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The Abdominal Stretch: The Bumpy Road to Wrestlemania

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Good Day Fanatics of the wrestling world. Welcome to being locked into the Abdominal Stretch, bringing you fresh opinions and perspectives in what's happening in wrestling. I didn't do a Raw post this week because frankly, it sucked and there's not much to say about it. The Miz is buried completely. There's still no real build for Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. The focus seems to be on the top 3 WM matches, and GM battle. Raw, four weeks before the grandest stage, was pretty damn weak.

Now that I got that off my chest, let's jump right in and talk about how the road to this Wrestlemania seems to be a pretty bumpy one. I'm going to go with a little Spielberg theme when talking about what we have going on. Let's get started.

Cena/Rock Feud

Everyone has an opinion on this and it seems to be split right down the middle. So my perspective is this. Why are they just talking smack on each other? Is there no other build the WWE can come up with besides trash talk? How about a screw job? How about a slap in the face? How about something, anything, besides hearing The Rock forget how to cut promos like he used to and hearing Cena spit the same ol lines over and over? They need to add something to give this feud a little substance, because this past Monday was low drama, and this feud is quickly becoming overshadowed by HHH/Undertaker/HBK, which is suddenly becoming much more intriguing. I have two Spielberg references for this. War of the Words, or Jaws.

Jericho/CM Punk Feud

A lot of people seem to feel strongly that Jericho and CM Punk should not face off until Wrestlemania. I couldn't disagree more. I'll sooner agree that Dolph Ziggler is the best ever, before I agree with this. While I do believe that it was too soon for this tag match as it should have been used for the last Raw before Wrestlemania, I do believe that we need more than just Jericho attacking CM Punk for four weeks. On the other side of the coin, we also need more than just a war of words between these two. And CM Punk needs to do more than mouth off, and hold his title up in the air. So Jericho getting the win over CM Punk, clean and legit, was a great way to add suspense to a feud that really didn't have much to it until two weeks ago. My Spielberg reference to this is Jerichoassic Park.

HHH/HBK/Undertaker Feud

Everyone seems to be down on HHH vs The Undertaker. For those who are for this match, many are unhappy with HBK's involvement. As for me, I love this match, and I don't love HBK's involvement but I don't mind either. It's just added star power since the current roster lacks this considerably. I see nothing good that could come out of a young star losing to Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Nothing. And HHH is perfect opponent and Hell in a Cell is a perfect setting. I'm not one for caring about who's performing at what level and who's old or whatever. I'm a huge fan of The Undertaker, HHH, and HBK and I always will be. I'm not sad about this match. I think it's a great addition to what looks like a very good Wrestlemania. My Spielberg reference is Real Steel.

I really do not have a rhyme or reason for the Spielberg references other than just a silly play on words. But I wanted to touch on the top three showcase matches that are featured for this year's Wrestlemania. And since the WWE decided not to really do anything about the rest of the card, I decided not to either.

I hope you enjoyed this week's addition of The Abdominal Stretch. Look for my "Not Your Everyday Wrestlemania Predictions" blog by the end of this week.

Thanks for reading and be safe.

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  1. RatedATB's Avatar
    Interesting thoughts on this, and I have to agree to an extent. Yeah Cena/Rock NEED to do something to make things interesting, but keep in mind there are still 3 Raws in between now and Mania, and shit could hit the fan next week, you never know. Also I really hope they do SOMETHING with Bryan/Sheamus, but again, 3 Raws, and 4 Smackdowns until Mania so hopefully shit gets real between them sooner rather than later. I really hope that by next week we know the bulk of the card, including what the hell they're going to do with the GMs, if we have a Divas match, and what the hell else is gonna happen. Nice read dude!
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    Another excellent blog DK. For me, with Rock and Cena, I'd like to see something where Cena is in a match with someone, maybe Jericho or Bryan or Rhodes, someone who getting a win over Cena would be believable but in the same breath wouldn't have everyone going "OMG HOW CAN THEY LET Insert Wrestler Name BEAT CENA GOING INTO MANIA!?" Anyways, I'd like to see them face off in a match and just as Cena is about to get on a roll with his 5 moves of doom, Rocks music hit. Cena turns to the entrance ramp, only for his opponent to roll him up and hold the tights for the win. Then have Rock either appear on the titantron or come onto the stage and cut a promo bashing Cena for letting his guard down.

    For me, the only let down so far between Jericho and Punk feud is last Monday, neither got time to cut a promo. To me, as we go into mania the best build up is to allow them to cut a promo or two each on each show, and be involved in some kind of match. Maybe some kind of handicap match, or even on the Raw before, have a pick your poison match. it could be interesting.

    And I for one am just simply pumped for Taker/HHH. Anyways, great blog DK

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