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What Makes a Wrestler A Main Event Star?

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Hey Everyone. The Saviour here with another blog consisting of a fresh perspective and new stuff to read for everyone to enjoy.

Now, before I get started, I had an awesome thought. There might not be enough time to coordinate something like this, but I would like to get together with three or four of the best bloggers on here and do some sort of a round table debate. Sort of like the ESPN show, "Around The Horn". We'd have to do some sort of multi-video blog or something and then post it on this board. Now, I'm not trying to stake a claim that I'm one of the best bloggers on here. Not even close. It's just that I had this idea, so naturally, I should be a part of it. In fact, I'd like to play the host/moderator for it and listen to some of EWN's best bloggers debate some of the great topics going on. I don't know. Maybe it could happen. Let me know what you guys think.

Okay, now on to my blog. I know this was supposed to be a "Wrestlemania Predictions" blog but I figure we still got time for that. Besides, mine are going to be different and definitely not your typical predictions. So maybe next week. But I want to touch on something because everybody has a different opinion on who should be pushed to the top, who is the next big star, etc. So I'm going to break down some of the most important factors that make a wrestler a main event star. And I'm going to go outside the box on this one. Of course we all know you have to be good on the mic, charisma, blah blah blah. So here it goes.

Mesh with Multiple Ring Styles

Nothing dampers your success more than botching. This is something that never counted in Goldberg's case. He was king of botching. But he had other qualities, that I will list here, that works for him. But if a wrestler can't handle a rough and tumble match with someone like The Big Show, and then turn around and work with a hyper high flyer like Sin Cara, then they have no business at the top. The ability to work smoothly in every situation, is a requirement.

Carrying A Match

In the main event, a wrestler has to be able to hold the interest of fans for an extended period of time, especially against a less capable or less athletic opponent. Also, the fans don't have the attention span to deal with a Bret Hart vs HBK 60 minute Iron Man Match in today's wrestling. We don't have long rest holds and "good guys do one thing, bad guys do another" these days, so the ability to carry a match is of utmost importance. Not having this ability, keeps you in the mid-card ranks forever.

Standing on Their Own Two Feet

We see it happening around us as we speak. A wrestler is relying on someone or something else to draw heat. The problem is, us fans don't have the patience to wait for the inevitable, which if the break thru point. Today, we want it now or else we blame WWE for dropping the ball. Think of some of the greats. Bret Hart, became a star when he broke off from the Hart Foundation Tag Team. The Rock, became a star when he broke away from Nation of Domination. Stone Cold, became a star when he broke away from The Ringmaster with Ted Dibiase. Not using a crutch is important. Now don't gasp and faint when you read this, but this is what's holding Dolph Ziggler back. He's the perfect example. He's too reliant on Vickie Guerrero to draw all the heat for him. If not for Vickie, he would come out to crickets much like Drew Mcintyre and Alberto Del Rio did when they got pushed right away. Which is why he's not a top guy right now. Will he be one day? I don't know. Can he stand on his own two feet? That's the real question.

Connection With The Fans

This is the most important factor, because it's the culmination of everything listed above, plus, the charisma and promo work, etc. The fans have to want to see the wrestler. He needs the talk shows to want to book him for interviews. He needs USA Network to want to have him guest star on their shows. All this can be accomplished as a heel as well. These things aren't necessarily reserved for the "Good Guys". Fans will pay to boo wrestlers they hate just as much as they would to cheer for their favorites. If a wrestler can connect with the fans, he's on the fast track. The problem today is WWE is starving for people that have all, or at least most, of above qualities. There are no real "breakthrough" wrestlers. Everyone is so reserved and it leaves us with a roster full of plain saltine crackers. Bland and flavorless.

These are some of the most important factors that lead a superstar on the path to the main event. I know there are more factors but this is sort of the generalized list. Now if you read this list, hopefully this will shed light on why Dolph, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio...etc are not in the main event. For the Zigglites who are just dying for him to be a main eventer and think this is his year, just like last year was his year, read the list. You'll understand why he's not a top guy. For the 8 people in the world that aren't from Mexico that like Alberto Del Rio, read the list and you'll know why he was dropped just as fast as he was pushed. And Wade Barrett? Well, I personally think he lacks every quality listed. He's got a long way to go.

But be patient. If they can do what's listed, their time will definitely come. Thank you everyone for reading. If Raw is worth anything this week, I'll do a post-Raw. But if it sucks like last week, then look for next week's Abdominal Stretch. Have a great weekend, and Be Safe!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Some guys arn't good at talking on the mic which is why some should have managers to help them get over. Like Umaga had back in 06-07.

    It is hard now days to get guys over when they don't get mic time as a midcarder. Some people find it hard to respect wrestlers if they don't bleed or bust their butt to get there.
  2. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    everyone keeps saying Ziggles needs to break away from Vickie, but i don't see that at all. in fact, if they could scoop up 1 or 2 more heels, they could have a dominant stable. Dolph focusing on the WHC title, Swagger holding the US title, add in a team like Hunico and Camacho or Reks and Hawkins going for the tag titles. keep the stable together for close to a year and all members can walk away far stronger and in a better position than they were when they went in. stables were a great jumping off point for many current maineventers. Rock and the Nation, HHH and DX, Orton and Evolution, Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation; the list goes on.
  3. illmat's Avatar
    To be a huge star in Vince McMahon's eyes, you had to be at least 6'2" to 6'8", muscular, and decent on the mic. I agree with what you said about everything else. You have to be good at everything, not necessarily great.
  4. RatedATB's Avatar
    Not saying I'm one of the best bloggers on here but I'd love to be a part of your idea, I think it would be great. As for the rest of your blog you make a lot of good points, and they're all absolutely true. It's exactly why I think Daniel Bryan has a place in WWEs main events, he works well with everyone (Tyson Kidd, CM Punk, Wade Barrett, and Big Show all wrestle different styles), is over with the audience, and it's no secret that he can carry a match considering he's been a great wrestler most of if not all of his career. Nice read as usual man
  5. Callum's Avatar
    I'm also not saying I'm one of the best bloggers but I love to be apart of your ideate. As for the blog, I agree with all the points you made, Good read.

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