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TNA iMPACT - 1 March 2012

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(I know, this is a week old, but computer problems prevented me from getting this up in a timely fashion.)

TNA 1 March 2012

The show again opens with a recap of the events between Sting and Bobby Roode, leading up to Sting’s announcement of the two having a match against each other Victory Road. Cut to Angle saying that he hates Jeff Hardy for so many reasons that he has cue cards listing them and he’ll go out to ring and tell everybody why.

Impact Wrestling’s intro shows, then Angle’s music hits and he comes out. Kurt lists his reasons. He says Jeff Hardy has lots of hair and he doesn’t, but having colored hair does not make you a champion. He complains about the way Hardy dresses, that Hardy is more popular with the fans than he is, and number one that even though Angle has action figures and posters and such, his son has all of Hardy’s action figures and posters and T-shirts, and wears make up and wears socks on his arms like Hardy. He finishes his rant and calls Hardy out.

Hardy comes out and Angle challenges him to a match at Victory Road. Hardy thinks about it for a second, then slaps Angle and tackles him to the ground and the two tussle for a bit until it gets broken up by management.
Cut to a shot of Bobby Roode complaining about what Sting did to him last week. Austin Aries comes up from behind, Roode notices him and they start talking. Aries says they both dress well, enjoy a fine glass of wine, and are the most dominant men in their division. He says that Sting is keeping down the X-Division, that they haven’t had any main events, and he’s about had enough. Roode has an idea, asks for a few minutes of Aries’ time, and they go off-screen to discuss whatever Roode thinks. I’m wondering if Roode v Aries later tonight or Aries getting into the Victory Road match and making it a three-way. Or maybe a handicap Roode/Aries v Sting, tonight or at the PPV.

The announcers promote the gauntlet match between Styles and Daniels/Kazarian coming up next, and after we break for commercial, the latter two come to the ring and pose and taunt the crowd. Styles comes out to a decent pop. Styles proposes that if he wins the match, Daniels tells the entire world what it is that he’s holding over Kazarian. Daniels responds by saying that they don’t have to capitulate to any demands AJ has, but they Kazarian grabs the mic and agrees to AJ’s suggestion. Daniels appears a bit frustrated.

Match: Styles v Daniels (first part)
Who I think will win: Styles
Who I want to win: Styles

It would just completely ruin the idea of a gauntlet match to have the first guy beat him straight out of the gate, so I’m going with Styles on this. Styles attacks Daniels outside the ring before the bell rings, throws Daniels into the ring, then gets into the ring himself to start pummeling Daniels. Styles has the upper hand for the first part of the match until the commercial.

On the return from the commercial, Styles is still dominating Daniels. Aj for some reason goes outside the ring to argue with Kazarian, giving Daniels an opening to attack from behind and gain the upper hand. Daniels has the upper hand for a bit until Styles hits him with the pele kick, at which point both are down for a few seconds, then on getting up Styles starts to take back control. Styles goes for the Clash, but Daniels fights out hits a few of his own moves to shut Styles down momentarily. Daniels staggers to the corner while Kazarian sneaks into the ring and hits the Fade to Black on Styles. Daniels seems surprised and starts yelling at Kazarian. The ref announces that Daniels has been disqualified.

Not exactly how I thought the match would end, but it works.

Winner: Styles (my record: 1/1)

Match: Styles v Kazarian (second part)
Who I think will win: Kazarian
Who I want to win: Styles

The next match starts immediately and Kazarian covers Daniels for the easy win. I was hoping Styles would kick out and at least do something, but no luck. I guess they’re saving the big “reveal” for a PPV or something.

Winner: Kazarian (my record: 2/2)

Post-match, Daneils still seems a bit put out by Kazarian’s actions, though personally I think they were pretty effective.

Cut backstage to Maidson Raynes hanging a poster of Gail Kim on the wall. Gail comes in and approves of the posters, then says she got Madisona gift: a spa day for the two of them, which excites Madison. But they can’t do that until tomorrow because there’s another gift that Gail got Madison: a match later that night with ODB. Gail then leaves to Madison’s somewhat less-than-grateful protests about the match part of the gifts.

Match: ODB v Madison Rayne
Who I want to win: ODB
Who I think will win: Rayne

Rayne and Gail go to the ring, then ODB and Eric come out. Match starts and Rayne takes the offensive for a few seconds until ODB starts pounding her into the turnbuckles. Eric jumps up to the corner and goes for a tag. (Gotta love him!) ODB runs over Madison for several minutes, but then Gail “tries” to interfere for Rayne but claims that she dropped the belt by accident and couldn’t get there in time. ODB pins Rayne for the win.
Decent build-up of heat between Gail and Rayne. It seems that TNA is having a lot of heel v heel competition lately (Gail/Rayne, Aries/Ion, Bully/Roode, etc.) Personally, I think that’s a good thing. I don’t like seeing “all good guys” constantly going against “all bad guys.”

