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My beef with Rock vs Cena, who agrees?

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Quick rundown on me, I used to watched wrestling. Love it. Lost Sky Sports so stopped watching it around 2004 and picked back up on it about two years ago. Obviously it was different when I started watching it again but I just took it for what it was. The Rock has always been my favorite wrestler, I remember being young and running around the living room in joy when his music hit and he sprinted full steam ahead towards the ring. It was almost the same with Cena when he got into his Thuganomics gimmick. When The Rock left Cena was the number one guy for me, my new favorite and I still like the guy a lot now.

So, on with their feud. What annoys me most is they really aren't making the most out of it. It seems like they are working against each other. I loved Cena's promo on Raw just gone and laughed like hell at Rocks, but there was no feud development. It really seems like they stay out of each others way in the back when they could be cracking their heads together and coming up with a feud which has the potential to be one of the best ever.
It honestly just seems to be that their egos are too big to understand that this is about the WWE Fans wanting to see this generations number one guy and last generations go at it strong. Instead we get them two trying to one up each other, but not in the way that makes you think "Oh shit son! What's he gonna do next?!", it's in a way that makes you feel a little awkward when they are in the ring together and really lacks that back and forth chemistry.

Who cares if a promo is off the top of your head or scripted? So what if somebody writes The Rocks stuff for him, when Tom Hanks won an Oscar you didn't have people complaining that he didn't write all his lines and stuck to the script so he's less of an actor than somebody who'd improvise. What made me realize that they both have too much pride was on last weeks Raw when Rock asked Cena something along the lines of, "Do you really think you shook the Rock?", an obvious set up for the "It doesn't matter what you think!". Cena knew it and was smirking like a little child. I guarantee you that bit wasn't scripted, it was just Cena again trying to up The Rock in a way which made things slightly more awkward.

I mean look at CM Punk, he's strutting around as "The Best In The World" and living large, Jericho brings up his fathers past and it knocks Punk hard on the chin. Obviously part of the story line but Punks acting to it well, it's a soft spot that is going to help build up tension between the two. Now if it was Cena and Rock in that situation it would be, "My Dad's never drank what are you going on about?" which in the world of improvisation is called blocking. Intentionally blocking story development for no reason at all or because you don't want to look like the other guys in the driving seat.

To conclude, just imagine this. Imagine Rock and Cena know they have five weeks until Wrestlemania, they meet up and get to work on where they want to take this feud, what they want to do. Really work together and put more effort into it other than showing up and slandering each other. Just think of how much more intense the feud would be and how much more interested and captivated us as an audience would be. I'm not saying I'm bored of it, I'm not at all I still find myself glued to the TV when they're on. The promos are good, just I know and everybody else knows that with a little more respect and effort they could blow everything else out the water.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good write up. I agree. The only thing we can hope for, there is still two more Raw episodes before Wrestlemania. Here's keeping our fingers crossed.

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