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Realistic Possible Tag Teams

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Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well. I wanna blog once again on some possible tag teams. I've done a blog like this once or twice before but I feel like the time has come to make another one. Let me first of all thank everyone who enjoys my blog whether they love them or not. I also wanna thank Frank for approving my blogs all the time.

Qualifications of a good Tag Team:

The goal for most teams is to have a spin-off from that team rise to superstardom or atleast become something. For example The Miz was the spinoff in the Morrison & Miz team, Shawn Michaels was the spinoff in the Rockers, and Bret Hart was the spinoff in the Hart Foundation.

Realistic Possible Tag Teams:

The Miz & Cody Rhodes :
This might be the most realistic tag team I can see so far. Cody Rhodes to me is an amazing talent but for the life of me HE'S NOT READY FOR THE MAINEVENT YET. I feel like he will after this team breaks up in typical fashion. The Miz is on a slump and a tag team once again for this guy may build him up a bit more.

Spinoff: Both Rhodes(stay a heel) & The Miz(faceturn)
I want both the Miz & Coy Rhodes to be the spinoff. I want Cody to turn on Miz after they lose the belts and have the Miz FINALLY turn babyface. This guy really could use it. He's officially reached rockbottom as a heel, he's not entertaining any longer. Cody will continue to be a heel and they'll both have a beautiful feud thus leading them both to the manievent scene.

Michael McGuillicutty & Husky Harris: Legacy 2.0
This is one I would really love to see. Two of my favorites at the moment but one is stuck in FCW an the other is stuck on Superstars. Bring these two men back to the Raw roster and let them rebuild this division. Give them the old "Its a New Day" theme that the original Legacy members Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase used. This will show that overall cockiness.

These are two 2nd generation stars that I absolutely love. These are my boys. Let them be super heels but put them in serious feuds so the fans can get behind them as heels.

Spinoff: Michael McGuillicutty(heel)
I see alot in Michael's future as a heel. He could be the next Orton if booked right. I think he needs a new haircut in my opinion. He should wear his hair the sameway Orton wore his in Evolution when he was "The Cocky Calendar Model" lol. Sometimes something as basic as hair means everything.

Besides that, Hennig is pretty solid in the ring, he can cut a decent promo and seems to know how to work. I think he was the better wrestler from NXT 2 behind Kaval ofcourse. A United States Championship run could do wonders for him.

JTG & Percy Watson:
Two more guys who could help rebuild this division. I loved what I seen in the ring from them in the past. They could be that flashy team with the over the top attire minus the typical black thing stereotype. Book them as flashy babyfaces. Make them like Cryme Tyme minus the Crime and I think they could be ok.

Spinoff: Neither of them
I don't see much of anything with these guys so maybe they can just be a solid team that actually stays together for years to come. I just can't picture them having any real singles success.

Ricardo Rodriguez & Santino Marella:
Now hear me out. I think Rodriguez is a pretty good wrestler if you all have ever seen him in FCW. I think he should turn face an screw Del Rio when he comes back and form a comedic tag team with Marella. These two would be funny as hell together. Marella is on a role right now and this could slow him down but it still could work if they actually are funny together. Individually they are both funny as hell.

Spinoff: Santino
I want Santino to be a babyface for the remainder of his career. It sounds silly but he actually does draw. His merchandise has also been selling in pretty good numbers as of late.

Alberto Del Rio & David Otunga:
I think they could be a very cool tag team as heels. They both have the whole high class gimmick going so that would help. I think they could shake things up in the division.

Spinoff: Alberto Del Rio(faceturn) & Otunga(heel)
When Del Rio turns face I guarantee you he will draw big big numbers. He potentially could be the next Eddie Guerrero. He already has the sweet cars. Trust me, Del Rio sucks as a heel and on the mic but as a face, he will blossom into one of the biggest stars. For most guys, a heel turn makes stars but in Del Rio's case I think he would be taken much serious as a babyface.

Otunga can take a step higher in the midcard and start really competing for the Intercontinental Belt and maybe have a nice 6 month reign with the title.

Kane & Rey Mysterio:
First of all, these two are great performers, two of the greatest performers we've seen in the last 15 years or so and I respect these two with all my heart. Rey will be back soon but how much does he have left as a singles competitor? Not so much. Kane is also winding down. Keep the mask on Kane and let them do the babyface little man big man type of thing.

I really wanted to see a brief Mysterio heelturn leading to a big match with Sin Cara but I don't see that happening anytime soon, maybe Wrestlemania 29. But for now, Kane & Show would be a good team.

Spinoff: Neither
I think this could be the last step of their careers. Let them retire or team or let them have one more small feud. Maybe Rey can feud with Sin Cara and Kane could feud with Big Show one last time to end their illustrious careers.

Names I didn't mention:
Hope you all enjoyed this one. I really wanted to include Heath Slater, Alex Riley & Curt Hawkins somewhere in this equation but I didn't see anything realistic with them. Those are guys I really do enjoy so hopefully they come up with something for them.I didn't add the usual Wade Barrett & McCintyre tag team. I know their very good friends and came in this business around the sametime but I just don't see any real chemistry. I think Wade Barrett is ready for that next level and a tag team at this stage in his career would only slow him down. He's done enough good work in teams (Nexus & Corre).

Thank you all for checking this out. Please leave feedback as well as teams you'd like to see or can see happening in the future. Its always a pleasure guys. Be safe, check out my music link below and take care. Until then.

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  1. bm punk's Avatar
    hUSKEY Harris n McGill would be great team...i would rather them be the scruffy (attitude style) sons of legends than the clean cut legacy and have Road Dogg as there manager. would also like to see Miz be lackey for D bry instead of team with cody. and maybe ricardo with R truth would be funny or a r truth/ricardo/santino stable(the nut job sqaud) i think the tag division needs a new LOD or Demolition....maybe mayson ryan and big zeek. KOW will be interesting when they debut
  2. Worldwideip's Avatar
    African Kings:

    Kofi Kingston, Big Zeke and Gabriel as a trio to tag-team demolition style. They come out saying they represent the great continent of Africa, could be face to feud with the 'All-American' team of Zigg and Swagg or may-be switch heel to take on the Samoan Team of the Usos?
    My next team would be HARLEM HEAT 2
    Take two FCW individuals - and let them be managed by the legendary Booker T
  3. bearkg88's Avatar
    Aight Knox, I'm not going to be one of those people that just bash your blog, because I think you make some valid points, but here are my thoughts. Why do you feel tag teams need to have that star the rises from it? Why can't it be like the Dudleys in WWE. By this mean while the Dudleys were in the WWE, the only time they were uber hot was as tag team(remember when they split and had them run by themselves?) So why can't we just get tag teams that for the majority of their time with the E, stay together? I can agree with Michael and Husky, Santino and Ricardo, and that is where my agreement ends. The other teams you mentioned, I just can't see them being believable. Either way, decent blog Knox! Keep it up broheim
  4. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    I really just read this blog to see wat u had to say. Tag teams in this day and age no matter who teams up will always be a complete joke unless wwe bring old tag titles back. I really can't see a dominant team bein taken seriously wit those kiddie belts.

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