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5 Under-rated Wrestlemania moments

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When you think of Wrestlemania, you always think of the Hogan slam, Michaels entrance from WM12, stars winning first championships and so on. Some moments are overlooked and probably shouldn't be. Name 5 under-rated Wrestlemania moments:

WM2: Piper slams Mr.T-The 2 faced off in a boxing match. Roddy and Mr.T didn't like each other in real life and on TV. Piper made a big statement that I'm glad that he did. Slamming Mr.T in the boxing match cost Piper the match, but he refused to lose to Mr.T aka celeb clean in his house. His house meaning inside the ring. I praise Roddy for doing that.

WM7:Savage/Elizabeth reunite-Macho Man lost a retirement match to Ultimate Warrior. He was in a relationship at the time with Sensational Sherri. After the match, Sherri was attacking Macho Man. Elizabeth was in the crowd and came in to make the save. Back together in an emotional Wrestlemania moment.

WM15:HHH joins Corporation-At the time he was with DX, but that night he joined Chyna in the Corporation. That was after he turned on X-Pac in his European title match with Shane McMahon. That was a huge moment for HHH because he became a star in the Summer of 1999 winning his first WWE title.

WM17:Linda McMahon kick-At the time, Vince was in a relationship with Trish while Linda was in a coma. Kissing in front of her while she was in a wheel chair and so on. All that time to finally stand up from her wheel chair during Vince's street fight with Shane was huge. Crowd got on their feet as she kicked Vince's grapefruits.

WM20:Molly Holly shaved bald-I believe it was the first time that a Diva ever got their head shaved bald. Being at Wrestlemania in MSG just makes it that much bigger of a moment.

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  1. nrb6304's Avatar
    ....your list ended in Molly Holly getting shaved bald??......smh.....

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