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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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Hello everyone. Another Raw has come and passed. This Raw was different for me. In the past few weeks, when watching Raw I get the excited feeling, this euphoria of pumpedness(i know its not a real word but you know what i mean). This weeks Raw though, i just wasn't feeling it. I mean, it wasn't a bad Raw by any means, but I just feel like the WWE in some aspects is on cruise control as we head into Mania, unlike the last few weeks where they were trying to put their best foot forward. Let's take a look at how i consider Raw went.
The Bad

Brodus Clay
I remember reading reports of where Clay was pulled off TV because Vince wasn't happy with his matches/in ring work. When i saw the little promo saying the Funkasaurus was up next, I was intrigued to see what would happen, thinking maybe we would get something different. How wrong was I to think that. What is the point of pulling someone off tv for a reason, only to put them back on TV, and still give them squash matches. I posted a thread a little while back saying I thought the Funkasaurus was stuck in the mud(that is not exactly how i worded it but you know what I mean). If they keep going with this the way they have in the past, I bet Brodus, or atleast the Funkasaurus will become a thing of the past.

How to fix
Simple. Give Brodus time. Give Brodus a feud. I remember seeing the interaction between Regal and Clay and thought it was hilarious. That would be an enjoyable feud. Instead of having Clay squash an opponent in a minute, give the match 5 or 6. Let the opponent actually get in real offense, and have it just make Clay madder. Give Clay more than 3 moves! So many things need to be done to fix this, and it is so easy too!

Zack Ryder/Eve
We get it, Eve is a hoe, she is playing/stringing along Zack, and he is ok with it apparently. Woopty doo! Explain to me, what is the point of this? I just, I can't fathom it. Where is this going to lead for either Zack or Eve? I mean, before this, when Zack was US champion, I atleast enjoy him a little, but now, ugh, the guy is just unbearable.

How to fix
Honestly, I don't even know. This to me just has epic fail written all over it no matter where it goes.

Santino vs David Otunga/Mark Henry
I'm torn on this feud. This feud meaning Teddy Long and Johnny Ace. Part of me is interested in seeing where things go, and another part of me is like "This just blows". Plus lately I've been enjoying Santino and popped for him winning the US title. I feel like he would be better served out off this whole schpeel at Mania and instead focus on defending the US title. Anyways, this match was a dud. There wasn't much to it, in my opinion, and was mainly used to further the feud between Teddy and John. I'm giving this match 1/5.

How to fix
I think this whole Gm vs Gm would be better served with 1 wrestler for each GM, not this whole 6 on 6 tag team match, that just has epic fail written all over it. I mean think about it. With 1 wrestler, the Gm could pit the others wrestler against people from their brand as a tune up to Mania, or even have tag matches going into Mania. Since that won't happen though, the way I see to fix this, keep people like Zeke and Kahli away from Team Long(doubt it will happen), and instead of having a squash to further the feud, have a decent match to give us the fans a taste of what we might be in store for at Mania.

The Indifferent

Undertaker/HBK promo
Honestly, I am surprised by this myself. I am a huge HBK fan and have enjoyed any time HBK and Taker were in the ring and on the mic together. Tonight though, I am not sure what it was, but this just felt dull to me. I mean, I am still looking forward to HHH vs Taker, and think having HBK as the guest referee will add that interesting twist, but tonights segment, to me, was the low point out of all the ones done up to this point.

How to Improve
Simple. Have all 3. I expect this on the final Raw(or maybe the next Raw so the final one is focused on Cena/Rock). Have HHH, Taker, and HBK all in the ring cutting promos. I think we will feel that electricity in the final two weeks going into Mania, and having all three of these men together will just make it even more epic.

Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger
A decent match. While to me this wasn't a squash match, did anyone have any doubt that Orton wouldn't win? The reason I chose this in the indifferent section is while it was a decent match, I don't feel it furthered the Kane/Orton feud either. Plus the match isn't even announced yet! Yeah I get Orton was being all nervous trying to look out for Kane, and I'm sure Kanes "mystical powers" caused the fire to come from the ring posts, but they can definitely kick this up a notch.

How to improve
Honestly, let both Kane and Orton cut promos. We've had their back and forth attacks, which are good, but I think promos between the two could be interesting. Have Kane explain why he is attacking Orton. Heck I'd even say that the last Raw/Sd before Mania, have Kane get the upperhand and either pin Orton, or screw Orton out of a win somehow. Very easy to improve this feud.

Rap/Rock Concert
I enjoyed both of these, but they didn't even come face to face. I was expecting Cena to come out at the end of Rocks concert, to say something, or even stand at the top of the ramp and have a stare-down, but nothing! I'm still enjoying this feud, but I feel like it is missing something.

