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State Of The "IC":Breaking The Walls Down

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I've been thinking alot about the Intercontinental Championship, Cody Rhodes, and the future of the I.C. Title

Alot of title runs lately have either been at unscheduled match or through an undetermined contender. This is especially true for the IC title. Before Cody captured the IC from Ezekiel Jackson, the title was thrown around ALOT which made this title lose alot of prestige and or credibility. For the first few months of Cody's IC title reign, I enjoyed it. But seriously, WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME HE DEFENDED IT IN A SCHEDULED MATCH?This is what I want to see happen with the I.C. title. Oh yeah, EXACTLY...this is why I would do the storyline below to get the IC Title going again and maybe get it a little prestige, and some final pop before Jericho retires.

Big Show is coming out for the IC Title match at WrestleMania 28 and he is attacked by Cody which makes Show unable to compete. All of a sudden, Goldust music hits. Goldust comes out and even in a good match, Cody retains the IC title.
Big Show becomes tired of Cody running away and Teddy Long gives Show another match for the IC Title if he can beat someone (undetermined opponent at the moment) in a #1 Contenders Match. This brings out Jericho who somehow lost the WWE Championship (IF he won it at Mania of course) He says all Intercontinental Champions are Chris Jericho wannabes and by becoming #1 Contender , the end of the world as we know it is coming. Jericho defeats Big Show to become #1 Contender which leads to a IC Title match at the next PPV. (most likely Extreme Rules) Jericho defeats Cody Rhodes for the IC Title and becomes a TEN TIME INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!
He comes out the next night on RAW and announces himself the NEW IC CHAMPION and sadly, Chris Jericho retires.

Other Thoughts:
Sure its kind of a crazy thought but think of what this would do for the title, for the WWE even, and certainly...for Jericho! I personally think this would be a GREAT way for Jericho to retire and I hope you enjoyed this blog!

P.S. Next blog should soon and it will be on Kofi Kingston and the current state he's in.Thanks again for reading..

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    While i think it would be cool to see Jericho as IC champion again, I don't like the storyline idea you have. I'd rather Big Show won, then get a feud between Show and Jericho considering their history
  2. MR Boss's Avatar
    Agree with bearkg88 about the Big Show part, but have the feud with Cody for a few PPV. It is very unrealistic for Jericho to go for the IC Championship just after he competed for the WWE Title at the mainevent of Wrestlemania 28.
  3. newcore7's Avatar
    To your defense, yes the IC title scene needs recalibration but Jericho does not need an IC title run. Big Show winning could do something for it, I rather it be a heel Big Show with it. Maybe we can have a double heel, face turn with Cody and Show. But I also wouldn't mind seeing Cody hold on to the belt for a while. There are plenty of up and coming superstars on SmackDown who could contend for the title against Rhodes or Show. Tournaments, number one contender ship matches. Great feuds can be established with the young stars of the show.
    By the way, Smackdown needs to get off Sci fi, but thats an entirely different story, but would benefit the undercard.
  4. Corwo's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback so far, i'm a little rusty because EWN hasn't published my blogs in a while (until this one) so I stopped for a kofi blog WILL be better

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