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"..being accompanied by" The Best Female Managers

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..making his way to the ring being accompanied by.."

In memory of Divas history month, I've devised a list of the greatest Diva valets that have come and gone. Some were there to kick ass, and some were there to look pretty, but all were unique in their own way.

Lita became most famous as a manger in 2000, when she associated herself with the high-flying Hardy Boyz. Lita was different from other valets, she didn't just stand around looking pretty, Lita got herself offensively involved in matches, taking out the guys.
In 2006, she became the Rated-R Diva when she managed Edge.. remember the live sex scene where her boob popped out?

Lita will always be remembered for her high-flying and daredevil attitude.

Arguably (in my book) the greatest valet to step down the ramp. Terri started off in 1996 as the Billion Dollar wife of Goldust - Marlena. Her risque character and cigar smoking helped to bring about the creation of a Divas division, and drove the thriving Attitude Era.
In 1999, she began managing Meat and Jacqueline, and the trio became known as PMS (Pretty Mean Sisters). The Divas would often get involved in Meat's matches, using dirty tactics to get ahead.
When PMS split, Terri sporadically appeared as a valet for the likes of Radicalz, Perry Saturn, and even held the T.I.T. between Hardy Boyz and Edge/Christian.

Nancy Benoit
Better known as "Woman", Nancy was one of the biggest heels during her days. Nancy worked with some of the industry's biggest heels, including The Sandman, Tazz, Kevin Sullivan, Ric Flair, and the Four Horsemen. After divorcing real life husband Kevin Sullivan, she began dating Chris Benoit (and managing him).
Nancy's life came to a tragic end in 2007, but despite this, she will be renowned as a great valet and heel.

Stacy Keibler
The extremely sexy and extremely lovely Stacy Keibler, famous for her long legs which she used to her advantage. Stacy would debut in WCW as Miss Hancock (a gimmick which would later be copied by TNA) and managed Standards and Practices, wearing business suits which teased the audience, she would dance on the announcers' table.
Stacy would eventually join the WWF in The Alliance storyline, and quickly allied herself with the Dudley Boyz, and was dubbed the "Duchess of Dudleyville", even though she was heel, Stacy would still generate the biggest pops in the WWF, she was eventually dumped by The Dudleyz... through a table.
After wrestling sporadically in the Divas division, Stacy became involved in a high profile storyline between Scott Steiner and Test, and a match was set up between the two for her affection.
After once again wrestling as a Diva, Stacy teamed up with Rosey and The Hurricane, put on a mask and was known as "Super Stacy".. the hottest superhero around.

Sherri Martel

The late great Sherri Martel was a great instrument in the rise to fame of singles competitor Shawn Michaels, and even sang in his theme. Before joining the WWF, Sherri was a popular wrestling and managerial icon in AWA, she managed the likes of "Playboy" Buddy Rose and "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers.
Sherri started off her career in WWE replacing Miss Elizabeth as Randy Savage's valet, and was known as Queen Sherri.
Sherri was also one of ECW and WCW's top heels, being associated with the likes of Shane Douglas, Ric Flair, Harlem Heat
Call her Sensational, Scary, Sister, Sensuous, Queen, whatever ring name she had, she brought a different trait, and will always be the best manager to ever grace the fans.

Miss Elizabeth

She had it all, the looks, the grace, the best husband she could ask for, yes, Elizabeth certainly was the perfect woman. Although her family will not allow her into the Hall of Fame, we all know she is already there.
Elizabeth can obviously be recognised for managing Randy Savage, their relationship together was probably the most memorable, to the point that they had a TV wedding, the first in a long line of weddings in the WWE. Even when he was a heel, she still would stand by him with a beautiful smile behind her face.
When she left the WWF, Elizabeth joined WCW, where she managed Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and was even a member of the New World Order, however, she is always remembered for her days with Savage.
Elizabeth's life came to a tragic end in 2003, when a mixture of pain pills and alcohol took her life, a death which saddened all.

