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The Musings and Ramblings of a Long-time Fan

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Hi all,

It’s been I while since I have blogged, simply as I haven’t really had anything noteworthy to say! However after reading countless blogs and forums discussing Rock v Cena, I decided to out my thoughts on ‘paper’.

DISCLAIMER – I have just reread the blog and I do deviate a little – so if you are the sort to get annoyed by that stop reading now, please don’t read it then bitch at the end. Thanks!

I am 29 years old, rapidly approaching 30. I tell you this because I have had the pleasure of being a wrestling fan through the Golden Era right up to now, what possibly looks like the end of the PG era. Growing up in Surrey, England in the late 80’s I never had the opportunity to watch much wrestling – we didn’t have sky back then – I had to make do with picking up a VHS form the local market if my mum would allow. WM 4 was my first purchase and I still have the tapes (it was a double box as WM4 went on forever). So although I tried my utmost to follow wrestling I never really classed myself as a true fan.

Then at the age of 11 we moved into a new house and my father changed everything – we got Sky. Sky One on a Saturday morning was the best time I can remember. WWE Superstars (I think) as well as maybe a couple of other WWE programs were on - I can’t remember what they were called – gave me what every frustrated fan needed. This was the time between the Golden and the Attitude era, and from what I can remember things were much the same as they are now with regards to storylines/feuds. If I am to be completely honest I can’t remember any of them! That isn’t to say they weren’t that good – just none of them have stuck in my mind. The only feud I can vividly remember though is Razor Ramon and HBK, which cumulated at WM 10 with, in my humble opinion, the best ladder match EVER.

To summarize by 1995 I had missed massive chunks of the Golden Era, and been left nonplussed through the ‘Transitional Era’. Not that I am in any way complaining, simply having the capabilities to watch wrestling weekly was a joy, and at the time I probably would have sworn that wrestling couldn’t get any better. However then everything changed, with one small but infinitely massive promo by SCSA. No one could have predicted that those few words “Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!" would completely change the landscape of the WWE, and usher in what I would call the best TV programming ever. I was fortunate enough to be 13 years old when the Attitude Era began, and am proud to say my teen years were spent watching edgy storylines, scantily-clad augmented ladies, violence, true Hardcore matches, not the watered down versions we get today, and wrestlers of epic abilities, in-ring and on the mic. As with most fans of the Attitude Era, in my eyes there were always two that stood head and shoulders above the rest – Steve Austin and The Rock. Again, in my humble opinion, these two had the greatest rivalry of all time. It didn’t matter which one of them played the heel or face, I didn’t care. Call me fickle but as long s I had one of them to cheer for I was happy.

Then inevitably the times changed, not just in wrestling, but in the world in general. Top draws like SCSA couldn’t go on, The Rock left for Hollywood, and the corporate heads at WWE decided to head in a more family friendly, streamlined approach. I have never been a he fan of the PG era, watching a cage or a ladder or a TLC match without blood defies belief. I would however be more comfortable letting my children watch nowadays though, so it isn’t all bad! I have, of course, found it hard to like the man that encapsulates the PG era, a Mr. John Cena. I am not going to go off on one bashing him, as everything negative you could say about the man has already been said countless times. Needless to say I have never been, in any way, a Cena mark.

When the Rock returned as the guest host of WM27 last year I almost shat my pants. It was a glimpse of my childhood, a return to what was before the target audience of the WWE was 7-12. The challenge was accepted, and I couldn’t wait for WM28, and hopefully Rock destroying Cena. When he gave Cena a Rock Bottom at WM I was thrilled, about the only time I was throughout the entire event, but that is neither here nor there.

