB back at it again with the third installment of my Wrestlemania mini series. We're getting closer and closer to Wrestlemania and what a better list to keep this going than a top 10 Wrestlemania Moment list? These are for those moments that when you think of a certain Mania, these instantly pop up, without question. I wont waste your time in the intro, so without further ado...

10. Wrestlemania XX - Benoit and Eddie Celebrate

What more can you say about this? Two WELL deserving wrestlers closing out Wrestlemania hoisting up the top two championships in wrestling. It's the equivalent of Punk and Bryan holding todays titles, except that much more meaningful. These two men fought all over the world, wrestling in every single major promotion before winning/successfully defending the richest prizes in the game at the most hyped up Mania of all time. They both put on excellent matches and it's a shame that this moment is buried and technically doesn't exist anymore. (Thanks to Jericho for the line!) But to me this moment will never die, and I wont forget it as long as I live.

9. Wrestlemania VII - Macho Man and Elizabeth Reconcile

Now I wasn't even alive when this happened, so if you're a little upset that this is a little bit too low then I do apologize, but it didn't impact me as much as it did others because I wasn't around to witness the build to it. Following an incredible show saving match, Savage and Elizabeth reconciled to the delight of fans around the world. It would be an emotional moment for fans at the time seeing wrestling's first couple resolve their differences and see Savage hoist Liz on his shoulders to the applause of fans throughout the arena.

8. Wrestlemania 25 - Shawn Michaels Kicks out of the Tombstone

This is something I don't think anyone saw coming. This was one of those Taker Mania matches you just couldn't predict, which is what made it so great. You legitimately thought Shawn could win the match and end the streak. I thought more than ever that Shawn had it when he kicked out of the Undertaker's tombstone, something that is a VERY rare thing to see. I can only think of one other instance in which it happened, and that would be when Taker took on Kane at 14. The look on Taker's face when HBK kicked out was just pure genius. Just straight up "what the HELL do I gotta do to end this?". The crowd erupting at the sight made it even more special and I can remember thinking the streak was done. However, we all know that wouldn't happen, but that didn't take anything away.

7. Wrestlemania X7 - Edge Spears Hardy

The single move that would've cemented Edge's legacy if he would've retired in 03 from that neck injury. Sure he did it before on a Raw, but this one was on the grandest stage of them all, and this one has been played in almost every Edge and Wrestlemania highlight since then, which speaks volumes. Not that this match needed this spot, but it definitely put it way over the top and made this match the measuring stick to all ladder matches following. I remember marking out so hard when this happened, thinking Edge had broken Hardy straight in half. Seeing all the flashes of cameras and hearing JR freak out like only JR can just send goosebumps down my spine everytime I see this.
Honorable Mention for a tie - Edge Spears Foley through a flaming table.

6. Wrestlemania X7 - Stone Cold Joins Up with McMahon

When McMahon walked out during the match I'm sure everyone expected a screw job, but no one saw this coming. No one expected these two men joining forces after their lengthy history, and to be honest it was brilliant - at first. Sure the aftermath would, let's face it, flop, the moment was amazing and the most shocking moment I can honestly remember seeing. Heyman's infamous line of "Stone Cold has sold his soul" still gets me, it was perfect. JR sold his shock beautifully and made this seem like the biggest deal ever, which to be honest at the time it was.

5. Wrestlemania 13 - Stone Cold Refuses to Tap Out

Can't leave this one off. Austin's 3:16 speech put him on the map, but this match kept him there. Following the speech, Austin didn't really go on to do much...until Bret returned. The two had one of the greatest matches of all time and at the end of the day, the two switched roles and Austin left the babyface, while Hart left the heel. How did they do this you ask? Take a gander at the picture I posted. Austin refusing to tap out to the sharpshooter and only losing because he physically couldn't continue showed what a true badass Austin was and solidified him as one for years to come. The picture you see above is another one of those clips that has infinite replay value and continues to show to this day what Wrestlemania is all about.

4. Wrestlemania X - Bret Hart Closes Wrestlemania

Sure the match between Yoko and Hart was slow and to be blunt boring, but the aftermath is all that mattered. This was one of the greatest closing sequences we would see at Mania. Following the victory we would see an emotional celebration with the crowd applauding Bret for his hard work, and seeing the locker room poor out with babyfaces all coming out to congratulate the leader of the new era in wrestling. Vince said it himself, go back and listen! Then you had Owen come out and the look on his face told the entire story and would set up an awesome cage match between the two at Summerslam. I remember watching this on tape as a kid and loving every second of it, Bret deserved it after the debacle from the previous year...but I'll save that for the next blog.

