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Thoughts on Santino Marella

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What's up blog readers! As usual, I'm going to give my honest opinions on today's current wrestlers. Today, I'm going to talk about WWE's most popular comedic relief, Santino Marella!

Santino Marella is the best comedic relief WWE has today. Hes funny and super over with the fans. Have you heard his pops? Its incredible, especially for a character that has been used as a comedy jobber for the majority of his career. Hes had some good accomplishments as well, being a former Intercontinental Champion, a WWE Tag Team Champion, and now, hes the current United States Champion. Speaking of his United States Title win, I wanna talk a little bit about that.

Santino wins the United States Title!

Santino's Untied States Title win was great to see and the fans gave him a huge pop. I'm very excited that hes the United States Champion instead of Jack Swagger. After having a great showing at the Elimination Chamber, he deserves it to be honest. I didn't like how Swagger vs Santino was over-booked but meh, it was to futher the Long vs Ace feud so no complaints there. It was really a nice surprise to see Santino win last Monday. Santino is over with the fans so putting the United States Title on him will give it relevancy.

Feuds I would like to see under Santino's United States Title reign
I think a David Otung/Santino feud would be great. Otunga has been improving in the ring. Not to mention his lawyer gimmick is gaining him good heel heat. Another feud that I think would be very interesting is a Hunico/Santino feud over the United States Title. I'm digging Hunico's character. I feel he has all the potential of being a great heel if WWE gives him more mic time and more WWE Superstars to feud with. A feud with Santino would do wonders for him.

A serious Santino Marella? No way!
People want Santino to act serious and they are really pushing for a heel turn for him. I think its a terrible idea to have Santino act serious from now on. Here is a reason why I believe so:

This video just proves that you can't take Santino seriously. That Boris Alexiev character didn't fit him not one bit. He is great at being the goofy character and knows how to play the gimmick very well. If WWE went with this Boris Alexiev gimmick for Santino's first debut, do you think he will still get pops hes getting now? Nope, not at all.

People need to understand, his comedy gimmick is OVER with the fans. Why make him more of a serious mid-card contender when hes already over? I know its cheesy to say but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If hes already over with the fans, then there is no need to make him act serious. Just because hes a Untied States Champion doesn't mean he HAS to act serious. WWE and Santino himself are fine with his current gimmick so I see no reason to change it. In the near future, yeah but now? Nope.

In conclusion, I'm happy Saninto's a Untied States Champion and hopefully WWE books great feuds under his reign. Thanks for reading my blog guys! Tell me what you think!

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  1. indysteve1563's Avatar
    It's about time that Santino got a push. If WWE creative (and I use that term loosely) is smart, they can make him serious and funny almost simultaneously.

    I doubt WWE is gonna make him Boris 2.0.
  2. Iron Ape's Avatar
    Nice read, man.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    He should take Mick's role...should play both serious n Comic characters...let him have a serious alter ego...for some reason i fell he can pull both the alter egos very well...
  4. jbaines07's Avatar
    he should have that arm bar as a finishing move again! At least it looks like a credible finisher!
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    he should have that arm bar as a finishing move again! At least it looks like a credible finisher!
    yeah he should have a credible finisher.....
  6. Sydnister's Avatar
    Right on the money with this one brother. I have always enjoyed Santino's goofy gimmick. The tea party with Sheamus was classic. The interaction between Santino and Kozlov was money. He deserves the push and I hope it lasts. He is hilarious.

    Some people seem to think that there should not be comedy in wrestling... what the hell were the midget matches back in the day? It is part of the total package.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    The tea party with Sheamus was classic
    That was damn hilarious....n more over why he should not be in the title picture?? he's decent inside the ring...he pulls off some moves in a very unorthodox way...
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