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Tag Teams Matter Again

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The discussion was in topic today about putting R-truth and Santino together, yea it sounds cute funny... woohoo. Yet they should stand on there own.

This is only the beginning :

my answer:

R- Truth is 40 years old right now, and a former NWA heavyweight champion. Where is putting in a tag team with Santino justice to R-truth as an innovator, and a man of experience. Given the chance he could be WWE champion, he's that ready. Say what you will about that but thats my opinion, look up a match for yourself i say no more. Santino also deserves a singles run, i even see him with Goldust just as a odd side kick at times. Yet both would still have a good singles run. Santino is very dynamic so the comedy act could switch up, you never know he did play as Santina marrela. He could be a bad ass in a, spy/Italian hybrid.....just saying these are just possibilities.

The tag team division is fine as is, The Usos need their shine, Swagger (who needs new look) and Ziggler yes make a great team.... lets hope they keep them together. I don't know why they broke;up wait for it .... Titus O'Neil & Percy Watson...

these two have tag team starters written all over this duo. They have charisma, skill/brawl mix, both have football background/NfL and can be taught, give them credit they are getting better. /; and Justin 6abriel & Slater' (pause) Heath
these two have been tag team champions!!!
So its really a NO brainer for now for them to start, and see them having an insane act grit/rock,metal look for a trio with Sheffield,(hope that made sense) I KNOW Gabriel can be a great ass hole type guy if he wanted to be, and slater with a changed style, Sheffield obviously the monster of the group, and become something big,........ just saying,
otherwise; you know the rest. We have Kofi and Bourn possibly making a come back, and those two could become something huge. I see them both having singles world and tag team title runs, with some maturity in they're gimmicks.
also, Brodus Clay & Alberto Delrrriiioooo
They could work well as a tweener tag team/power duo, still a good team but can still get to the top on their own, In a way like the old days where Every ONE, in a way stood out but still taken seriously.
They have great humor, dry humor which is IN, but these two work well together, and can with time be GREAT ON the MIC, they could be awesome together. I don't know;random one... Zack RyDER and The Miz, maybe... eh.

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  1. toobeastly33's Avatar
    Ehhh???? What?!?!? do us all a favor and dont write another blog until you find out how to actually do it correctly
  2. el gabo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by toobeastly33
    Ehhh???? What?!?!? do us all a favor and dont write another blog until you find out how to actually do it correctly
    Yeah, I don't know how this one got through.

    Read Frank's post on what Blogs should have.
  3. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Please don't do that with the font again. It makes a pain to read.
  4. Dr. Death's Avatar
    What Tag Team Division are you talking about? WWE's, don't make me laugh, they hardly have Tag Teams, let alone a division.
  5. Y2Jryder's Avatar
    Guess everybody can make a blog
  6. kylos's Avatar
    This is the least thought out, worst presented blog I have seen here on EWN.

    Tag Teams do not matter anymore, unless you look to ROH(and TNA, at least they use the belts) but your all about the non-existent WWE division, so I am guessing you are some teenage kid who does not know how to make a proper blog that makes sense and is easy to read.

    Frank how did you let this one through?
  7. kylos's Avatar
    I don't understand how anyone could write a blog like this... its completely random
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