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Cenation or Cenough: A hard look at John Cena

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Hey guys! Today I'm gonna try something a little different. I don't normally like to focus a blog on a single wrestler, but John Cena is pretty much in a category of his own so I think I can devote a blog to him. First of all let me start off by saying I am not a Cena fan and have not been since his days in thuganomics; that being said I will do my best to do him justice and be impartial in this blog looking at both sides of the coin.

It's in my opinion that John Cena is one of the last wrestlers to work his way to the top in a traditional manner. Unlike most guys nowadays John didn't take the fast road to the main event scene and in fact started near the bottom winning the smaller belts before making his way to the main event scene in which he eventually became "the man". In fact, it was the fans' admiration towards John Cena that led to his push and I'm sure at first most of us were happy to see a young talented wrestler earn his place in the company. However, something we didn't expect would happen due to this, and that was that John Cena would become the sole face of the WWE a few years.

Loved by children and women (not me) Cena is the biggest name in WWE today, the face of the company and someone I'd imagine most wrestlers don't want to face in the ring. The reason for this being simple; Cena is not capable of putting people over. It's not his fault, I'm sure he doesn't decide when he wins and loses and he seems like a great guy who'd be willing to put other over, however, the powers that be simply don't want Cena losing. Perhaps it's meant to sell more Cena merchandise since kids love a good super hero and they even found a way to cash in on our hatred of his gimmick with their "we hate Cena" t-shirts so they're pretty much set right? Except my mother always told me not put all my eggs in one basket cause if the basket breaks I'll have no eggs left; same is true for WWE and John Cena. Cena is the goose with the golden eggs and WWE is milking it for all he's worth, however, if Cena were to suffer a serious or even permanent injury what would WWE do?

WWE has a few other major faces (big names) besides John Cena, obviously they're much smaller faces in comparisson, but still big names. The biggest ones being Undertaker (inactive most of the year), Triple H (same as Undertaker), CM Punk, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho (too soon to tell how long he'll be around). As I mentioned in my previous blog WWE has very little in the way of heel wrestlers and many of them weren't given the proper buildup. The top heel wrestlers I would say are Christian, Kane, The Miz, ADR and maybe a few others I can't think of right now. Regardless of how much the fans can like a heel wrestler in WWE that wrestler will never stay on top for long and many will be reduced to nothing. I truly believe it's the worst era to be a heel in the WWE because there will always be a wall to stop them and that walll is John Cena. They say that to be the man you have to beat the man; John Cena is the man and since WWE doesn't want Cena to lose then the heels will never be on the same scale and in fact most will be pushed back to midcards once they face Cena and lose. I'm not saying John Cena never loses a match, but it's extremely rare and he not only wins, but he makes people look weak in the process.

Off the top of my head, the wrestlers who have beaten Cena in the past years are Randy Orton, CM Punk, The MIz and Alberto Del Rio, however, in most cases if they manage to beat him once Cena comes back with a vengence completely burrying them in the rematch. This is the reason I believe that Orton and Punk have been kept away from Cena lately, because WWE has nothing to win by having one of them face Cena since if Cena wins he might burry them and if he loses they risk ruining his Super Cena persona so it's best to feed Cena the smaller fish in the pond. In recent history we saw this in effect when Cena faced off against Kane. Kane had alot of fan support in spite of being a heel, partly because he looked cool with the mask and partly because people are sick of Cena, however, that didn't stop Cena from beating Kane every time they had a match and how much of a monster is Kane now?

Cena is not without redeeming qualities. As I mentioned previously he seems like a great guy and he does alot of charity work, but I think people forget that alot of his charity work is WWE's attempt at getting media attention. Singer and actress Selena Gomez did some charity work not long ago, she went to visit one of her biggest fans who is very sick, but unlike John Cena's charity work there were no cameras there for Selena's visit, there were no newspapers covering her visit to talk about how great she was, in fact the only reason anyone found out she even performed that charity was the fan posted pictures with Selena on her Facebook account or something. When people want to do good things they don't need to tell the world so everyone knows how great they are which again shows that alot of the good things Cena does are for public relations reasons. They're still great things and make people happy, but you have to wonder how many he'd be willing to do without the media involved.

Finally, as I mentioned on my previous blog, I believe Cena is the biggest face and the biggest heel today. The fact that he gets such mixed reactions makes it so, but WWE will not be making Cena a heel any time soon because it's too risky for them. I believe the way Cena has been dominating the promos between him and the Rock are WWE's attempt to get the fans on Cena's side and maybe even make The Rock look like the big shot Hollywood heel. I also believe WWE tried to get the fans behind Cena when they started the whole storyline with Zack Ryder. Zack gained the support of the fans mostly through his Youtube show and the fans loved him and wanted to see him pushed. WWE cashed in on his popularity by associating Cena the with Ryder and making it seem like it was Cena's support that gained Ryder the push. Regardless of how good of friends Cena and Ryder may be backstage we all know that best friends backstage can be enemies in the ring so really even if Cena's support backstage helped Ryder gain a push they didn't have to make it into a storyline, they did it because Ryder was loved by the fans and Cena would hopefully be loved by association. Even the way the storyline ended suggests Cena is a standup guy since they turned Eve into the sultry temptress and Cena's just the poor guy she used to get to the top causing Cena to lose his dear friend through no fault of his own. So yes I truly believe WWE wants the fans to like Cena and change our minds about him because if they can't then they're just going to keep pushing him down our throats anyway, but they'd rather push him down our throats if we enjoyed it than if it makes us want to puke.

Well that's the end of my blog and I hope I analyzed John Cena in a fair way without coming off too biased or upsetting any of his fans lol. Whether you love Cena or hate him, agree or dissagree leave a comment down bellow .

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  1. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    I cant stand Cena at all. Last time i was a fan was early '07. He just dnt interest me in a positive way. Another thing, I always read that Vince won't make him heel due to negative merch sales and i find that hilarious. Sure Cena has a lot of kiddie fans but last time i checked kids dnt buy merch or tickets. Adults do. And if most teens and adults wanna c him heel then as fans a paying customers they should get their money worth.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud BLOG!!! I like Cena till he burrid Xtian...I mean His feud with JBL was the last feud which I loved...after that, he was sent to RAW n he defeated Xtian, Y2J, Kurt Angle, Edge one after the other...damn, I felt bored n very much stupid...I got pissed of him..when he won the TLC match against EDGE...n they mt have shown him losing to RVD cleanly..but NO..

    My only question is...will he or any other wrestler's image will hurt if they lose to some one as incredible as RVD or Kurt??

    NO...but, why Cena never lost to RVD cleanly??
  3. Dubs's Avatar
    I think if a wrestler in Cena's position were to beat a top heel in a feud and that top heel came back from that lost like The Miz did, that's not burying at all IMO.
  4. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DUBS
    I think if a wrestler in Cena's position were to beat a top heel in a feud and that top heel came back from that lost like The Miz did, that's not burying at all IMO.
    Yea, but pretty much a heel who gets beaten by Cena has to then avoid Cena at all costs just to keep some credibility after that.

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