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My least favorite moments in Wrestlemania history!!

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I had biggest moments in last blog which is why I'm going to do a counterpart of my least favorite moments in Wrestlemania history. Examples of least favorite moments would be fav superstar losing, botches, and so on. Stuff that you wish didn't happen. I'll do 10 least fav moments.....1-27 numbering:

WM9:Hogan wins WWE title-He wins it in less than a minute after the featured main event Bret Hart vs Yokozuna. I believe it was Yoko's first WWE title as well. Hogan did later lose it to Yokozuna at King of the Ring which made it pointless. Was a plan though for a Summerslam match between Bret/Hogan. Didn't happen unfortunately....

WM11:Main event Bam Bam vs LT-Never been fond of celeb matches at Wrestlemania, but in the main event? The main event of Wrestlemania? We arn't talking Hogan here. We are talking Bam Bam vs LT over HBK vs Diesel. I could see if Bam Bam was a big name, but he wasn't.

WM12/21:Goldust undressed/Sumo match-Sort of the same exact reason which is why I decided to put both as 1 moment. I don't want to see men in diapers or in thongs. If not for Piper, we wouldn't have had to use Goldust in this.

WM15:Bossman hanging-How heartless can one be to hang another man. I know it is TV and all, but sight of death isn't something I want to see.

WM17:Rhino, Spike, and Lita TLC-There involvement in TLC2 made that match suck. I thought the tag teams were good enough to put on a show without them involved. Which is why I believe they ruined TLC2 for me.

WM18:Nash/Hall post Rock/Hogan match-What was the purpose for the involvement. Let the fans leave happy watching Hogan and Rock shake hands. Instead, we get to see Nash/Hall try to jump Hogan/Rock because they weren't allowed to get involved. Leave the great moment alone!! No need for either to be out there. I hope Miz doesn't get involved in Rock/Cena match to.

WM19:Lesnar shooting star press-Everyone including Kurt thought he was either dead or really hurt. Main event of first Wrestlemania and almost ending his career. Not a moment anybody wants to remember.

WM24:Matt Hardy ruins MITB-It seemed as if every year I rooted for MVP to win and he never did. He came so close and Matt Hardy had to come in and ruin it.

WM 25:Swagger can't get the MITB-It took him so long to take the MITB down that they had to edit the DVD over it. They do editing anyways, but in moments like that? You just don't want to remember or relive.

WM25:Sim Snuka/Taker botch-I thought Undertaker was dead after that leap and how he landed. I thought he had to have broken his neck. Ref started counting and I was telling my TV screen to wait because I don't think he will be able to get up. He did no thanks to Sim Snuka. LOL!

Didn't make the cut:
WM 23 Vince shaved bald, WM 25 Orton losing, WM 19 Booker T loses

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