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The Top 5 Matches That Should of Closed WrestleMania

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In Honor of Wrestlemania Weekend, I'm ranking The Top 5 matches in Mania History that should of went on last, The match that should of closed the show.... In this Blog I'm not just going by match quality, So I know ill get alot of "Steamboat vs Savage" WM3 comments, but The truth is Hogan and Andre was the best way to close the show. This is more than just the best match on the Card this is the entire feel to the match, The lasting effect and How the event would be remember more fondly if a different match went on last.

Placement is very important in entertainment, What goes on first and what goes on last, So the biggest Wrestling event of all times is no different, So here is my list.

5. Batista vs The Undertaker WM 23.
John Cena and Shawn Michaels had the Better match at Wrestlemania 23 but Taker and Batista deserved to be the main event. Undertaker and Batista had a stellar match, Went Power move for power move and it was a Thrill ride of a match. The Reason it should of went last you ask?...... 1. The taker won the Royal Rumble and it was his first Rumble win..... 2. The title changed hands, Its always good to close Wrestlemania with a Face winning the belt... 3. Undertaker has not been in a title match at Wrestlemania in 10 years up to that point, So it was great to see him in a important Wrestlemania match instead of thrown together ones... 4. The Streak was also on the line. and for all these reasons Undertaker and Batista should of closed Wrestlemania 23.

4. Diesel vs Shawn Michaels WM 11
This was bumped from Main event For LT vs Bam Bam Bigelow. I understand its important having celebs be apart of Wrestlemania, but to main event them? Thats another thing.... With The Shawn Michaels vs Diesel match you had all the elements. Shawn Michaels and Diesel already had 8 months of build for this match. Former best Friends, Diesel turns on Shawn cause he was tired of Shawn treating him as a hired hand and Shawn Feels that Diesel betrayed him after all he has done for his career. There is also Shawns Jealousy of The new WWF champion, Cause Diesel was always second banana next to Shawn but as soon as he breaks away from HBK he becomes the WWF champion. Something Shawn was yet to do.

All the ingredients for a Great Wrestlemania Storyline was there Classics such as Hogan vs Savage took this same rout... But WWF made it in to just another Undercard match and didn't even try to build it
. WWF didn't care about this match and Shawn's and Diesel's Heart just wasn't in it.

The choice was terrible Cause No disrespect to Bam Bam but at the time he was no more than a low ranking talent at the time, Not even Mid Card status and LT was just a retired Football player... This Mania is known as one of the worse Manias in history. Everyone took a back seat to the main event and it looked like Vince didnt really care about the undercard. Its a shame, After Shawn making history and being the only person to enter number 1 and win the Royal Rumble, Then use the one foot rule which has been a figure in the Royal Rumble match cause of Shawns 1995 win and it being Shawns First big match and Main event at Wrestlemania and he was given a undercard, Thrown together match.

3. Ric Flair vs Randy Savage Wrestlemania 8.
Electric match, Full of emotion, Personal rivalry, Blood, Human emotion, Action, A true Dream match of the 80's featuring two of the biggest names in wresting history and to make it even better it was for The WWF championship. All those credentials and this match was still not the main event.

Hogan was the Main event against Sid, Who honestly hasn't did much in the WWF at this time, It was just his impressive size and presence that got him his main event slot, Actually The WWF did very little to build Sid on TV from SummerSlam to Wrestlmania... Hogan and Sids match was terrible, It had so many bloopers and it was just so badly done, It ended in a DQ. Hogan was on his way out and so was Sid. The only thing news worthy about this match was The Warriors return, but that is also looked at as a disappointment since he only had a lack luster feud with Papa Shango that suplied many WrestleCrap moments and that was about it (besides a good match at SummerSlam against the Mach Man).

