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Larry Zbysko Talks about the Death of WCW.
Larry Zbysko Talked recently about the death of WCW and this is what he had to say when asked who is Responsible for the demise of World Championship Wrestling and here is what he had to say

On AOL/Time Warner:.... "It was really sad, and I just shook my head ‘cause we had it so hot. And the terrible part was, not only did we have it hot (right after the New World Order which got kind of goofy after a while because everybody was a "New World Order guy"), but we had a guy that was so over that you could've built the whole business around—just like they did Bruno or The Hulk—we had a guy named Goldberg. And Goldberg was over like God for a while. But the bad news is—and you can't blame WCW—if you want to blame somebody, blame AOL! AOL came into Turner Time Warner and lied and told Turner Time Warner how much money they had, and how great it was going be when AOL bought over Turner Time Warner.

I really dont like Zbysko but I have to agree. I have said this several times over, WCWs death was cause of the AOL merger, They simply didnt want wrestling on their brand.... People will blame Russo, Nash, Erich Bishoff and Hogan for the WCWs death. I agree bad Booking made WCW lose momentum and Russo, Hogan and Bishoff hurt WCW but at the end of the day WCW was still pulling in good ratings, I didnt research this but from what I remember WCW's ratings was as high or higher than Raws current Ratings and almost 3 times TNAs ratings.... If they wanted to they could of budgeted it and WCW could of still made a profit.... Im Glad WCW went out of business because I think the WWE has done great things with the WCW/NWA video library, Using it for DVDs and WWE OnDemand but I still think no matter how high the ratings for Nirto was, AOL would have got reid of WCW regardless .

Road Warrior Animal says "Sting is not a ICON".

Road Warrior Animal in a recent interview stated that Legendary Wrestler Sting is not a Icon. Here is what he said when asked if Sting could be considered a Icon.

On whether Sting should be called an icon:... “No! Sting is not in the same league as guys like Triple H, Stone Cold, The Rock. Sting will never be considered a legend or icon until he lets his pride go and joins WWE. He needs to bury his personal issues and just get into the WWE. Sting has to come over to the WWE to be that guy, it’s a bigger stage. Impact is one thing, the WWE is a way bigger thing.”

I think Animal is doing some ass kissing to get back on WWE's good side. I'm Not a huge Sting Fan, I respect his past work, I'm a WWF/WWE fan and always have been but to say Sting is not a icon or a legend cause he hasn't wrestled for the WWE is just dumb.

Sting Wrestled for WCW, it was The number 2 Wrestling orgination for a number years and for a few years WCW was the Number 1 Wrestling promotion in the World and WWE is was a distant 2.... WCW was The number 1 wrestling company in the US and Sting was one of the top guys so that would mean he got plenty of exposure and was the top guy of the number 2 promotion and number 1 promotion... Sting is a legend of wrestling, Doest that mean Lou Thesz isnt legends or icons of this business cause h didnt Wrestle for the WWWF? or Guys like Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Dory Funk jr, Harley Race and all the men who got runs in the WWF as lower mid carders who were NWA or WCW legends are not legends cause they were not WWF main eventers?.

Sting is a international star in wrestling and he is a Icon, he had a main event run in the number 1 wrestling company and had several years as the top baby face of the number 2 company.

Mark Henry being de-pushed and might be on his way to retirement.

In the news they were reports that Former World champion Mark Henry is being De-Pushed cause the WWE offices feel he is injury prone and he is also being punished for refusing to turn face. So Henry is upset cause the WWE front office made him drop his world title cause of a injury he had cause they felt he shouldn't be on the road and wanted him to get time off and heal, Henry dropped the title but he still had to work all the normal dates he would of. Henry feels that if he was gonna work anyway why would they make him drop the belt and it caused some tension between WWE and Mark Henry.

I agree with Mary Henry, Turning him face and making him a smiling idiot like Zeke and Big Show would be a bad mistake.... WWE should of atleast had Bryan beat Henry for the title with the MITB briefcase, The Storyline could of still went the same way, Just Mark Henry wouldnt look so dumb being squashed by The Big Show like he did at TLC.... Henry has a legit reason for being mad and I think The WWE is dead wrong punishing him the way they did cause he stood up for him self, he is a 16 year veteran he deserves that right atleast.

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    a good shoulda expanded more on the AOL thing though, im confused on what they actually did to put WCW out of business...
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    This is great, you should do this regularly

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