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The Miz

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I am writing this blog basically because I think he still has a lot of potential and whats happening now is hurting him. To understand him though, you have to go to the beginning.

The Miz left MTV to pursue a career in pro wrestling. He got a huge break thanks to being on Tough Enough. However, no one expected him to get far and though he would be sent home early. But surprisingly he made to the final 2 losing to Daniel Puder. The WWE saw that he had potential and put him in Deep South Wrestling and OVW before bringing him up to Smackdown.

He was there from about 2006-2007 achieving basically nothing and really not gaining any fans either. He was moved to ECW where his rise began to happen.

He was teamed up with another Tough Enough star John Morrison and together they beat Matt Hardy and MVP for the tag titles in November on Smackdown. Their reign would go on to end in July 2008 to the Hawkins and Ryder. They won the titles again from Punk and Kingston that December but dropped them to the Colons at the next Wrestlemania. After that they were broken up when Miz was drafted to Raw.

On Raw he feuded with Cena in a nice little feud but lost to him eventually. However in Oct. of 2009 he captured his first singles title against Kofi Kingston by winning the US title. From there it was nowhere but up as he would win Bragging Rights team match for Raw, got a catchy new catch phrase, and won the tag titles from DX while still holding the US title. He later lost both but won back the US title in a fatal 4 way match. But he later achieved something bigger when he won the money in the bank match.

In Nov. 2010 Miz cashed in on Orton to win his first WWE title. Upon winning it he flipped the W to an M which was great in my opinion. He was in the main event of Wrestlemania and lost his title at Extreme rules.

However, that's where his push ended. He was humiliated by Alex Riley so quickly after that it made him look weak (nothing against Riley). And he continued to lose singles matches on Raw. Right he has no Wrestlemania match set up.

My point: The Miz is a great talent and has done a lot of work on and off the stage. He has done a lot of media events to help promote the WWE and I think he will get another push again when this backstage heat dies over.

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    While I hated The Miz at first, I realized that he is a great character and has lots of potential. I would like to see him reach another "rise to power" in some way and once more become a viable and dangerous competitor.

    By the way, I found it hilarious that he clowned Cena at last year's Wrestlemania
  2. ShaunieB's Avatar
    I like the Miz and think it's a shame that he hasn't really gone anywhere since WM last year....I do think he's due for another push I just hope he gets a better finisher before then!
  3. thetheme's Avatar
    The jizz...

    Left MTV and was given a spot on Tough Enough even though he didn't deserve it compared to some others that were cut. Since he already had a TV background, the WWE were gonna try to use that as much as possible for ratings and publicity.

    Went to Smackdown and was the annoying opener.

    Went to ECW and that's where he started to become what I call "the dick magnet". Started to ride on the coat tails of John Morrison when they became the team of John and jizz. John was the overall talent of the team in and out of the ring. He had the catch phrases, the slow-mo intro, the dirt sheet. It was all Morrison, the jizz was just along for the ride-more to come with that.

    Went to Raw and called out Cena when he was weak or not even there, and when Cena showed up he was his usual self - a pussy. Was given the U.S. title and began the pattern of sitting on titles making the mid card meaningless. Whenever he lost the belt it was beautiful, and got it back it was from someone else doing most or all the work.

    Got the Tag Team title again while riding the coat tails of the Big Show, sitting on the U.S. title, and Big Show was literally defending the Tag Team titles alone. Lost the Tag and U.S. titles to people with talent.

    In the MITB match he did little to nothing in the match and had nothing to offer. When all the others won the MITB match they at least did something in the match.

    The next 5 PPV's after that he was either losing or not even performing in the PPV's.

    Cashed in on Randy Orton after Orton was jumped by Nexus, hurt, and had a match. Needed Rileys help to do most of the work 95% of the time which made him a pussy champion.

    Couldn't even beat Jerry Lawler without help which really spoke volumes. Got past Cena at Mania thanks to the Rock. Cena restored order by taking the title away from him, and I am NOT a Cena fan but I'd rather see him with the belt.

    Went against Riley and lost which came to no surprise to me.

    When he's alone he doesn't get anywhere. He needs coat tails to ride and partners to carry him. Even when he was a part of The jizzing Truth, he was the weak link being carried.

    Now he is where he belongs and I hope he either stays there and gets released soon. He has to stay out of Mania. He's annoying on the mic and blows chunks in the ring. Nothing close to a classic match has been put on by him and even Del Rio has done that but barely gets credit.

    He can't become a face due to the pussy that he is, he will never be a bad ass, and without coat tails to ride - in ring cluster fucks - triple threats -or any type of match where he isn't alone, he will not get anywhere.

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