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What to do with the Miz...

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What he’s been doing as of late…
On the November 28 episode of Raw, Miz defeated John Morrison, after he once again hit his finisher on the steel ramp. On the December 5, episode of Raw, Miz qualified for a Triple Threat – Tables, Ladders and Chairs match against Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk at TLC for the WWE Championship after a win over Randy Orton via count out, but was unsuccessful. On the December 26 episode of Raw, R-Truth returned only to viciously attack Miz after a match and promised this will continue week-after-week. The following Raw, Truth would hide in the audience and attack Miz again during his match with Sheamus. On the January 9 episode of Raw, Miz would retaliate by attacking R-Truth until Truth turned the tables and chased him out of the ring. On the January 16 episode of Raw SuperShow, R-Truth defeated Miz, Wade Barrett, and Sheamus in an Over The Top Rope Challenge. The following Raw, Miz was defeated by R-Truth in a singles match with a stipulation in place where the loser of the match would enter the Royal Rumble Match as the first entrant. In the Rumble match, Miz was the longest lasting participant, lasting over 45 minutes before being eliminated by former tag team partner, Big Show. At Elimination Chamber, Miz failed again to capture the WWE Championship after being eliminated last by CM Punk.

So that was just to catch everybody up to speed. The following are the 4 most likely options I think have a chance of happening.

4. Vs (Celebrity) at WrestleMania
Why it’s a good idea…
It’s not. But Wwe love to do these type of things and at least one Celebrity always attends WrestleMania each year. I could see the Miz becoming desperate for a WrestleMania match and challenging a random celebrity who’s at raw or Smackdown over the upcoming weeks
Why it may happen…
Wwe love to have a celebrity involved each year. WrestleMania 26 saw Fantasia singing America the beautiful. WrestleMania 27 saw appearances from: Pee Wee Herman, Keri Hilson, Snoop Dog and Snooki. They haven’t got a celebrity booked for the event yet and I could see the Miz being the one to face a celebrity.
Chances of it happening…

3. Team Laurinaitis…
Why it’s a good idea…
They won’t have to create an extra slot on the card for the Miz so the other matches will get a good 20 minutes + to entertain us. The Miz will get his spot on the card, which he’s earned over the year as well.
Why it may happen…
Money in the bank’s getting it’s own pay per view again so there’ll be no money in the bank match and it looks like there’ll be a tag team match to settle the dispute. However the Miz hasn’t been that involved in the feud.
Chances of it happening…

2. Turn Face and/or be drafted to Smackdown
Why it’s a good idea…
A face turn would make his character fresh again and he could adjust his catchphrase to (someone else suggested this and it’s a great idea) ‘That would be awesome” or something along those lines. I could maybe even see a face turn before WrestleMania. Laurinaitis could call him out wanting to have him on his team only for Miz to side with Long. He could then say that he was thinking about why he’s not the main event of WrestleMania this year and then suddenly he realized that Laurinaitis has done nothing good for his career except take up valuable TV time which could be used showcasing the why the Miz was champion this time last year.
Why it may happen…
The Miz isn’t really up to anything at the moment and his character’s been the same for a while now. Also Smackdown hasn’t got that many notable faces other than Orton and Sheamus.
Chances of it happening…

1. Another Tag Team
Why it’s a good idea…
As I’ve already said the Miz isn’t doing much at the moment and he could help someone get noticed. When he was with Alex Riley they should of formed a team and feuded with another tag team over the tag team titles. They were going in the right direction with Awesome Truth but Bourne and Truth’s suspensions halted all progress made.
Why it’s a good idea…
The tag team division needs improving but at the moment we only have four teams:
Kofi and R-Truth
Epico and Primo
The Usos

That sounds like enough but there are neither any matches were the titles are on the line. I know he’s in a team but I’d like Ziggler to team with him, which would allow Swagger to turn face. They could call themselves Perfected Awesomeness. Alternatively he could team with Cody Rhodes and they could call themselves Dashing Awesomeness.
Chances of it happening…

Out of all the options I think 2 and 1 are most likely, maybe even a combination. Anyway as always I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments!

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  1. knox's Avatar
    great blog my friend, i certainly hope Miz isn't in a team again. Think about it, from the beginning the Miz has always been booked as the guy who needs someone in his corner. He started off with John Morrison, then ended up with The Big Show, then formed a partnership with Alex Riley and more recently R-Truth. I think in order to take him serious we have to see him have a solid run on his own.

    Miz turning face is the best idea and I love how you explained that. That's what he needs. He could honestly be the next Cena in a way. People say Cena won't ever turn heel because its not enough top babyfaces for him to feud with. If you turn Del Rio face because he's a bland heel, keep Orton face, keep Cm Punk face, keep R-Truth face but put more seriousness in his gimmick and these could be guys Cena could face if he turned heel.

    Thanks again for the good read bro.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    My two options:

    1. Miz teaming with DB...I loved his promo when he defended DB and called himself as the one who made DB....

    2. Face Turn n go against DB (both really had a gud feud for US Title)..
  3. the_viper's Avatar
    I have a scenario that I think is better.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    I have a scenario that I think is better.
    Now I hate this most..if u have an idea..u shud tell it..or shud not make comments on air...:d
  5. maymatt131313's Avatar
    Miz is being punished right now. They were VERY upset when he botched a spot a month or so ago by not catching a R Truth(I think) suicide dive to the outside. From what I heard, Triple H was furious with him. Until he gets past this, he will continue to job week in and week out.
  6. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i like the miz & alex riley team
  7. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    btw you forgot about the team of reks & hawkins
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