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Where to go with the Gm feud...

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This blog will be similar to my What to do with Kane blog but this time it’ll focus on the General Manager feud. If anyone has a good name suggestion for these type of blogs feel free to post it in the comments.

So the GM feud has been going on for a while and it’s obvious that there will be some type of match focused around it at wrestlemania. As with my previous blog I’ll be writing about the 3 possible options I feel are most likely to happen.

The Feud so far…
John Laurinaitis criticized Teddy Long along with Christian and Mark Henry and this led to them switching roles for one night only. This feud basically revolves around Laurinaitis wanting to be General Manager of both shows.

3. Kiss My Foot Match- John Laurinaitis and _________ vs Teddy Long and _________ (Think Michael Coele vs Jerry Lawler feud)

Why it’s a good idea…
It’s not. I hate these type of matches as they’re a waste of a spot at Wrestlemania which could go to actual wrestlers. This would likely go on far too long and actual wrestlers such as Christian, Alberto Del Rio and R-truth could be left off the card because of this.
Why it may happen…
Wwe are well known to make stupid decisions like this. They did it last year and Wwe don’t generally learn from their mistakes. From a comedic standpoint, I might not mind this match but at Wrestlemania I want quality matches.
Chances of it happening…

2. Kane (w/ John Laurinaitis) vs Randy Orton (w/ Teddy Long) For control of both shows – Think Battle of the Billionaire’s

Why it’s a good idea…
Kane’s currently in a feud with Randy anyway so they wouldn’t have to do any extra build up. Kane and Randy are both good wrestlers and could put on a good match if they’re given 15-20 minutes (provided there wouldn’t be too many interferences). It could also add something to their feud. Also there is lot’s of history between Orton and Kane because Orton was the one whose Rko cost Kane the match which forced Kane to unmask himself.
Why it may happen…

At the end of Smackdown (2/3/12) John Laurinaitis along with David Otunga admired Kane’s work. I could see John Laurinaitis pursuing Kane in the hope they may be able to join forces. Kane is on Raw which happens to be Johnny ace’s show and likewise Randy Orton is on Smackdown which happens to be Teddy Long’s show so no explanation would be needed to explain why the respective Gm’s have sided with that wrestler.
Chances of it happening…

If this were to happen I want Kane too win cleanly. Kane’s been buried so many times throughout the years and I think it’s about time he won a big match against a main eventer. Also Teddy Long has been Gm of Smackdown far too long and a change would be nice. Personally I’d like to see Ace employ William Regal as Gm of Smackdown.

1. 7 man elimination tag team match – Team Laurinaitis (Christian, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Kane and The Miz) vs Team Long (Kofi Kingston, R-truth, Santino Marella, Ted Dibiase, Justin Gabriel and Randy Orton)

Why it’s a good idea…
It’ll get lots of wrestlers who aren’t currently scheduled to have a match on the card. And it’ll also likely produce a really great match and something different form everything else currently announced.
Why it may happen…
There’s lot of great talent that are currently not on the card. There’s also plenty of heels who have expressed that they dislike Teddy Long and not having them involved would be weird.
Chances of it happening...

Thanks for reading and I look forward to the comments!

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  1. Cross's Avatar
    I have definetly enjoyed these last two blogs of "Where to Go" with such and such. Its definetly worth reading. Personally, I would go with the number 1 choice but I would let Randy Orton and Kane have thier own match. I would rather see them go one on one then a tag team match and its not essential to have this for the General Managers.

    The thing is though they really need to put this match on the card and not at the last week before Wrestlemania. This way they can have singles matches between the superstars on the teams. And plus, Christian and Alberto Del Rio havent even showed up on Smackdown or Raw. So if they do take too long, they squandered a match that could of been better built up for more superstars to get a Wrestlemania Match , and then they should go with choice number 2.

    I liked the blog. Hope you will do more.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    My guess would be, no Christian and no Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania. I think this past Raw confirmed Dolph & Swagger vs Kofi & Santino. Now, add whoever to each team to even it out and get the most usage out of as many wrestlers as possible. I think we could add R Truth to the face team and Miz to the heel team. Probably one more to each team. Mark Henry to heels, perhaps a returning Evan Bourne to faces?

    Ted Dibiase's injured and I can't see Justin Gabriel getting a mania match.

    Good points though. Very enjoyable read.
  3. The Hit Man's Avatar
    I'd hate for the 3rd option to happen but like you said, it wouldn't surprise me if they went ahead with it. I can't see the 2nd option happening as I think Orton and Kane will have their own match. The 1st option seems most likely and it's what I expect will happen although I doubt they'll have as many as 7 on each side.

    I think it'll probably be a 4 vs 4 match. Only thing I'm unsure of is if Teddy's team have to all be from Smackdown or it can be any face. I don't how they'd be able to make up a team of only Smackdown faces. Sheamus and Show are booked and Orton looks to be set with his match with Kane. I'd go for Team Long to be: Santino, R-Truth, Kingston and Khali and Team Lauranitis to be: Otunga, Ziggler, Swagger and Henry.
  4. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    I say we go with something like, we all wake up from a bad writting session and realize that it was a nightmare...pick up with CM Punk getting screwed again by ACE/Larennitis...have Cole announce I have just received an email from the RAW Genral Manger...then have Punk go after the podium, only to have the music hit...2001 Space Oddessey...and Ric Flair come out to wooos, big pop and have him tell Punk and Jericho that they maybe the best in world or the Best at what they do, but that he is..." A Wrestling GOD"! WOOOOOOO! Then have him re-institute the ATTITUDE ERA!

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