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Yes Sir We Promised You A Great Event.......

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Yes Sir We Promised You A Great Event......

The Actual Jobbers:I've noticed over the last few years that you constantly have main-eventers or big stars jobbing to each other. It makes RAW interesting, but then you end up losing all of these huge opportunities for great matches in the future because we've already seen them. For example, Punk vs. Cena was a great angle last year, but in the back of my mind it was kinda spoiled because I had seen Punk (Back when he was a three-time world champion) job to Cena in less then a minute on RAW a few years ago. I think that jobbers should be ACTUAL jobbers; save the top stars to face each other on more rare occasions - it makes their confrontations way more special.

Who's going to be that one suprise release this year?: I know reports are stating Mark Henry, and Evan Bourne is on his final warning under the terms and conditions of the wellness policy, however I don't believe Henry will leave WWE for TNA because he knows well they may use him as an upper midcard performer most of the time, but that is a lot better than going to TNA, being a main eventer and being paid half of what you get at the top.

Bourne has surely learnt his lesson by now. He is my second favourite to get the boot, but something tells me he'll wise-up. Seeing as they've done a report on about him and reinserted his image back into the RAW intro, Bourne has a future yet with the company.

Then onto one of my own favourites, Mr. Mistico, Sin Cara. Although I love Sin Cara and believe anyone who watches his matches just so they can pinpoint when he doesn't land something correctly, to say "botch" are fucking morons, he isn't one of the most favourable guys in the company. He was the first talent in years Vince had to acquire from another company, he didn't make a great debut to begin, reaction was in-between, he got suspended, came back and had a decent feud with the now Hunico, before getting injured.

WWE are probably running short on patience with him to begin with. So unless he has improved, comes back and does a u-turn I could see them pulling the plug on their Sin Cara project. They've enough talent to continue appealing to the Hispanic market anyway, with the likes of Del Rio, Mysterio for another couple of years, Hunico and another couple guys down in development. Reports still claim Averno is awaiting to be called from CMLL. But this is all hypothetical anyway, so I'll choose Sin Cara. Still love him though.

Which Mid-Carder would I like to see pushed to the Main Event?:It would be a large injustice to the fans, Santino and everyone else if Santino wasn't pushed into the Main Event at some point in the near future. He's so fucking entertaining its stupid. His matches, his promos, his character, all perfect.

Wade Barrett when he returns from injury better be pushed to the main event as quick as possible, he was on a roll before injury, and due to his injury the MITB match at WM28 was pulled. He's been at the top of his game for the past few months, and is better suited to step up than most other guys on the roster.

Thanks For Reading!

Cody Rhodes should be a main event champion within the next year or so. He's got all the tools needed, and there's honestly no reason the WWE shouldn't push him at this point.

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    You definitely got my attention with your last statement! Huge Rhodes fan, can't wait for him to get up there on the main-event level (still waiting for the inevitable Rhodes/Ziggler PPV main event someday!)
  2. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    I wanna see Rhodes become champion also but who would he feud with? Punk is a better all around superstar, Cena will squash him, and DB is looking like a long time heel.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Your Rhodes point is probably the only part of this blog I found to have any logic, whatsoever, behind it. Potheads don't learn their lesson, so Bourne probably won't last another 2 or 3 months. I'm not so sure about Sin Cara getting released. Santino was in the Elimination Chamber, which is as close as he should EVER come to a main event match, and Wade Barrett? Well, I posted a blog that should be available today and it justifies why Wade Barrett should not "be pushed to the main event as quick as possible".

    Not the worst blog I've ever read, but not exactly one I would call quality.
  4. pjpjr6's Avatar
    Why you type in all bold?

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