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Top ten TNA wrestlers ever

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Every one makes these for WWE but I haven't seen any TNA one so here are the candidates....

Tag teams

Beer money, MCMG and 3D....why well they all have been the biggest tag teams in TNA except from maybe LAX or 3 live crew but whats the difference..the first three teams have had successful single carers (maybe not devon) and where as I think x Division success is not the limit for Chris Sabin I feel right now it has to be and I feel bully ray, James storm and Bobby Rhode have and will continue to have a main event carer so these guys have done well in two division's

X Divison

Jerry Lyn, Christphor Daniels, Kaz, Austin Aries ....these are the X division stars who have been the biggest (no AJ I will explain) and sadly there the best not to win a world title

Mega stars

these are the guys who have made in big in TNA ......Sting, Kurt Angle, Aj Styles , Abyss , Christian Cage, Jeff Jarret

So here the overall top ten

10. Chris Sabin

9. Bobby Rhodes

8. Bully ray

7. Kurt Angle

6.Jerry Lyn


4. James Storm

3. Sting

2. Jeff Jarret

1. AJ Styles

Honorable mentions (excluding anyone mentioned earlier) Mick Foley, Scott Steiner, Eric Young , Samoa Joe , Velvet Sky , Mickie James
all comments welcome

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  1. Halfbaht's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lewism173
    guys why so angry opinion plays a huge part in wrestling...I do think now I may have mad a mistake not having joe in top ten but dude really...chirs harris...doug williams....jay lethal no way and his name is booby Rhode on the current show I put the s there by accident and its my list mite not be yours but
    no, he is currently going buy bobby ROODE, his name. also, you said opinions welcome, dont cry when someone doesnt agree with yours. for your information, chris harris, doug williams and jay lethal are much better wrestlers than say oh i don't know abyss, jerry lynn and bully ray, who some how made your top ten. my list is based on wrestling ability and talent that hasnt come to tna from another major company ie. WWE and WCW
  2. Halfbaht's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by lewism173
    I'll be honest I forgot Joe but the list makes sense if you think about it
    it really doesnt if you bother to think about it, which you obviously didn't, since there is no joe in your list
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