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Was Sting an Icon

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Hey guys Knox here hoping you all are doing well. I think the reason I have so many blogs is because sometimes I write a blog just after reading a headline on this site and not too long ago I read a headline and it said "Road Warrior Say's Sting Isn't an Icon". I don't believe I have to blog on a topic so obvious. If you wanna read that post, here's the link.

@Theicon, this one's for you bro.

Was Sting an Icon?
Hell no, STING STILL IS AN ICON. Icon's don't die. That's what makes you an icon. You can't stop being an icon. I don't even believe I'm debating the fact but alot of comments on that post said Sting wasn't. So being the nuisance that I am, I'm going to blog on why this man IS and WAS an ICON.

Let's Talk Money: Sting Money
I don't know who was the highest paid WCW wrestler during the wars but I will tell you that Kevin Nash said that Sting was during the "Legends of Wrestling Roundtable talks". He said it was a reference known in the wrestling world back then as "Sting Money". Everyone's goal was to make Sting money. Nash said you were paid based on how well you drew and your expectations. He also personally said that Hogan was not paid more than Sting in those days. That's a small indication as to how big Sting was.

Quick Sting Stats:
6-Time WCW World Heavyweight Champ
3-Time WCW United States World Heavywight Champion
3-Time WCW World Tag Team Champion

That's not even including his run in the NWA when he was a midcarder. But yea ok title wins don't mean much in many people's eyes because they have to be booked to win. But no one is going to book you to win a World Title that many times unless your drawing and selling merchandise and putting on quality matches.

The Wars: Sting
Do you guys think the NWO was the single handed reason the WCW beat out the WWF in the ratings for 83 consecutive weeks? Hell no. Was the NWO's main taget and feud not Sting for that long time period? The full focus was on Sting.

The question on everyone's mind was would Sting join the NWO. That was the target and the basis of that era drawing as much as it did. That was Sting.

Road Warrior Animal say's Sting needs to go to the WWE to be considered an Icon:
This might be the most idiotic statement I've ever read. So your telling me in order to be considered something big in the world, you have to play for the big dogs to be considered big? That's bull crap.

Julius Irving or better known as Dr. J was a basketball icon in the 70s while playing for the ABA. NOT THE NBA, THE ABA. Eventually he went to the NBA but in the ABA is where he established himself as an icon and was giving that small association all kinds of buzz. He didn't fail to impress in the NBA either and is considered one of the greatest game dunkers of all time.

Back on topic, you don't need to kiss McMahon's ass to be considered as icon in this industry. WCW was a great organization for a long time. Just because they lost the battle doesn't mean that every wrestler on that roster lost the battle.

Would Sting joining the WWE today make him an icon?
This is what confused me the most about Animal's silly comments. He basically said Sting might as well go to the WWE so people can know him and blah blah blah. How would that make him an icon though?

What would the WWE have for Sting at this stage in his career besides giving him a match with the Undertaker? Sting would be made into a pure fool and a joke just because he wasn't the creation of the all mighty Vince McMahon.

Like someone in the comment thread said, Vince would make Sting into the next Doink the Clown. That's the pure truth. They would have Hornwoggle in the Sting face paint and have them both running around like fools shooting t-shirts in the crowd.

Sting's great feuds:
So Sting has had great feuds with guys like Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, The Giant and many more. Your telling me this man can't be considered an icon because that list doesn't include guys like Triple H, Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker and Kurt Angle? C'mon save me the bull.

Sting was tearing the roofs of the building in places like Atlanta and Minnesota battling for over an hour with the great Ric Flair. Sting was maineventing very prestigious PPV's such as Starcade, War Games and whatever great PPV you could come up with. Just because Sting never competed in a Royal Rumble or fought at Wrestlemania doesn't mean he isn't an icon.

The Sole Reason Sting is an Icon:
He never kissed the ass of Vince McMahon. I said this before but really let that statement soak into your mind. He never kissed the ass of Vince McMahon. He made a name for himself in this industry, made millions of dollars in this industry, sold millions of tickets in this industry, put thousands of asses in seats, wrestled all over the world and you can't put any of that credit in the hands of Vince McMahon. None of that money came from Vince's check book.

Sting is pure proof that you don't need to kiss corporate ass and wrestle for the biggest fish in the industry. You name one fan that watched wrestling in the 90s that doesn't remember the great things Sting has done for this industry.

Look at what the hell Sting did with the crappy ass gimmick he was given. Only one man can accomplish that and that's Sting. He was one of the greatest talkers ever. He wasn't the best in ring worker in the world but that shouldn't take away from him legacy.

Hope you all enjoyed. Sorry if I sounded over the top but I was a huge Sting fan. He today is one of the most popular wrestlers ever and never wrestled for the almighty Vince. How does that not make you an Icon? I so wish we could've seen Sting vs Shawn Michaels.

Thanks guys and please leave feedback. Be safe guys. Until then.

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  1. AlexWorldOrder's Avatar
    How can anyone forget the Starrcade 97 year long build up?! And the PPV itself?! If Sting had just debuted for that angle/match, that moment in wrestling history alone would have cemented him as an Icon to this day.
  2. matt1tude's Avatar
    The main fact the he made a name for himself and still to this day is ever popular. Not to mention after 10+ years of WCW gong under he still hasn't succumbed to Vince. That is the single most biggest thing to respect the man for unless your a WWE mark who will rag on him for it. I've never been a big fan of Sting but I still respect the man for what's he's done.
  3. ShaunieB's Avatar
    Great blog Knox agree with everything you said......Sting is and always will be an Icon!!
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    One of the best blogs I've read in a while. I was firmly a WWE guy all my life but I still knew Sting was a huge deal, and I still think that he is. Nobody seems to agree but I loved the joker gimmick that he did, it takes a lot of talent to pull that off the way he did and he deserves to still be relevant.
  5. Sydnister's Avatar
    Good blog. Many of the same arguments I was using in the comments section of that news post.

    Sting is an Icon. If you doubt it look a the buzz that happened when people thought the Undertaker return videos might be Sting. It was crazy.
  6. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    Sting is a true wrestling legend. from a face-painted surfer to the Insane Icon, the man is in-ring gold!
  7. URATOOL's Avatar
    Great blog. I'm a big Sting fans myself. I think the only real way that you could even consider slotting Sting into the WWE now would be a RAW or Smackdown GM. Actully maybe he would make a great surprise double GM and take Teddy and Johnny's jobs. At these that way it's unlikely he'd be made into a joke. I also hope that Vince puts him in the HoF soon. He deserves it. Maybe his old mate Arn Anderson can bend Vince's ear.
    Oh and just for you here IS Stinger taking on Austin

    Sorry I can't magic up a Michael's match for you.
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