Everyone knows what has gone on, or not, since then, so to get to my point (at last) I have had a complete change of heart with regards to The Rock v Cena match. Although I am almost ashamed to admit this as a child of the Attitude Era, I really hope Cena wins. Recent events/discussion has opened my eyes to what the Rock is really about Business, or in other words = Money and Fame. His tweet regarding one of the other wresters bitching about him, saying that they don’t understand the ‘business’ side of things was what finally made my mind up, he is back because of business. Not love for the industry or the fans, he is rich enough never to make a movie again and go back to wrestling full time. But he won’t, as movies make him more money and more famous. I think this is a bit of a slap in the face of all true wrestling fans who have followed him since arriving as a young, green Rocky Maivia, through countless heel/face turns, title reigns, feuds, right through to when he left for the bright lights of Tinsel town.

Cena, however, when you boil it down is everything a wrestling fan should want. He may not be the best technical wrestler, but what he lacks he makes up for in enthusiasm. As he says he is always there, even when making a sub-par movie he is there. He does shed loads for charity. He stands up for what he believes in. I’m not sure if he says his prayers or takes his vitamins though…

When the Rock left I was gutted, now he is back I almost wish he wasn’t, simply because it has been a cold hard dose of reality. For years I have pined for the Attitude era and hoped some part of it would return, then when a big part of it does you realize you may be better off with what you have now and the memories of what was.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would say what i just have…thanks for reading.

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  1. UnstoppableThombo's Avatar
    Pretty good blog, gotta say. I agree with what you said about the attitude era, which I too will always think was some of the greatest TV programming ever.

    However, I gotta disagree with what you said about how the Rock is back for business not the industry or the fans as he could go back to wrestling full time since he's made more than enough money off movies, since as you put it that way, the Rock could have not come back to wrestling at all. But he did, not for the money he'd be making himself off of Wrestlemania 28, but because it'd bring some good business back to the industry.

    And as far as the Rock "passing" the torch to Cena goes, Cena's already beaten enough legends (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and although not at WM, now Kane too). He has been "passed the torch" enough times by people other than the Rock and Steve Austin, two of the greatest sports entertainers ever.

    Sorry, but this whole Cena's gotta win at WM crap has got to end, people saying "if Cena loses it says that a legend can come out of retirement and beat the top guy, what does that say about the industry", if these two guys were ACTUALLY competing against each other in a non-scripted wrestling match then that statement then that would make sense.

    Sorry for rambling, good blog nonetheless.
  2. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    I think whether you are right or wrong in this blog, it does take alot of testicular fortitude to say what you said about The Rock. Massive Kudos there. I too have alot of respect for Dwayne, which makes it hard for me to critique him in a negative light. I unfortunately don't agree when you say that he is back just for money and fame. I think he's back because he knows he can draw and do good for a company that made him a star.

    I can't begin to explain how I too was disappointed when he left despite my dad (who HATES wrestling by the way but STILL purchased Rock merch) explaining that it was simply the next step in his evolution as an entertainer. Everytime he comes back, whether it was in 2003 with that GREAT Hollywood heel persona (How cool was that "... is cooking" intro? YES!) or now for this pretty huge match, I just love watching him. He's got that it factor for sure. I'm glad to find others who see this. I have never got a feeling like that John Cena. Ever.

