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10 Biggest moments in Wrestlemania history!!

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Let me first state that by biggest moments doesn't mean biggest or best matches. Biggest moments in Wrestlemania history!! Not going to number them because you can always argue that. I'll just add them from 1-27 numbering. Wrestlemania 1 was a big moment obviously which is why I left it off because every first of any annual event is big. Here is 10 biggest moments in Wrestlemania history!!

WM3:Hogan slams Andre-Probably the biggest match in the history of Wrestlemania. Some wrestlers believe that was the biggest moment in WWE history. Can't really argue because that put Hogan on the map.

WM6:Hogan loses clean-First time in the Hulkamania era that Hogan lost clean. He lost to the Warrior in a title vs title match in the main event. Didn't work out like one would have hoped, but it was without question one of the biggest moments in the history of Wrestlemania.

WM10:The Ladder Match-I believed that this was the first Ladder match in WWE history, but it wasn't. It is still regarded as the ladder match that springboarded the Ladder match moments we see today.

WM12:HBK wins first WWF title-One could argue the HBK entrance, but I believe his first win was a bigger moment in Wrestlemania history with it being in an Iron Man match and him winning his first WWF title. Big moment for the company and HBK.

WM13:Austin passes out-In a submission/I quit sort of matchup that made Austin a star not giving up. That was a huge step for Stone Cold becoming a main event star. Blood running down his face is something we'll never forget.

WM14:Austin era begins-During the time when WCW was still beating Raw in the ratings war. Mike Tyson outside enforcer while Shawn passing the torch to Austin. Austin would take the ball and lead WWF back on top in the ratings war eventually killing WCW in the process.

WM17:Edge spears Jeff Hardy-The only part of that TLC match I actually liked. I hated the involvement of Rhyno, Lita, and Spike Dudley. Just made it worse which is why I liked the Summerslam and 2000 ladder matches. That moment though was huge for tag division, Edge, Jeff, and everyone involved in that match.

WM18:Rock/Hogan faceoff-Two of the biggest superstars in different eras facing on the biggest stage of them all. It was huge that had everyone in awe. When they went in the center of that ring facing off. Looking around at the crowd with everyone on their feet. They knew how big that moment was. Huge moment in what Wrestemania really is!! Hopefully get the same moment this year with Rock/Cena.

WM20:Benoit/Eddie celebration-Both longtime friends standing in the middle of the ring as world champions in MSG. In one of the biggest Wrestlemania's of all-time. Last site you see is the Eddie/Benoit hugging with world championships in hand. Without a doubt, great moment in Wrestlemania history.

WM22:Cena makes HHH tap!!-I know Cena haters will take shots at me for having this moment on here, but I believe that was a huge moment for the company. HHH, a long established vet putting over Cena. HHH said everyone in the front rows jaws dropped. Couldn't believe he tapped out. Crowd was great in Chicago. Seemed as if a Rock/Hogan type of moment with sides down the middle.

Personal Favs that didn't make the list:
Paul Bearer "Oh yes" WM 20, Savage/Elizabeth reunite WM7, Owen beats Bret Hart WM 10, WM 2 Roddy slams Mr.T

Strong contenders that didn't make the list:
Mysterio wins World title WM22, Vince Shaved bald WM23, WM4 Macho Man wins WWF title, Undertaker/HBK faceoff WM25

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Updated 03-13-2012 at 04:04 PM by TheGreatOne (Thoughts n opinions)

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    WHAT?! Cena makes Triple H tap? You were doing so good on making this list until you said that!

    I might have included the first Austin vs. Rock match since that was at the pinnacle of both guys popularity. Something like the first Money in the Bank match deserves a spot on this list and it just somehow seems wrong to not have any moment with Undertaker on here. I maybe would have included Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels retirement match as well.
  2. The Hit Man's Avatar
    I'd take out the Edge spear on Jeff Hardy, Cena makes HHH taps and probably the Benoit/Eddie celebration and replace them with Austin aligning himself with Vince at WM17, Michaels retiring Fair at WM24 and Undertaker retiring Michaels at WM26.

    Not saying the three I took out weren't big, just think those other three ones are slightly bigger. Good list though!
  3. akbar's Avatar
    yh same as the first guy said,...yu not including rock/austin is a bit crazy

    good list apart from that though
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Cena makes HHH tap was a big moment because he finally got respect and became a star defeating one of the biggest stars in the business at the time.

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