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Top 10 Most Disappointing Wrestlemania Matches

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What's poppin folks! RatedATB back at it again with the latest installment of my Wrestlemania mini series. Last week I touched upon my top 10 favorite matches in Wrestlemania history. This week however, we look at the matches that had great hype and interest, but just didn't live up to expectation. I would like to point out to the people that had disagreements with last weeks list. Those matches were ranked on how much I liked them, not the best matches in Wrestlemania. It would have been a different list if that were the case. Anyone back on to this blog. I was going to do worst matches but there's so many that this was just easier to decide. Also I'd like to point out that I don't base the level of disappointment on match ratings. A match can still be good but not live up to standard. Regardless, this is my list, and without further ado...

10. Wrestlemania 26 - Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank is one of those matches that used to be one of the most anticipated matches at Wrestlemania. Each year it seemed the match could easily be match of the night, and they always provided exciting moments. This year however seemed to be missing something. There was no match defining spot, nor was there really anything memorable about this match. Also considering the fact of who was in the match, you'd think we would have had the BEST MITB of all time. In my opinion this would have been an acceptable MITB had there been one huge spot and if the right guy won. In a perfect world, Christian would have walked away with the win here, and Edge would have won later on, and we'd have got them over the Summer in a feud. Instead we saw the caareer burial of Swagger. Needless to say, this match was a disappointment. 2/5

9. Wrestlemania 27 - WWE Championship - John Cena vs. The Miz

Now, this would be higher up if the build to this had been better, but it was pretty mediocre. What made this match disappointing was the fact that it never really picked up, and the finish was a complete disaster, and is the sole reason in my book why this Mania wasn't a critical success. I never expecting a Flair/Steamboat classic out of these two but what we got was unacceptable considering the two have proven capable of putting on good matches. The restart was highly unnecessary, only killed the match, and to top it off the crowd was more into Rock than the match itself. This match proved, at least to me, that Miz isn't really ready to carry the company and honestly deserves the depush he's been receiving. 1/5

8. Wrestlemania XIX - World Championship - Triple H vs. Booker T

Before I get into this I'd just like to say that I enjoyed this match and thought that it was actually pretty good. What I didn't like was the ending. In my opinion there is no reason why Booker shouldn't have won here. He was already mad over, and HHH basically ran him down the Raw before Mania, and beating him here made Book look like shit. Not to mention the crowd was pretty dead during this match, and it probably would've helped this match out tremendously if they were more into it. The ending came almost a little too quick and I remember being pretty upset when Booker lost. 2.5/5

7. Wrestlemania 2000 - WWF Championship - Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Mick Foley vs. The Big Show

Talk about your overbooked mess. This match was a disaster. I loved it originally but looking back...holy shit. In all honesty it should have just been Rock/HHH, and it would have been far superior. If it were up to me I'd have done that, kept Show face and had him team with Kane against DX, then put Rikishi with Too Cool to face the Radicalz. I think the swerve at the end was nice, but they put too much into this and it just suffered. Not to mention the fact that Rock should have walked out champ, it's a shame he's never had that Wrestlemania championship win, because this would have been the perfect place to do it. 2/5

6. and 5. Wrestlemania 21 Main Events

This was the night that was supposed to blast these two into the main events, which it did, however the matches were incredibly disappointing. Cena/JBL was a precursor to what we'd see for the next few years when it comes down to Cena getting his ass kicked and then making a come back at the last second to get the win. The match was about 12 minutes and Cena saw little offense. As for Batista/HHH, in my opinion it was just about 15-20 minutes of boring. These two matches were the only thing from making this one of the greatest Wrestlemanias ever. 2/5 and 2.5/5

4. Wrestlemania XX - Undertaker vs. Kane

There was so much hype around this match. Everyone wanted to see Taker return, and everything from the build up, to the promos, and the return itself was phenomenal. Then we got to the match. Everyone remembers their Wrestlemania 14 encounter, and most people have great things to say about it. This however was nothing more than 9 minutes of Taker dominating Kane. We got no aftermath between the two in the weeks or months following, and the two didn't even mention each other until they reunited in 06. And people wanted to see them go at it this year...glad that they will not be doing that. 1/5

3. Wrestlemania 26 - Bret Hart vs. Vince

This match in all honestly was a disaster. I know people didn't expect a classic by any means, but there was 12 years of history between the two, and I thought for sure we'd at least get something entertaining, or something similar to HBK/Vince from Wrestlemania 22. However this was most certainly not that. All this did was show that Bret isn't 1/4 the man he was and left an embarrassing mark on his legacy. I know this brought closure to the feud, but I would have been fine if they had left the two alone. I know that I shouldn't expect much from a 60+ year old man, and a retired wrestler that went through a stroke a few years prior, but I surely thought we might get more than 20 chair shots and a crappy sharpshooter. Dud.

