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Why do some wrestling fans not like John Cena?

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After reading a blog by a Cena fan.....I don't believe he truly understood why fans are tired of Cena. I'm not a Cena hater nor do I want to be called that in any way. I supported Cena through his rap days to Raw Summer of 2007 or probably before than. I was tired of him being on top. I was ready for guys like Orton and others to be world champion. Never really had a different gimmick either despite what some people may say.

Why are people tired of Cena?

1.Cena's promos are virtually the same thing you hear all the time. He will fight for the fans, hustle loyalty respect, and so on. His Rock promos are something to look forward to in my opinion.

2.Cena's matches in the ring end in the same way every time. He starts out losing the match and ends up coming back with his shoulder blocks, 5 knuckle shuffle, and attitude adjustment. Same moves people are tired of seeing.

Can Cena win his fans back? People get tired of seeing the same thing. They root for guys who are entertaining. Not always the case rooting for the best wrestler. Why is Punk and Ryder well liked by fans? Punk speaks his mind and Ryder entertained the WWE Universe with his webshow for a year. Cena was once loved by a great majority of wrestling fans. Now he doesn't receive that much love. Why is that? Tired of the same old gimmick fighting for us. They want Cena to have an attitude. They want Cena to change like every other wrestler has to change up his gimmick or his look over the years.

It isn't like he is the only guy who has been hated while being a face. Rock, Hogan, HHH, Austin, and so on had to change over the years to receive love from wrestling fans. It didn't happen over night. Hogan was the biggest face in wrestling in the 80s. 90s came around and people started booing him because they were sick of the gimmick. Goes to WCW and turns heel while still entertaining those same wrestling fans. HHH was like a clean cut kind of guy who dressed nicely and had an accent in his voice. He changed into being himself more joking when he was in DX. Eventually evolved into being the game we know today. Everyone has to refresh their look/gimmicks or the fans will turn on you because they arn't behind you like they used to be because they are sick of the same old stuff.

Cena's rap gimmick is what helped him become a main eventer because he was different. Everyone tuned in to hear his rap because they were very good hearing what he had to say to his opponents. Now he seems watered down into a guy who really doesn't have a gimmick. Just a guy who fights for the people sort of guy for the past 5+ years. People are sick of the same old stuff which is why they would like to see other guys rather than him. Everyone in the wrestling business has had to change at some point. If he doesn't, he will continue to be booed by several wrestling fans.

Cena says I'm going to continue to be who I am. He isn't going to change for anyone? Wrestling fans pay to see you John. You arn't an exception. Undertaker, Mankind, Rock, Hogan, Austin, and so on have changed a lot during their careers to be successful. That is why they receive so much respect from us wrestling fans today. What is best for the business? Look how much wrestling evolved when changes occured. WCW nearly killed WWF with Hogan's heel turn. Rock/Austin heel/face turns put WWF back on top in the Monday Night Wars which eventually killed WCW. What is happening now? People arn't tuning in for Wrestlemania season with guys like Rock, HBK, HHH, Taker, and Cena all on the same show. I think something should be changed soon.

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  1. jjlbuck82's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DUBS
    Lets see, Cena isn't in the WWE Title picture so far, hes starting to become more edgy, hes doing all of these worked shoots on The Rock and CM Punk which he has never done before, he was in a feud with Kane which was based on him leading into a possible heel turn, etc. But yeah, hes doing the same thing. (Sarcasm)
    But he didnt turn heel.. still same cena. I will admitt his live promos recently have been some of the best in his carrer.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jjlbuck82
    But he didnt turn heel.. still same cena. I will admitt his live promos recently have been some of the best in his carrer.
    While I have to agree, Cena is getting booked from a different format now than how he used to get booked in the passed. I'm not necessarily saying that the WWE changed his gimmick completely but the WWE refreshed his gimmick in certain aspects.
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