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Rating Wrestlemania Main Events - Part I

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Old School here with a first ever post, and being a long time wrestling fan growing up watching 95% of the Wrestlemania's live on ppv, I felt my first post should be a rating of the main events for Wrestlemania's 1-27. I included what I thought about the match, high’s and/or low’s, then I rated the match from 0 stars to 5 stars, and lastly what match would have made a better main event. (Note: While there was more than one “main event” since WM XIX due to the two brand titles, the main event to me is the last match of the evening)

Part I


Hulk Hogan & Mr. T vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff:
This one is hard to judge seeing as how it marks the first ever WM main event and the WWF did not know exactly what they had in the making. The original plan was to pit Hogan against Piper in the main event (and who would not have wanted to see that), but to draw more attention, McMahon brought in Mr. T to team up with the face of the company. While not one of the greatest matches of all time, it was still the highlight of the show.
Rating: * * *
Would have made a better main event: None by default


Hulk Hogan © vs. King Kong Bundy:
Wrestlemania spanned three different cities ending with this match for the WWF championship inside a steel cage. Decent build up that saw Bundy hurting the ribs of Hogan going into their match. Hogan being the top of the company had to overcome this big mountain, and the use of the cage did help in the match overall. Not a terrific match, but not terrible either.
Rating: * * *
Would have made a better main event: None by default


Hulk Hogan © vs. Andre the Giant:
The hype for this match could be considered one of the best in WM history. Hulkamania had the gold and was running wild on the WWF. So many mountains he had overcome, but never had he, or anyone in WWF history for that matter, had beaten Andre the Giant. Two of the biggest stars in the company went head to head and despite Andre barely able to move due to back trouble, nothing stands the test of time more than the body slam heard round the world.
Rating: * * * * *
Would have made a better main event: Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat equally as good


Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ted Dibiase:
No WM has ever recreated what was done this year in Atlantic City. Thanks to Andre the Giant winning the title from Hogan, then selling it to DiBiase, the title was vacated and a tournament to crown the new champion was held. The two biggest stars in Hogan and Andre were both eliminated in their bout, leaving the door open for a new face to hold the title. Dibiase was a great heel and the rising star power of Savage was hard to deny. With the help of Hogan (symbolically passing the torch to Savage) the Macho Man won his first title in an epic back and forth battle.
Rating: * * * *
Would have made a better main event: None by default


Macho Man Randy Savage © vs. Hulk Hogan:
The first Wrestlemania that followed the first of Hogan's "passing of the torch" saw an ok build up of the former Mega Powers fighting for the title. Unfortunately, Savage was forced to become the heel so Hogan could climb the mountain over evil again after Savage had become so over with the fans. The break up of the Rockers was a better bitter feud than this was and just another "Hogan does it again" situation that hurt Savage's position in the company for years once the feud ran its course.
Rating: * *
Would have made a better main event: Warrior vs. Rick Rude could be considered had it not been for Warrior’s stiff work, so none by default.


Hulk Hogan © vs. Ultimate Warrior:
A decent build up with a rising star in Warrior and the face of the WWF Hogan. Two faces going head to head in a title vs. title match when the IC title actually meant something was another added bonus. A back and forth, Hulking up and Warrioring up, missed finishes, kick outs, and the crowning of a new era... or so we thought... Warrior holds both titles in front of the Toronto crowd.
Rating: * * * *
Would have made a better main event: None


Sgt. Slaughter © vs. Hulk Hogan:
The second Wrestlemania following another Hogan passing the torch situation. Granted, during the midst of the Gulf War, the WWF wanted an American overcoming the enemy situation, and who better than the real American himself to triumph. Well despite the build up, which was actually pretty good, the match was slow and terrible. America won in the end, but the real winner was Slaughter who was such a great heel during this time, the WWF had to switch the location to an indoor arena due to fear of someone trying to shoot Slaughter.
Rating: * *
Would have made a better main event: One could make a push for Warrior vs. Savage in the retirement match


Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice:
This was supposed to be another one of the Hogan swan songs, which is why it was put into the slot of main event instead of Flair vs. Savage. First problem, very terrible build up in a short time period. Second problem, Sid was getting suspended anyway following this match, and new he could do what he wanted instead of the scripted finish. So what happened? Hogan hits the big boot... drops the leg... 1... 2... Sid kicks out!!! Hogan doesn't know what to do! Out comes Pappa Shango to cause a dq and Warrior returns to save the day.
Rating: *
Would have made a better main event: Ric Flair © vs. Randy Savage


Bret Hart © vs. Yokozuna:
First ever main event where the winner of the Royal Rumble wins a shot at facing the champ in the main event at Wrestlemania. Yokozuna was on the rise as a top heel and Hart was the champion who was still rising as the top face. A great David vs. Goliath build up on the big stage and a great back and forth match... until the very end... and I'm not talking about the finish to the match. Yokozuna had just won the title through a cheap victory, like a heel should, and then... wait, what is Hogan doing here? Oh I know, he can't handle not being in the main event and forces a situation to where he wins the title.
Rating: * * * (minus two stars because of Hogan)
Would have made a better main event: This match had Hogan stayed in the locker room


Yokozuna © vs. Bret Hart:
While I feel this was definitely an appropriate Wrestlemania rematch, it not only did not live up to the year before, but the build up was weak because of the split royal rumble win between Hart and Luger. My honest opinion, Luger should have won the title at the Summer Slam before and we should have seen a Luger vs. Hart main event. Even still, it was nice to see Hart regain the title over the top heel who could not be beat.
Rating: * *
Would have made a better main event: Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (ladder match)


Lawrence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow:
I'm not even going to entertain going into why this was the worst decision on the face of the earth.
Rating: Zero
Would have made a better main event: Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels (which believe me is not saying much)


Bret Hart © vs. Shawn Michaels:
Despite the fact that there were so many few matches in this Wrestlemania, this would have stolen the show regardless. Two of the top stars in the business going over sixty minutes to entertain everyone without a single pin or submission, forcing the match to go into overtime? Fantastic all around leading up to Michaels first title win.
Rating: * * * * *
Would have made a better main event: None


Sid © vs. The Undertaker:
Granted, it is a last second put together match due to injuries, false Royal Rumble winner that saw objections which is what led to Sid becoming champion and the Undertaker being the number 1 contender. It could have been a better match, too many interferences by the Hitman, but at least the Dead Man wore his old school duds.
Rating: *
Would have made a better main event: Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold


Shawn Michaels © vs. Stone Cold:
This is a tough one to call. The build up was possibly one of the best two build ups in the history of Wrestlemania in my opinion. Every week on raw, for three months, and Michaels getting the upper hand time and time again on the rattlesnake. The match itself was pretty decent, but unfortunately Michaels was fighting with a major back injury that prevented the Mr. Wrestlemania that we all know. Even still, it was decent enough and ushered in the Austin Era.
Rating: * * * *
Would have made a better main event: None


The Rock © vs. Stone Cold:
Another great year of build up for this main event. The Rock was anointed the corporate champion by Mr. McMahon and it was the corporation against Stone Cold who time and time again could not get a title shot until Wrestlemania. A great match, great build up, and who else sells the stunner better than the Rock.
Rating: * * * * *
Would have made a better main event: None

-Well I know this was a long post but I hope you all enjoyed it. Please comment and let everyone know what you think, agree and/or disagree with what I put.

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  1. chato's Avatar
    great blog man. i cant belive how much wwf tried to shove hogan down our throats. it shows that hogan was very greedy and didnt wanna share the spotlight. anyways good job and hope u do a part 2!!
  2. akbar's Avatar
    great great blog, enjoyed reading it...cant wait for part 2

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