2. Wrestlemania XX - Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar

I'm sure everyone expected this match to go somewhere on this list, and maybe it's a bit too high, but I have major problems with this one. First off this was probably one of the biggest attractions to this show. Second we had Stone Cold as the special ref, and you knew he'd have something good in store. Third, we all knew it wouldn't be technical, but I, along with others, expected one physical brawl, and that just isn't what we got. Instead we got 7 minutes of a stare down, and then about 7 more minutes of rest holds, a few finisher trades, and one disappointing match. It was no secret that the two were on their way out, and I'm sure if they had stayed and gave two shits about the match this would have been so much better, but this just left a sour taste in your mouth when it was done. Considering we had two huge monsters that probably could have delivered a 3 or 4 star match, this sure was a huge let down. Dud.

1. Wrestlemania XXV - WWE Championship - Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Boy, Trips has been on this list quite a bit. I remember being HUGELY let down on this one. This had probably the best build up to a title match since Wrestlemania 20, and it just never got off. I remember looking more forward to this than HBK/Taker just off of the build alone, and I couldn't believe how boring this was. Considering the two had proven track records of putting on good matches, with each other let alone, and it being the main event of Wrestlemania, you'd think we would have had a great match. However, time restraints, a dead crowd, and the abrupt finish really hurt the overall feel of the match. Orton has said in an interview that he thinks the match suffered from lack of being able to use weapons and such, which I can see, but I don't know how much that could have helped this let down. 2/5

Well folks, there you have it, my opinion on the top 10 most disappointing Wrestlemania matches. Of course this list could be interchangable, and I'm sure people are going to have their gripes with it, but so be it. I'll see you folks next week with my thoughts on the top 10 Wrestlemania moments, so be sure to look out for that. Until next time it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces!

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Rated ATB..what can i say. Great blog broheim! The only one I can't agree on is Orton vs HHH. It is not that I don't want to agree on it, or think you are wrong, my thing is, i remember the build up, but I don't fully remember the match. So obviously it wasn't anything epic, but then again I can't say to me it was a dud. I'd have to rewatch to be able to say if i agree with you or not. I agree with all other 9 though. Again, great blog broseph!
  2. chato's Avatar
    great list. i agree with every single one you listed. one of the best blogs ive read lately
  3. mhshow21's Avatar
    good list. i wouldnt put Booker Vs HHH on here. i do agree with Booker should had won tho. and WM 21 was a good one. i wouldnt put either of them matchs on here. and the WM 16 main event i liked it alot the build up was good for it and it gave big show and Foley there main event. i would had like to had seen ROck vs HHH tho. i would put Taker vs Big show and Albert on this list. Taker Vs Henry at WM 22 and Big bossman vs Undertaker Hell in cell wm 15
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    I would add Jericho vs HHH as my number 1
  5. bm punk's Avatar
    a perfect list.great read.HHH buried the rock, booker and orton.....Orton could have won that match with the help of a McMahon and it would have cemented him and the legacy as the faction of the for booker i was gutted when he didnt win. i have never like HHH since as i remeber in an interview he said AFTER booker was not ready for the win or the title...that allways bugged me because at the time the fans believed he was ready.after that we could never see booker in the same level as the other heayweights
  6. Renevious's Avatar
    Great list man. Wow, nothing on this list is from before the year 2000. Does anyone see a pattern here? It looks like WWE doesn't really deliver like they used to.
  7. RatedATB's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Renevious
    Great list man. Wow, nothing on this list is from before the year 2000. Does anyone see a pattern here? It looks like WWE doesn't really deliver like they used to.
    Thanks for the compliment! As for them not delivering, I wouldn't necessarily say that, just wait for my list on the top 10 worst Wrestlemanias lol
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