Winner: ODB (my record: 2/3)

Cut to Bully Ray complaining to an unhappy-looking woman in glasses about James Storm and what he’s been doing lately. Roode and Aries come in and the woman takes that chance to walk quickly away. The three of them argue for a bit about who’s been embarrassed more in the last few weeks, then agree that it’s Sting who’s behind it all. The invite Bully to be a part of whatever they have planned, then exit stage right.

Cut to a short scene with Velvet Sky complaining on an interview and then getting roughed up by Angelina and Sarita. Go to commercial.

Return to the full context of the previous scene: Velvet is complaining about getting screwed out of the number one contendership by Madison Rayne. Then Angelina and Sarita come out and start in on her, but Sky fights back for a few seconds until getting beat down by them. Mickie James comes in for the save, thus setting up the Knockouts tag-team match for later this evening.

Cut to Ric Flair, with Eric Bischoff and Gunner at his side, berating Garrett Bischoff for still being around in Impact Wrestling. He tells Garrett that Hogan is out of the country and because he’s a nice guy he’s just going to say if Garrett shows up there next week then it “goes to a whole new level.” Garrett says that he hears him, but he’s his own man and appreciates the heads up, then walks off.

Brief shot with Aries, Roode and Bully walking somewhere together. Cut to commercial. Maybe a six-man tag-team match? Aries/Roode/Bully v Sting/Storm/somebody (I’ll guess Hardy if it goes this way, with Angle getting involved).

Return to Aries/Roode/Bully going to the ring (to Roode’s music). Roode says that he’s the reason why people are watching this show, then proceeds to insult Sting, and proceeds to say that there is no way that there is going to be a match between the two of them at Victory Road because “I am done.” Bully gets the mic and says that he had been blaming Storm but A Double and Roode convinced him that Sting was the real culprit. Bully shows a clip of Brandon Jacobs putting him through a table, which gets a small “New York Giants” chant going from the crowd. He then says that he and his calves are also done.

Aries gets the mic, says that he’s been watching everything for the past few weeks and he sees what’s going on. Sting doesn’t know when to get out of the spotlight, he’s jealous because Roode is a better champion than Sting ever was, etc. Aries says that two things have followed him all his career: pissed-off people and championship belts. “And oops, I did it again.” (I’m sorry, that was worth at least a chuckle!) He says that he’s done too.
All three of them sit down in the ring and just do nothing. Bully says that they’re just going to sit there and they ain’t moving. Lights go out for a second, then come back up to reveal Sting in the ring. He says that he said he was done to stir the pot a little. He tells Roode and Aries that if they’re done then the titles will be stripped from them, then tells Ray that if he points his finger in Sting’s face one more time then he’ll bit it off. He reminds them that if they don’t have a job, then they don’t have a paycheck.
He agrees with Aries that he hasn’t been in any main events but Sting will change that tonight, he’s putting Aries in the main event tagging with Roode and Bully. Their opponents will be the tag team champions – “Magnus and Joe’s gonna kill you!” – and their partner James Storm. (So I was kinda close.)

Lights go out for a second again, when they come back up, Sting is gone. Cut to commercial.

Return from commercial to a bit about Jesse Sorenson and his mother. Jesse says he’s not giving up, he wants to get back to the Impact Zone. Cut to Zima Ion, who says that he doesn’t regret what happened to Jesse, wrestling is not ballet and people get hurt, people are now taking him seriously. I think he’s playing up this heel persona very well, even if his personal feelings are different.

Match: Shannon Moore v Zema Ion
Who I want to win: Moore
Who I think will win: Moore

I have a feeling that they’re going to build up a feud between Moore and Ion, so letting Moore get the win at this point would be good. Then they could have Ion win the belt and Moore then challenges him for it, saying that he’s beat Ion before and can do it again. The only kink here is what that will mean for Aries. So I’m not 100% sure about this, but that’s just my gut feeling.

Moore and Ion trade offense pretty evenly at the start of the match, both blatantly grabbing at each others’ hair. Then Ion hits Moore with a missile drop kick off of the top turnbuckle and follows up with a few smashes into the corner. Ion goes up to the top turnbuckle again, but takes too long playing to the crowd and Moore dazes him with a shot to the stomach then gets up on top himself and flips Ion down to the ring. Moore covers Ion for a two-count. Moore misses a moonsault, then Ion hits a few moves on Moore and pins him for the win.