Savage Won the title in a very emotional moment, That match had every reason to go on last and close The Show.... WrestleMania 8 gets a bad name, But looking at the event it was one of the better Wrestlemanias, but Hulk Hoan and Sid closing the Show really hurt it and Wrestlemania 8 is not really remembered or talk about much. Which is really a shame cause its a Great Card with two Classic matches in Savage vs Flair and Hart vs Piper, Two dream matches with plenty of emotion that were very well built and delivered in the ring big time.

2. The Rock vs Hulk Hogan Wrestlemania 18.
The Crowd was insane for this match. I personally am not a fan of the match and think its overrated but you cant deny the Importance of this match and the amazing Atmosphere in the Sky dome. It was a Dream match, Fans been wanting to see this, Fans been wanting to See Hogan back Home at Wrestlemania after a 9 year absence. The Canadian crowd wanted to cheer their childhood hero The Hulkster Hulk Hogan. The Match had a excitement about it, It had a Aura and it had that Big main event feel. For a minute You forgot Hogans WCW career, For a minute You didn't see a orange old man badly performing 4 moves, For a minute he was Hulk Hogan, The man who Slammed Andre The Giant, The man beat Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 5 and The man that was invincible.

The Rock did a excellent job adapting to Hogan and The crowds reaction. He mad this match watchable but The Skydomes attendance that night and their hunger for nostalgia made it a classic.

The Match that main evented Wrestlemania 18 was HHH vs Chris Jericho and it is considered one of the most disappointing matches in Mania history.

1. Undertaker vs Shawn Michales Wrestlemania 25.
This match is a Classic. One of The Greatest Wrestlemania matches ever, The Undertakers Greatest match in his career and one of Shawn Michaels Greatest matches ever.... So what match went in place of this match? HHH vs Randy Orton, HHH held on to the title in one of the worst Wrestlemania main events and in alot of peoples mind the Worst Main event in the PPVs history.

I don't got to argue the Case for this match, I'm sure everyone else has already done it.... In My opinion This match deserved most to close Wrestlemania more than any other match snub as main event of Wrestlemania.

One honorable mention here is The Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage at WM 7. The first career vs career match in Wrestlemania history. It was much bigger than the Hulk Hogan and Slaughter match that main evented instead. It is also alot more fondly remembered than Hogan vs Slaughter. That match is the only match remembered from that event.

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  1. holgerwich's Avatar
    Please, i'm not a grammar nazi, but the expression Should of, would of etc does not exist! I guess you mean should've and would've! SO many people do this and it makes zero sense! Good blog other than that
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Hogan vs. The Rock is only overrated in the fact that the wrestling is not that good. It NEVER is or was with Hogan but that doesn't matter. I have never seen a crowd act like that before and it was a tribute to both of their careers. Take any random match now days like John Morrison vs. CM Punk on TV and it's way better wrestling than anything Hogan has ever done but Hogan vs. The Rock goes down as a classic because of what it meant and the crowd felt it.
  3. Phillyraines's Avatar
    That Hogan-Rock match was not that bad on a wrestling level. No it wasnt a Bret Hart 5 star classic...but the Hogan-Rock match from WM18 was fine in terms of the wrestling. It was not overrated at fact they did better then I thought they would. Hogan really turned it up a level at that event and Rock by that time was putting on good matches with just about anyone.

    I love this list...I agree with each event totally! I HATED Bam Bam-LT at least favorite wrestlemania main event ever. That totally sucked! As did the Sid-Hogan match at WM8...Flair-Savage and Hart-Piper were SO much better storylines and matches. Those two wrestlemania main events are my least favorite by far...couldnt agree with you more.
  4. HOTDwwwyki's Avatar
    Great list I agree with all of them. The most upsetting thing to me is HBK vs Taker WM25 was argueably the best match in mania history and it got bumped for 2 matches HHH vs Orton and the triple threat WHC match Edge vs Cena vs Big Show another disappointment of a main event.
  5. saint_nick's Avatar
    It is really simple in my mind the only match to close wrestlemania should be the WWE Title Match, whoever is in it. The WWE Title is the top title and wrestlemania is the flag ship event, so you have to close with that match.

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