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WrestleMania 28: 3 Weeks to go

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Hi all, I thought that I'd start giving a preview for the upcoming WrestleMania 28 PPV, by analysing the actual and rumoured card from top to bottom to see where we are right now and how it's going. I'm going to post this every Saturday or Sunday (after I've seen Smackdown) in the coming weeks and see how this big PPV is shaping up. let's get started, have a lot to go over this week.


Best in the World v Best in the world. I'm pretty sure this has happened before, but who cares really, it hasn't happened with these two guys locked up. Speculation was rife that Jericho would go after Punk upon his return and we have been proved right. There have been a few run-in's, a roll up, a "knock out" in the EC match, and a little bit of verbal sparring which was as good as we can expect out of these two. The match has already been hyped up well enough, Punk has already sealed himself as a credible WWE champ and Jericho is a legend. The bases have already been covered adequately enough to get this match sold, and there are another 3 weeks to add some stardust to this feud. They are building up Jericho being a threat as opposed to Punk being an underdog which is the right way to do things (Jericho won with a roll up on Raw, which shows that he can get a pin out of nowhere). This will be one of the best matches on the card if not the best, and the next 3 weeks of build can only do good for this match.

DANIEL BRYAN v SHEAMUS World Heavyweight Championship

Though WWE are trying to make this match seem important as heel just by having it be announced well before the day of the show, it really hasn't gotten into gear as of yet. There is a good chance that WWE are doing this match to appease the vocal internet fans who derided them for scrapping this from the card last year, and there is also a good chance that WWE probably have no idea how they got here or what they are going to do. WWE has been ballsy with regards to this match however, whether or not they had planned on Daniel Bryan actually holding the strap until Mania is only for them to know, but his brilliant work in getting his new character over has made WWE's decision a lot easier for them. Turning Sheamus into the Irish version of John Cena though has hurt this immensely so far though. Having an unfinished article in Bryan in the main event would always be a risky enough venture as it is, but having him carry Sheamus is an issue with me and probably others. Bryan isn't over enough yet to carry the World title match on his shoulders, and he is because Sheamus is completely bland right now. There is still a lot of time to make this into an exciting match for people to look forward to, but it's not working right now.


There have been a lot of Mania's in years gone by of two top talent's that are just paired together for the hell of it because there is no one else to pair them with. This is the case with Orton v Kane. I am actually happy about this being on the card because it gives each guy someone credible to have a match with on this card. Kane may be going after sloppy seconds but Orton is arguably on the same plateau as Cena is and it's therefore a good feud for him to have. Honestly I think it's the best feud for Kane to have if they want to keep him at a main eventish level. Same for Orton. His injury record in the last few months has rightly seen him excluded from a title match and with Kane being relevant in the last few months it is also a good feud for Orton to have. It is arguably the best possible opponent for each guy as they are around the same level. All that's missing is motive. Orton has motive alright, he's trying to get back at Kane. What's Kanes motive though? Is he just having fun? If that ends up being the motive, hell I'll be happy with that. Even if the commentators start putting over the question of why is Kane attacking Orton I'll be happy, as long as I think there's a story behind it. I hope they have some kind of plan, otherwise this will just be an afterthought really.

BIG SHOW v CODY RHODES Intercontinental Championship

Forgive me for jumping on the bandwagon but Rhodes is the best thing in WWE right now. Ziggler also has a great bandwagon appeal but Rhodes just oozes charisma that makes every appearance of his a highlight. I am glad that he is involved in a singles match against a big name opponent because he deserves to be there. Big Show has also been pushed into a big spot in the last few months that it would have been a waste of his current credibility to have him be an extra number in some meaningless multi person match as well. The Big show embarassing mania moments vignettes have been enough fuel for this feud as well, both guys have a motive, Rhodes is revelling in pushing Show's buttons, and Show has a major beef with Rhodes too. It is also nice to have the IC belt finally having a relevant place on a WM card for the first time in years (Mysterio-JBL was all about setting up JBL quitting). I am very happy that a mid card match has some proper build to it.


This is heavily rumoured to be a big tag match. It is impossible to specualte too much on what is going on with this as no official announcement has been made, but it will be all about JL v TL. If they plan on putting any big name guys into this, I hope they stack it with big names guys. If there are low level guys in it, I hope they include only lower level guys (ie I don't want to see Ziggler relegated to being just another number among the likes of Ryder, Santino and Otunga unless he picks up the winning pin, when he could do be doing something else). I am surprised at the goodwill that Long has picked up from fan's so far in this feud, but it is an indicator from just how reviled big Johnny is from the crowd. The character of JL has made more of an impact than anybody could have expected.

UNDERTAKER v TRIPLE H ; Special Referee Shawn Michaels Hell In A Cell

I was very apprehensive about seeing these two go at it again but making it Hell In a Cell was the perfect call, as these two own that gimmick match really. I didn't think adding in HBK would have ben the right call and I have been saying that over that rumour for months, but the new friction between him and HHH has made it a lot better. We need a bit more Undertaker, which we will get next week in a showdown with HBK. By the time all the promotion is done this will be just depending on the match itself if it will go down as a classic.


The main event. I am excited. Rocky is boring at the moment for me, it's like we've gone back in time to 2002 and The Rock is just rehashing old material. Apparently that's the plan though anyway, so I'm down with that. There is a lot of promotion still to come, and it's going well so far, and I'm not even going to speculate too much about it. I am looking forward to this however, it might really turn WWE around, as opposed to just turning John Cena into a bigger player.

I will be back next week to review the new happenings in these again and any new matches that are certainties or likely to happen. Until then, Fairdy-well!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Hey. Good blog. Don't fall too much in love with Ziggler though. that's all he is...a filler.
  2. jbaines07's Avatar
    here he is again hating on Ziggler, dude its an opinion not a fact!

    great blog though mate!
  3. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    Yeah great Blog, it looks as though Ziggler is in the team long vs team ace match which is a shame I hoped for more for him at mania this year. The card is looking good this year but I can't help but think that it could have been great not just good. Interesting to see what happens in the next three weeks!
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    cheers for the comments lads.

    I think it's actually got the potential to be a great Mania. I thought it would be a dull regular 8 man tag but as it's a 12 man and it is a big storyline we'll see what happens. They are giving it some decent promotion as it is, if the match gets time it could be great.

    There are three REALLY potential classic matches (Rock/Cena, HHH/Taker, Y2J/Punk), 2 solid mid card matches (Rhodes/Show, Kane/Orton), if Bryan/Sheamus has one thing riding on it it is potential, and an important tag match full of some big names.

    I would be happy enough if that was the final card, though I would be expectin them to throw in a couple more matches.

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