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Rating Wrestlemania Main Events - Part II

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Old School here with a first ever post, and being a long time wrestling fan growing up watching 95% of the Wrestlemania's live on ppv, I felt my first post should be a rating of the main events for Wrestlemania's 1-27. I included what I thought about the match, high’s and/or low’s, then I rated the match from 0 stars to 5 stars, and lastly what match would have made a better main event. (Note: While there was more than one “main event” since WM XIX due to the two brand titles, the main event to me is the last match of the evening)

Part II


Triple H © vs. The Rock vs. Big Show vs. Mick Foley:
I have a lot of problems with this match, despite the fact that it sounds good on paper. First, there was no need for a McMahon in every corner, you are taking away from the performers themselves. Second, Foley did not even want to be there because he believed his last match was the month before. Lastly, the Rock was soooooooo over, and who comes out the champ?! You guessed it... Triple H... only for the Rock to win the title a month later. WWE really missed the mark on this one.
Rating: *
Would have made a better main event: Edge/Christian vs. The Dudleys vs. The Hardy’s


The Rock © vs. Stone Cold:
Once again, two of the top stars in the company were seeing themselves go head to head in the main event... only this time, both went into the bought as faces, a la Hogan/Warrior. The difference between Hogan/Warrior is the unbelievable happened... Austin turns heel and joins Mr. McMahon while on his way to win the title. Even though the build up was short, it was still fantastic.
Rating: * * * * *
Would have made a better main event: None


Chris Jericho © vs. Triple H:
I love both these competitors, but this match was such a disappointment. With Triple H returning from the quad injury months earlier and being such a crowd favorite, it was a no brainer he had to be put into this match. Jericho was a rising star, but one that would have been better served to win the title in the summer than in December. With so many top names in the company, it was very difficult to push Jericho into the heel position they needed him to be in, which was hurt even more once the N.W.O. was brought in. Combine that with a build up that tried everything, and a match that saw Triple H “limited” do to his quad, it was just a total shame.
Rating: * *
Would have made a better main event: Rock vs. Hogan (which it would have been had Triple H not made such a big deal about the main event must being the title match)


Kurt Angle © vs. Brock Lesnar:
Two fantastic and athletic amateur wrestlers finally facing off on the grandest stage of them all in a heavily hyped and anticipated match that it was hard not to love it. Even better was these two wanted to really show case their talents and push the fans to the edge of their seats. The only misfire came at the end when Brock completely missed the five star frog splash, but even that wasn’t enough to ruin this match.
Rating: * * * *
Would have made a better main event: Jericho vs. Michaels or Rock vs. Stone Cold could also have been worthy of this spot. Win-win for everybody.


Triple H © vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels:
So many things to like about this match; the continuing feud between Triple H and Michaels, Benoit finally getting the opportunity he much deserved, the great build up it generated… and we haven’t even gotten to the match yet! Triple H was so hated as a heel it wasn’t even funny, Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania, and Benoit was finally getting the push the fans wanted. The match saw so many heart stopping moments, so many near falls, and the first tap out in main event history that ended with Benoit and Guerrero standing together as champions at nights end.
Rating: * * * * *
Would have made a better main event: Lesnar vs. Goldberg… just kidding


Triple H © vs. Batista:
The build up to this match was so much better than the match itself. It saw Batista stepping out of the Evolution shadow to make a name for himself and to flex his muscles and push Triple H around. The problem was you had two stiff workers in the main event with Batista more muscle than anything else and Triple H being limited due to injuries that needed to heal. I’d say they should have plugged Cena vs. JBL in this spot, but it was even worse than this.
Rating: *
Would have made a better main event: Money in the Bank


John Cena © vs. Triple H:
I am well aware of how big Cena is in the WWE universe, and because of that, too many of his matches at WM just remind me of Hogan during the 80s; just a big name who is over, but definitely needs someone to help him look good. His grand entrances in these spots are really the highlight of his WM matches and gets lucky that he was working with Triple H here. Much like the following WM, Cena gets carried by his opponent.
Rating: * *
Would have made a better main event: Edge vs. Mick Foley


John Cena © vs. Shawn Michaels:
A lot more near hits, misses, and spots than Cena vs. Triple H the year before, but what do you expect when Mr. Wrestlemania is in the main event. I could say everything else about this match that I believe, but I would just be copying the same script I used for the WM XXII main event, only insert Michaels as the one carrying the match.
Rating: * * * (all because of Michaels)
Would have made a better main event: None by default


Edge © vs. The Undertaker:
It was without a doubt the right choice to put these two in the main event. Edge was on the top of his game and worthy of being put in this spot and The Undertaker was looking to not only extend the streak, but to win the championship at WM for the third time in his career. There were a number of counters and the pace of the match continued to pick up, and made it seem many times as if Edge was going to do the impossible and end the streak. Many near falls later, Taker was able grasp Edge in the Hell’s Gate for the win.
Rating: * * * *
Would have made a better main event: Could make a case for Michaels vs. Flair


Triple H © vs. Randy Orton:
A decent match that saw some great moments from both Orton and Triple H. With Orton on the rise in his career and Triple H begin to see the end of the road, one could contend that Triple H possible thought this could be his last title match at a Wrestlemania. Even still, the two of these great performers made sure to sell their hatred and truly gave it their all. The whole Triple H losing the title if got counted out or dq’d definitely was not needed and useless here.
Rating: * * *
Would have made a better main event: The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels


The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (Streak vs. Career):
Luckily this Wrestlemania did not suffer the same fate as WM X8 where the high profile match of the event (Rock vs. Hogan) was not the main event. The year before, Michaels and Taker stole the show, and it is hard to argue why. Once again, two of the greatest wrestlers in history were set to square off in the much hyped, much anticipated “Streak vs. Career” match. With as much hype as this match received, it is hard to imagine these two repeating what they had done the year before. Not only did they, but they easily put on what can be considered one of the greatest WM matches in history.
Rating: * * * * *
Would have made a better main event: None


The Miz © vs. John Cena:
So many reasons to hate this match, I just do not know if I have the time and patience to go through it all. First and foremost, The Miz was no where near ready to be put into the main event at Wrestlemania. People can talk about his mic skills all they want but pretty sure you need more than just that. It reminds me so much of Jericho in WM X8, the only difference being that Jericho at least could wrestle. In the end, this match was less of a main event, and more of the beginning of the build up for the Rock vs. Cena at this years WM.
Rating: Zero
Would have been a better main event: The Undertaker vs. Triple H

-Well I know this was a long post but I hope you all enjoyed it. Please comment and let everyone know what you think, agree and/or disagree with what I put

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  1. Phillyraines's Avatar
    From everything Ive heard and read, At WM18 Triple H and Jericho were in agreement that Hogan-Rock should have been the main event. I've never heard that Triple H lobbied for himself to be in the main event...he thought it should be Hogan-Rock as well. I'm assuming that was Vince's call and other backstage officials...but not Triple H.

    Loved your two blogs on this topic though - fun reading through them! I mostly agreed with your year by year stance on the main event/alternatives.

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