Looks like I was wrong. I’m not sure why Moore loses so much, they do need to get a decent face in the X Division who can actually win a few matches. They might be setting Aries up for a face turn, but I hope not; I really like his arrogant heel persona.

Winner: Ion (my record: 2/4)

Cut to commercial. Return to a promo interviewing fans about why TNA is good.

Match: Angelina/Sarita v Velvet Sky/Mickie James
Who I want to win: Sky/Mickie
Who I think will win: Sky/Mickie

Since Sky lost the number one contendership to Madison Rayne in a somewhat controversial way, I think they’ll set her up to be the next challenger for the belt. (Then again, I was wrong in the previous match, so what do I know?) Getting a win, even as part of a tag team, might be a good start for that push.

The teams come out, Sky comes out last and rushes the ring to take down and start pounding on Angelina. Mickie follows her in and starts on Sarita. The bell eventually rings and starts out with Sky and Angelina. After a few moments, Mickie and Sarita get tagged in. Sarita distracts the referee while Angelina tries to beat on Mickie in the corner, but Angelina gets knocked to the floor. Mickie gets thrown out to the floor, and Sarita hits a cross-ring dive through the ropes. The ref is trying to get Sky back to the corner while Angelina and Sarita beat down Mickie, then throw her back into the ring and Sarita goes for the pin.

Mickie kicks out, and Sarita tags in Angelina. Angelina smashes Mickie into the corner, pounds on her a bit until Micke fights out of the ring. Angeline lays out Mickie and tags in Sarita, who gets Mickie in a submission move then beats Mickie down some more. Both of them are down after Sarita is suplexed, then both Sky and Angelina are tagged in. Sky beats down Angelina and goes for the pin, but it is broken up by Sarita. Micke gets involved and takes Sarita to the floor, while in the ring Angelina misses a high boot and is caught by Sky in a face plant. Sky covers Angelina for the win.

Winner: Sky/Mickie (my record: 3/5)

Interview with Storm, Joe and Magnus saying that they are going to beat Roode, Ray and Aries down. Cut to commercial.

Return to scene reminding fans that Abyss is still missing. The announcers say that the company got a letter from the family of Abyss asking for any information about where he was. The show his match from 1/8/12 (Genesis) where he beat Bully Ray, followed by a scene of Bully Ray beating him down backstage, and then denying any knowledge of his whereabouts. Could be a set-up for the return of Abyss, if not tonight then in the next few weeks. I’m thinking that he’ll either return at Victory Road or slightly before to get another match with Bully Ray.

Match: Bully Ray/Bobby Roode/Austin Aries v James Storm/Magnus/Samoa Joe
Who I want to win: Storm/Magnus/Joe
Who I think will win: Ray/Roode/Aries

I’m thinking that the bad guys will win here to establish them as firm threats, and possibly propel Aries into fighting beyond the X Division. I’m not ruling out any outside interference, though, and I think if anything it’ll help Storm/Magnus/Joe. Possibilities include Angle coming out to interfere but being thwarted by Hardy, or Abyss returning. While TNA usually takes longer to set up their storylines than that, I think it’s still possible. In the end, I think letting Storm/Magnus/Joe win will do little to help further any of the storylines, though post-match actions may prove me wrong.

Starts out with Aries and Magnus. Aries does a bit of showboating as usual (one of the best in the business for my money), then Ray and Storm get tagged in. Storm tags in Joe, and Joe and Ray trade power moves for a bit. Ray tags in Aries who is pretty much steamrolled by the tag team champs, and he does an excellent job of selling it. Tags and fighting go back and forth for a while, with Roode pretty consistently avoiding Storm for most of the match. Eventually, though, it turns into a free-for-all- brawl, lots of finishing moves get hit, and Storm catches Roode with the Last Call for the pin.

Winner: Storm/Magnus/Joe (my record: 3/6)

Even though I was wrong on the outcome, however, I think this was a pretty good match.

After the match, Joe appears to be down and hurt in the corner and Magnus is kneeling by him, checking on him. Storm is ejaculating beer onto the audience in another corner when Ray sneaks in with a chair. He lays out Magnus first then goes after Storm, whom he knocks out. He then stands over Storm and says that Storm won’t make it to Lockdown because Ray will take him out and then take his “good friend” Roode’s title. Fade out to end the show.

Overall not a bad presentation, but not one of their best. I did enjoy the last 6-man match, it was really good. Ion is building his heel persona incredibly well also, I look forward to big things from this boy (though whether or not they’ll be big botches again is an open question).

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