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machoo mann

Dean Ambrose - slowly rising to superstardom?

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machoo mann blogging here again, this time about FCW's the most captivating wrestler and persona, Dean Ambrose. I wasn't quite aware of Jon Moxley (his in-ring name at CZW) nor his ring work or matches there. I recently have watched some FCW footage and most of all, I studied Dean Ambroses path from his debut to current time at FCW. He has had great matches, of course with the likes of Seth Rollins (match is posted below), Damien Sandow and even William Regal, whom with he had a great, brawl-styled match which stood out for me with it's stiffness. His movement in the ring is something I haven't witnessed before - it's unique and captivating at the same time and also very refreshing when you have watched WWE TV-matches a lot. Because we all know WWE TV-matches are all quite similar in-ring wise. His moveset is very brawl-sound; lariats, stiff punches but still he can play great in-ring psychology.

Now to the part what got me to jump in Ambroses bandwagon; the persona. Something which not a lot of WWE's current roster members are familiar of. He plays some sort of a loose cannon, if you will and he's doing it damn well. His facial expressions, manures, it's like he is cocky and a little out of it at the same time. It's not a coincidence that he's referred to guys like 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper or the great Brian Pillman. He has cut some great promos (my favourite one is posted under) and he reminds me of Heath Ledgers Joker (yes really, even Sting's Joker-impression is put in shame.) By the way, did you know that some of the FCW guys can cut a better promo than almost a 30 % of WWE's current roster. And there I was last week, shouting for a opportunity for the lower midcard..oh the irony! Ambrose is almost like brothers with the microphone and his persona shines through his promos.

But isn't this what the WWE needs? Something unique, someone who stands out of the mass. Well FCW is upbringing a great amount of superstars who are also charismatic and can wrestle. Ambrose, Rollins, Sandow and my favourite also, Antonio Cesaro to name a few. Apparently WWE management are quite high on these guys and it doesn't suprise me one bit. These guys will hopely build a new path for WWE and bring back the quality wrestling on weekly basis. I will not demand for these guys to be elevated right away. This kind of talent should be handled with care, these guys will be the next rising stars of WWE. But you all should check out the FCW footage of Dean Ambrose, I recommend it highly! Thanks for reading and comment below.

match between Ambrose and Rollins;

my favourite promo from Ambrose;

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Nice read man! I'm a huge Dean Ambrose mark, I love his character and I hope he keeps it when he moves onto the main roster. Of course his match with Rollins is great, it's too bad we couldn't get it in front of a larger crowd. To me he's everything a great wrestler should be...great in the ring, great on the mic, and makes his character believable.
  2. machoo mann's Avatar
    Thanks a lot! I'm also a quite new Dean Ambrose mark and what I forgot to mention is the great fued with Regal he's had/having. It speaks great volumes if a veteran like Regal comes to FCW to have a program with Ambrose.
  3. Marx's Avatar
    Amrbose, Seth Rollins and others playing around in FCW make me feel positive about the future of (WWE)wrestling. We're in a transitional phase, WWE retired quite a few names, and these guys will come in and fill the blanks.
  4. Melevolent 27's Avatar
    machoo mann have you seen the cm punk vs dean ambrose match youtube vid? very entertaining! this guy needs to invade nxt or something, he is great.
  5. machoo mann's Avatar
    No I haven't, guess I'll check it out soon as I can! He will be seen in WWE programming soon, but please not NXT. It's true that these guys need some exposure of some sort before debuting in the main shows but NXT is truly a D-class show from WWE, although it has some good wrestling in it. Also there has been some complaints about Dean Ambrose being too generic name to go on. Which I really don't agree. Name doesn't make a wrestler, even Steve Austin is a quite generic name when you look into it. When we are talking about second and third generation superstars, that's a whole new ballgame.
  6. San-The-Beast's Avatar
    awesome blog man seriously I love dean Ambrose if WWE pushes him to the roster and keep his persona he will be great hall of fame status be cause he's so fresh people will love him

    @Melevolent 27 I saw that a few weeks back it was an amazing match and Ambrose promos are amazing

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