    First comment ever from a new member. Be nice.
  3. Godsmack78's Avatar
    i too hate to admit it but he is almost dead on about the rock, and ill add another wrinkle to the argument...the rock has been losing alot of steam in his face to face interaction with john cena..i mean the old rock wouldve verbally ass raped cena one on one.. but the rock is still funny though(kung pao bitch, lady parts, fruity pebbles) and i just cant see john cena beating him..its not realistic that the rock should lose to jonh cena..
    its not good for business for cena to win..and ya i hate cena but i also respect his charity and military loyalty so he is a stand up guy outside of the squared circle..but cena made a mistake when he called the rock out in the first place.. rocky had already accomplished everything there is to do in the wrestling world when he went actor which was a safe investment seeing how physically demanding wwe is. why risk being like edge who left way too soon but was smart to do it was none of the yabba dabbas right to question anything the rock does he is a grown fucking man.. if cena wanted a match he shoulda just said so..
  4. bm punk's Avatar
    great blog.... i am of a similar age and i remember watching wwe on a saturday morning on sky 1and your right the transitional period of the early 90s are very similar to todays product. i was lucky to have older relatives who had sky in the golden era and gave me four tapes a year( rumble/mania/Sumerslam and survivor series) and the attitude era was unreal raw on sky sports wcw on tnt...flicking back and fourth to try and get as much in as possible and jumping in the air as soon as SCSA cor the rock came on....but i soon got bored of rock..i rathered the corporate champ than the peoples champ.but now he is back and i want him to win not cena...Why? because Rock did and succeeded at something others have attempted and failed yet he is a bad guy for this...Bret Hart said in his documentary that after loosing Iron Man match to HBK he had hoped to move into Television and cinema and sporadically return over the next ten years(fact) John Cena wanted to get the role of Captain America. HHH wanted the role of THOR and Conan the Barbarian..if either had gotting these roles they would have been out of wrestling for at least a month and cena would not have been able to wrestle during filmin due to insurance reason..and if they where a hit they would have been offered more and more until eventually the money and less grueling work schedule would have been to much to say no to. Cena is allways here and rock is not.BUT rock is back is good for business not rocks business but john cenas business.more peolpe will watch Cena at mania because of the rock not the other way around. thanks for your honest blog tho..
  5. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    This blog is great and brings back a lot of memories. In 1991 for some reason my entire housing estate got Sky 1 for free and big shows for me were superstars followed by wrestling challenge. I Remember guys like The Berzerker, Mr. Perfect, The Warlord you name it. Every character was absolutely awesome for a kid. It makes me sad that kid's these days have to watch with all these tame characters, absolutely nothing like the awesomeness the Legion of Doom.

    We didn't get sky sports for ages but it was great to get it, and though I always looked down on wcw I was glad it was there on tnt.

    My opinion of all the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stuff is this - Whatever everybody thinks about him, or is compelled to think about him, it really is just rumors really. I personally don't really care what rock's agenda is, nobody really should. I didn't before and I don't now. Dwayne is the same man he has always been, whether you thinks he reeks of a dickhead's aura or you think the man can do no wrong, he's always been the same. He has as much respect for the business now that he did in the attitude era. I'm not going to say the man's a saint, he might have no respect or he might have huge respect, only the man himself genuinely knows. As long as he's there that's what it is, money or spots being taken should be irrelevant.

    Thanks for the great read.
  6. Phillyraines's Avatar
    I enjoyed reading your blog...I am 33 so we've grown up watching the same era's, familiar with the same wrestlers. I was a huge Rock fan during the attitude era...he wasnt my #1 but I loved the Rock. I am glad he's back...and I love the feud with Cena and am very excited for the Mania match. I'd tend to agree with The Next Big Thing in that, I think the Rock is here for the fans and to help the business. I really do.

    I don't buy into rumors and backstage gossip on wrestling websites. What I am seeing each week on RAW is an exciting feud between Rock and Cena that feels special because of the year long build up. A great feud takes time to build...and this Cena-Rock feud has that. Both of these guys are two of the best ever...they both are good wrestlers (Rock a little better than Cena but that really doesn't matter) and they both are amazing on the mic. I don't see Rock having any disrespect for the fans, the wrestlers or the business. I'm just excited he's back.

    I will agree with you on Cena should get more respect than he does. He's a good wrestler who gives his absolute best each and every week for the fans. I personally have no problem with Cena. He's not my favorite. But I don't hate him at all. I like the guy. I think for the most part he does nothing but good for the company. I loved his rap promo this week - the old school Cena - it was a nice trip back to what started him off and running towards being the #1 guy. And he deserves the spot he has.

    Personally, I'm cheering for the Rock...I'm loyal to him and the attitude era. It was my favorite time in wrestling and until a new era passes it...I will always back those guys. I won't be pissed if Cena wins though. I'd understand if that's what has to happen.

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