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Rick Starr

The Splash: What If WCW Won “The Monday Night Wars”?

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Welcome back Splashers, for another one of my “What If” scenarios. This time I reverse the roles on the outcome of the Monday Night Wars, and who would make the jump if the WWE did in fact get bought out by WCW.
What If` WCW Won “The Monday Night Wars”?

In the height of the Monday night wars, WCW dominated the company that is now known as the WWE. At the time, WCW had taken all of the WWE’s big named wrestlers, and signed them with WCW. People like Hulk Hogan, Kevin “Diesel” Nash, Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall, and several other big name wrestlers that made the WWE what it was in its early years. They formed the NWO, which many can argue was one of the best storylines when it first begun. But hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

To really look at this hypothesis properly, we must start with the two men behind the war, rather than the two companies that were just a part of the war: WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, and Ted Turner. According to all the documentaries, this war started over some disagreement the two men had, back when the WWF was on TBS (a Turner Station). Vince eventually took his product and left TBS. Needless to say Turner had no passion for the business. He simply bought WCW, just so he could take out the WWE…and in Vince’s own words, he almost did. My question to everyone is what If he did? What if Turner won the war, and bought out WWE and ECW? Where would wrestling be today?

I ask this because WrestleMania is coming around, and every year it makes me think of WCW’s biggest event: Starrcade, a PPV that will never see again, except on DVD or the WWE Network…if THAT itself ever gets off the ground (But that’s a whole different can of worms for another day.). Looking back, I don’t deny that WCW’s final years had more than its share of sad moments. Starrcade, like every PPV had their good years and bad years. One of the better years was 1998, where Konnan face Chris Jericho for the TV Title, Bill Goldberg© faced Kevin Nash for the World Title as well as Goldberg’s undefeated streak , and then there was the 3-Way match between Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, and Billy Kidman© for the Cruiserweight Title. Some may think that a lot of these matches do not come across as “headliners” compared to today’s standards. However it was many of the mid-carders that made WCW shine, as the quality of the matches were outstanding.

If the role was reversed, and WCW had won the war in 2001, would it be fair to say that there would not have been a WrestleMania X7? After all, the WWE did the same with Starrcade. Granted the WWE used “The Great American Bash” (originally a WCW PPV) several years later, and then changed the name to “”The Bash” before dropping that into obscurity. But I would not think that WCW would ever use a WWE named PPV, let alone the name “WrestleMania”.

I think WCW’s whole plan was just to beat the WWE, and forget them. That’s where WCW failed and the WWE won. The WWE was always out to make a buck, while Ted Turner thought he could take people down, just by throwing his money around. The WWE knew that this was a story to be told, and more importantly a dollar to be made.

If WCW had won the war, what big-named WWE stars would have stayed with the company? Would Chris Jericho or Chris Benoit ever go back? Maybe, maybe not, their anger and frustration with the company were still very fresh, as well as some of the other names who just left the company. So it’s understandable why some would never set foot in WCW again, but what about some other names?

Undertaker: Before he came to the WWE, The Undertaker was "Mean" Mark Callous in WCW. However Taker, signed with the WWE long before the war started. The Undertaker was always known as “The General” in the WWE locker rooms, which meant he had the most respect in the back. He also had the “streak” at WrestleMania, which would have been stopped dead in its tracks (no pun indented). With all that to consider, do I Think The Undertaker would have gone back to WCW? No. I don’t think he would, not out of spite or anger anyway. Although The Undertaker would fit right in with “The Big Boys”, I don’t think he would have his “General status” in the back that he carries today. WCW politics were a different beast from WWE, and I don't think Taker would want to deal with that nonsense at that point in his career.

Edge: Back in 2001 Edge was already dominating in the Tag-Team Division, with his partner Christian. However his singles career was just taking off. There is no doubt in my mind that he would have gone to WCW. He might or might not have become a Multi-time World Champion. Not because I doubt Edge’s talents, but because WCW has overlooked great wrestlers in the past.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin: Anyone who knows Austin’s story knows that he was fired for all the wrong reasons. The chance of Austin ever returning to WCW is the same chance of this hypothesis ever being a reality.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: There’s no doubt That Dwayne would Jump to WCW. Dwayne’s loyalty is to him, and not to the company he works for. Hell if the price was right, he would leave the WWE again for the local mom & pop taco stand.

Shawn Michaels: As the dust was settling from the war, Shawn Michaels had resurfaced in 2002 after being on hiatus for two years. Considering that his close friends (Nash and Waltman) were in WCW, I could see HBK finishing his career off in WCW, if they had won the war.

John Cena: When the WWE had won the war in 1991, John Cena was fresh out of Ohio Valley. So If the tables were turned, there is not a single doubt in my mind that Cena would have gone with the flow into WCW. Would he be the star that he is today? Yes! I think Cena would have hit stardom, no matter where he went. You can love or hate the guy, but you can’t deny his talents.

Triple H: Triple H was on the “front lines” of the Monday Night Wars, as he was leading DX right up to WCW’s front doors. Today he is the C.O.O of the WWE, and not just in character. The Game found his 2nd love inside the WWE: His wife Stephanie McMahon. Back in 2001 when the war ended, his relationship with Stephanie McMahon was still fairly new. Back then, he was just a wrestler dating the owner’s daughter (Stephanie McMahon). However, despite that his wrestling career was still on the rise, I think that Triple H might be one of those faithful employees that would have gone down with the WWE ship.

Final Thought:

In all honesty if WCW ever won the war, I find it highly unlikely that Vince would ever sell a single share to Turner Sports, if no other reason than pure hatred. So even if WCW did win the war, they would never have been able to reap the benefits the way the WWE has today. That’s this for this one, as always feel free to leave a comment, or even your own addition to this hypothesis. Until next time..see you when I see you!

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  1. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
    Awesome blog!The wrestling industry would have a much different history had WCW bought WWF!But in a few years,ex-WWE alent would've left WCW because of poor treatment by the man who took the WCW to the top and threw it up from there,Eric Bicshoff!He was always busy in listening to Hogan,Nash and Hall and that influenced WCW to the end!If Bicshoff hadn't given nWo so much creative control there would still be a Monday Night Wars!
  2. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    It probably wouldn't matter... As soon as the Time Warner executives, had Ted Turner sale his controlling stock.... WCW was basically gone.... They was firing and letting people go without a fight.... I really nothing Bischoff, Hogan, Flair, Nash and anyone that was brought in would cause a difference in the demise and sale of WCW!!!

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