Vickie Guerrero
The last remaining true valet in the WWE, Vickie can easily have the entire crowd on top of her just by uttering 2 words from her mouth.
Vickie started off making appearances during the Eddie/Rey feud, and then began making appearances in more controversial storylines in 2006 after his death.
Vickie formed La Familia in 2008, when Kristal Marshall hired her as Teddy Long's manager. After Teddy's heart attack, she was named GM of Smackdown, which made her the centre of attention of the brand, and she even took a Tombstone Piledriver which put her in a wheelchair. Around this time, she began managing Edge, and also started trademarking "Excuse Me!"
Vickie then began her first feud against a Diva, when she feuded with Edge's mistress Alicia Fox, which led her to take a spear from Edge.
Vickie would once again become associated in a Diva feud, when she allied herself with LayCool, and began rivalries against Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Tiffany and Kelly Kelly. Vickie also got involved in minor wrestling roles during this time.
In 2010, Vickie began managing the Perfectionist Dolph Ziggler, and since has formed a faction with him, while still using her trademark "Excuse Me" and still generating the biggest heat of any Diva in the WWE, past or present.

the self professed "Original Diva" Sunny, the most popular Diva of her time, Sunny was the most downloaded woman on Yahoo! in 1996, although it took about 20 minutes to download a photo back then, she was worth it.
Sunny's rise to fame began in the mid-1990s, when she was the best piece of eye candy the WWF had back then. Sunny seemed to be draped with gold, as the men she managed would always become great champions in their own right - The Bodydonnas, LOD, The Smoking Gunns. She was hugely over with the crowd and all the guys loved her.

It may seem like an odd pick, but hear me out.
While many valets were known for their assets, Natalya was known as the bad-ass valet. Most Divas would have given their males the advantage with slapping or sexual means, Natalya used her raw power and wrestling skills.
Although she only managed The Hart Dynasty, she was still associated with the tag team from their formation, until their split, becoming involved in their matches in anyway possible, whether it's powerslamming Master J, knocking Jeff Hardy off the apron, or even her powerful slap on HBK and even her boss, Vince McMahon, she was a great power manager.

The ECW Originals
As a collective, the ECW 'vixens' were all managers, and only occasionally wrestled, most of the time with men, even though all the girls had wrestling experience, they mostly took hardcore bumps from the men.
They were known for their catfights, which pleased the crowd, but also known for their hardcore side. Buelah took on Bill Alfonso in an extremely bloddy match, Francine wrestled in a dog collar match against 3 men, Jazz competed for the TV title, Dawn Marie would often go through tables and take piledrivers. Luna Vachon was also known for interfering in the male matches in similar fashion to Natalya.
All 5 of the ECW Originals (Francine, Beulah, Dawn, Jazz, Luna) were great managers collectively, but, they all had short runs with ECW and on their own can not be recognised as a great valet.

The very lovely and dangerous Debra, who will always be remembered for her "Puppies!" Debra was highly over with the crowd, and fans always wondered why mega-heel Jeff Jarrett always got such big pops, well it was clearly because of Debra!
She would willingly take off her blouse to show the crowd her "puppies", a term which is still to this day, highly used by Jerry Lawler and the WWE fans.
Debra began managing Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart, and certainly looked lovely doing it, after Jeff began beating up the WWF Divas, she dumped him, and rounded up a posse of Divas to beat up him!
Her marriage to Stone Cold soon became an on-screen fling, as she accompanied him to the ring and still was popular despite Stone Cold being a heel, Debra would often get in catfights with Ivory, Lita and Terri during her managerial days.

I'm sure that's a big read right there lol, but I thought I'd express my opinions for the former valet division of the WWE.

Honourable mentions that didn't make the cut - Torrie Wilson, Trish, Melina, Kelly Kelly, Rosa Mendes, Miss Kitty.

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  1. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    No Queen Sharmell?
  2. maymatt131313's Avatar
    You left out Chyna. I would have to argue that aside from Sensational Sherri Martel, she was the greatest valet of all time. She was consistently involved in Main Event angles with DX and Triple H. She was a fixture on RAW for a good portion of every show during the Attitude Era. She was instrumental in elevating Triple H to being a Main Eventer. Story wise, she handed title after title to the wrestlers she escorted to the ring. Although, I don't believe she will ever be considered a "Diva," I think she is right up there with the greatest managers/valets of all time.
  3. bkdlots's Avatar
    Precious and Sunshine
  4. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    Ever heard of Miss Linda and Baby Doll???
  5. xAzureSkye's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by eldoryazdee
    Ever heard of Miss Linda and Baby Doll???
    ever heard of WWE?

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