How to improve
I think it is that spark. I kind of felt it with Cena's rap, but to me, The Rocks "concert" was more happy go lucky. It needs that controversy, that thing that is said that blurs the line of whether this is stage or real tension. This is suppose to be the biggest match at Mania ever, and it needs that friction that has the world going "Holy S***! Did you just hear that?!" It doesn't even have to be physical attacks, just something verbal that is straight to the heart. I think that is why people have gravitated towards Cena recently because of what he said.

The Good

Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus
As soon as I saw these two would be facing one another, I expected a super squash match. It definitely was not that. To me the best spot was Sheamus getting thrown into the announce table and you see the nasty bruise/welt on his back. This had a lot of back and forth action and you even got a moment from D-Bry. After watching last weeks SD, I have an inclination. I expect AJ to cost Bryan a match. Either to his lose title, or to lose in a rematch for his title. I see AJ turning on Bryan, becoming a face, and getting a huge push. As for this match between Ziggles and Sheamus, I give it a 3/5.

The Miz vs CM Punk/Chris Jericho Promo
I saved what I consider the best for last. I'll get the match out of the way quick. The match was decent. I give it a 3/5. It had a decent amount of back and forth action, and wasn't over drawn. To me, what happened next is what I will remember about this Raw. Chris Jerichos promo. Like i mentioned in the Rock/Cena section about needing that spark, that friction, Jericho has found it. Simple epic! It was one of those moments that had my jaw drop and be like "Did he really just say that" Top it off with Punks facial expressions, and then walking away from the ring dejected, this to me is just adding fire to what is sure to be an AMAZING Mania match.

Well everyone, with that comes to close another edition of Uncooked. Keep an eye out later this week as I will bring another edition of Flash From The Past. I look forward to reading everyones comments!

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  1. lukepopescu73's Avatar
    how was the rock concert/cena rap not good?!!!!!!?? we saw old school Cena (which was awesome) and rock put on a hilarious rock concert, almost ..almost as good as the one he did in Sacramento in 03. Im pretty sure if I asked anyone (other then the staff of this website) what was your favorite part of raw, I am pretty sure majority of people wont say "its was when Sheamus wrestled Ziggler!" You guys on this site are killing me!! Still love the site though
  2. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lukepopescu73
    how was the rock concert/cena rap not good?!!!!!!?? we saw old school Cena (which was awesome) and rock put on a hilarious rock concert, almost ..almost as good as the one he did in Sacramento in 03. Im pretty sure if I asked anyone (other then the staff of this website) what was your favorite part of raw, I am pretty sure majority of people wont say "its was when Sheamus wrestled Ziggler!" You guys on this site are killing me!! Still love the site though
    This guy isn't 'staff' he's a site member like you!

    Opinions are a wonderful thing and like arseholes, everyone has one!

    For me the Cena/Rock build is of no interest, I just want a good match at WM. Other matches and promos are of far more interest, that's my arsehole!
  3. akbar's Avatar
    no one cares what us critics really think, its all about fans in general when it comes to WWE, cena done a lil rap not even letting the fans cheer inbtwn, rocks thing was special and memoriable, fans loved it and watching the crowd singing made it good tv viewing...its not about what some one says but what it impact it causes...

    and im not sure about the Y2J promo, it was a lil too deep for me kinda found my self edgy hearing and i was not entertained....i hope they dont make habit of this and get wrestlers cutting promo's in that style....

    i usually agree with your blogs so il let you pass on this one...
  4. pedro3795's Avatar
    U didnt like anything of the show? Just stop watchin .
    Updated 03-13-2012 at 09:39 AM by bearkg88
  5. RatedATB's Avatar
    I actually enjoyed this weeks Raw, I think everything is building to Mania quite nicely. I do wish we'd get something more from Bryan and Sheamus, it's like they don't trust them to build any sort of groundwork for a feud. I don't know if they just think it's not believable or what, but if they can build to Bryan/Show better than Bryan/Sheamus, then something's wrong here. Nice blog man!
  6. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pedro3795
    U didnt like anything of the show? Just stop watchin .
    =| ur an idiot and uv missed the point of reviewing...
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pedro3795
    U didnt like anything of the show? Just stop watchin .
    Hey pedro, so I haven't really noticed you commenting on, my blogs in the past so I am not going to bash you. If you read the blog, instead of just reading the first paragraph or just where I put the bolded statements, you would see I never said this Raw was bad. I said I wasn't hooked like normal. Take how I met your mother. There are episodes where im not hooked, but I still like the show, and the series. If you noticed, I only had 3 items in the bad section. I had ziggler/sheamus in the good section, I loved the y2j promo, and like the punk/miz match too. I even liked the Cena rap. It was just The Rocks concert felt bland to me. I never once said I dislike the show or wrestling. Im merely stating my OPINION based on what we watched. Others opinions may disagree with me(akbar) or others might see my point of view(wade barrett79). Next time, fully read my blog before making a comment like that, because if you had this time(which I expect you didn't but I am sure you will say you did), you'll see unless its a huge cluster f*** of a show, I always like raw.
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