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My Idea for The Miz's Wrestlemania!

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Now this is my first blog for about a year, so please be kind. But really wanted to share this with you!!!

The Miz as of late has been on a losing streak and has struggled with getting his wrestlemania match. This week on raw he lost to cm punk and lost the chance of being on the grandest stage of them all with it. Now I know it's been rumored that he will be involved in the rock/cena match in some capacity, but I don't think that will be the best option.

Now hear me out........what if the WWE did a swerve on us all! And changed Miz to a face before wrestlemania! I reckon this can be achieved with a better result then getting him to screw cena or the rock.

So how about on smackdown jonny ace confirms alberto del rio as his next pick for his team and continues to disregard miz as a viable pick. During smackdown adr backstage rubs it into the miz, explaining he will always be picked over the miz as he is the future and it is his destiny etc etc. On raw next week other picks continue to get made (probably ziggler, swagger and christian). Teddy long has most of his team slots filled (santino, truth, kofi, khali, clay) except 1 which he will reveal the following week. The following week on raw teddy and ace get involved in another shoving match that provokes members from each team getting involved in a brawl, as the numbers game takes affect team ace get the upper hand and start to put a beating on team long. Some members from each team take the fight outside the ring, it ends up with the two GM's and adr in the ring. Long proceeds to slap ace around the face before adr drops long and goes for the armbar. As he is about to lock it in......AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is heard through out the arena as the miz comes running down full speed. As he jumps in the ring adr is up and goes for a clothesline which miz ducks. Miz delivers the skull crushing finale to adr and then hits jonny ace with one for good measure!!!!!! Miz grabs the mic and says "Im the miz and im going to wrestlemania........and it will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!"The crowd erupts as teddy holds miz's arm high.

On smackdown adr cuts a promo saying the only reason miz got picked for longs team was because he had no one else to pick with mysterio and sin cara still injured. He goes on to say how the miz should not even be in the business and that he is a pompous, arrogant reality tv star in the right place at the right time. Adr continues to disrespect miz before the awesome superstar comes out to confront the mexican. The miz goes on to say he got asked to join teddy's team last week, it took him a few days to decide but he decided what did it matter who's team he was on? it was his chance to be on the grandest stage of them all. But he did realize something over the last week, and that was how teddy was the better GM. Teddy gave me my opportunity on smackdown 6 years ago! ever since jonny has been gm on raw I've had no opportunities! And that is why im going to repay teddy by winning at wrestlemania once again.......even if I have to go threw mark henry, christian, david otunga, ziggler, swagger and you!!!!!! Because im the miz and im AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

The following week on raw it is announced that the miz will face ziggler. The match turns out to be a back and forth match up until adr comes down to ringside, which distracts the miz long enough to ziggler to hit the zig zag and get the win. Adr rushes the ring afterwards and ziggler and adr continue to beat down the awesome one. Adr locks in the armbar and holds on as the miz is in extreme pain. Adr lets go grabs the mic "at wrestlemania it is my destiny to end you!".

On the smackdown before wrestlemania it is announced that adr will be in action against khali. Khali is joined at ringside by long and team captain santino. Adr is joined at ringside with ace and team captain otunga. Khali starts the match strong chopping adr down to size, he hits a big head butt and goes for the pin. 1,2....kick out. Otunga is up on the apron this gives adr chance to get up. Khali goes for otunga but adr hits him from behind and continues to pound away at the big mans legs. Adr works over khali and smiles at teddy and santino, he locks in the armbar and khali taps out. Otunga jumps in the ring and the beat down begins!!! Santino jumps in the ring and the rest of the teams run out and start brawling in and around the ring. Long and ace are cheering their respected teams on. Adr manages to escape and makes his way up the ramp looking back at the brawl, but doesn't realize miz is behind him in street clothes. Miz attacks and the fight begins, as they trade punches down the ramp. Adr kicks miz in the gut with a cheap shot, but miz reverses an irish whip and rams adr into the barricade he proceeds to lay into him with right hands to the head. He then whips him into the ring post before throwing him over the announcers table. The smackdown credits start as the brawl escalates.


I think this could work well, as most people agree the miz needs the face turn to keep his character fresh. It would also be really good to play on the apparent backstage heat between him and adr.


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  1. Taneel's Avatar
    Truly the best Miz blog I've read here.
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    I could actually see this happening, great blog (besides grammatical errors).
  3. sret's Avatar
    Nice blog. If they were to turn him face, this would surely be a viable way to do it. However, I'm not sure where I stand on the idea of turning him face in the first place as he's such a brilliant heel. Remember he also confronted Bryan about making a tag team which makes it seem less likely that he'll turn face at the moment. I just hope they choose to do something good with him.
  4. The Hit Man's Avatar
    I really like this idea! It's much better than having involved in the Rock/Cena match as that match should just be left alone. Also I think if you compare Long's team with Ace's team, Ace's team has so much more star power than Long's so to add Miz into team Long would make it seem more even.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    You're killing me. This is part of this week's Abdominal Stretch blog. LOL...Good write, and good call. We're definitely on the same page in our thinking. I've been calling for a Miz face turn since he lost his match with whoever and had to be number 1 in the Royal Rumble. I especially like your breakdown of it too. It makes a not-so-great looking filler match seem to have real meaning and merit.

    Good Stuff.
  6. thetheme's Avatar
    No, just no. Not only does making miz some type of bad ass doesn't look or sound right, but making him a face after being the biggest pussy ever in the WWE/WWF is even worse. The miz should just stay out of mania, and most of all out of ADR's way.
  7. jonod's Avatar
    This will happen,either that or Miz will set the record for having the highest amount of backstage segments at any wrestlemania.
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