3. Wrestlemania III - Hogan Slams Andre

I know, I know. When I think of this match all I can think of is overrated. However you have to take into consideration the significance of this. From what I understand this was the first time Andre was taken off his feet, or at least slammed, and it was also followed by his very first loss. It's the clip that is played over and over and over in any Wrestlemania highlight package, intro, or list, and I had to show it some shine, even if I despise Hogan and everything he stands for nowadays.


Talk about Hart ushering in a new generation, that can't even touch this one. Shawn and Austin put on one hell of a match considering the shape HBK was in, and what would follow was nothing but a goosebumpfest (did I just make up a word?). The crowd was going crazy, JR was going even crazier (see title of this section), Tyson had knocked out Austin, and Austin was officially the man. The torch had officially been passed, and this set up one hell of a year for the WWE that many people talk about to this day. Tyson raising Austin's hand was the perfect cap off to a pretty good Wrestlemania.

1. Wrestlemania XII - Shawn Michaels Achieves the Boyhood Dream

Shawn Michaels is hands down my favorite wrestler of all time, no question. He is Mr. Wrestlemania and you cannot dispute that. He defined that role on this night. From his grand entrance, to putting on one of the greatest matches I've ever had the pleasure of watching, to achieving a dream, this was the Mania that gave him near legend status. It's a story everyone can relate to. Someone who doesn't necessarily fit a certain mold set by society achieving a dream that you had as a child, it just works. It's done in movies, on tv, and especially in wrestling. I still have goosebumps when I watch his victory celebration and hearing McMahon in the booth saying "The boyhood dream..has come true....for Shawn Michaels!" It's another one of those clips that is replayed over and over and rightfully so. It is without a doubt one of the greatest moments in not just Wrestlemania, but WWE and wrestling history. Period.

Well folks, there you have it! My thoughts on the best moments that define Mania. Did I leave one off that you enjoyed? Leave it in the comments, I'd love to hear some of your favorite moments, just be respectful. Remember it's my list, and it's the moments I enjoyed or think deserve to be recognized. I'll see you folks next week with my top 10 Worst Wrestlemania list. So until next time, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces!

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  1. Phillyraines's Avatar
    I loved that you put Bret Hart closing Wrestlemania 10...I love that moment. Was so happy for Bret! That is definitly a top 5 moment for me. As much as I love Shawn Michaels, him winning the title probably wouldnt be #1 to #1 would however be one of your other moments, either Bret winning, Austin passing out, Hogan slamming Andre (I agree that Hulk Hogan of 2012 disgusts me...but in the 80s he was amazing and him slamming Andre was a moment that may never be topped).

    Good list! Let's hope this year gives us at least 1 of those moments.
  2. HOTDwwwyki's Avatar
    I doubt it will it has potential to be a very entertaining wm but wwe today just cant compare to old school moments like these. WWE just cant tell a believeable boy hood dream story anymore its sad.
  3. Fick_Moley's Avatar
    Nice list...but I'm starting to think as a kid in the 80's growing up watching wrestling and believing in the storylines, even up into the Attitude Era, that the reason we enjoyed these matches and feel they can never be topped till this day is because it was exactly that...we were kids watching this. As much as I would love to feel the same way about wrestling as I did back in the good old days today, I doubt that would ever happen no matter how good wrestling gets in the future. In order to truly enjoy wrestling, even with the crap we see now, we have to be a kid. Sure there are some nostalgic moments that gets us excited and inside, whether we like to admit it or not, makes us feel like a kid again. Wrestling will never be the way it was back in the day because we aren't kids anymore. When Hulk Hogan lifted Andre The Giant and body slammed him that was probably one of the coolest things I can remember seeing as a kid, but when John Cena lifted Big Show and Edge at the same time at Wrestlmania 25, as an adult I just thought meh that's a strong dude. And when you think of it that was something much harder to pull off than body slamming Andre The Giant. Sorry for my rambling. Nice list though.
  4. ikolobo's Avatar
    the 7 WM moment it already happened one week before that wrestlemania and it was in raw...i thought it was the first and only time edge did it but it was not but i think i did not capture the moment because it was not WM

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