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Booking Eve title run, Kharma/Phoenix, and so much more.

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This Divas championship run will be different because she will be a heel this go round.

How can she beat Beth Phoenix without damaging Beth in the process remaining a dominant champion? Possibly have a triple threat, 4 way or a 6 pack challenge. She pins someone to win the women's title at Wrestlemania.

Next ppv rematch that ends in a DQ because of Maxine getting involved who ends up being Eve's sidekick I guess you could say. Beth would get a rematch because of this and at Extreme Rules challenge her to a Ladder match. Have Eve face Natalya on Raw along with tag matches featuring Beth and Maxine. Maxine would cost Beth the title at Extreme Rules pushing the ladder over or something like that. Earlier in that show Natalya would have been knocked out.

Beth would face Maxine on Raw in a single match. Than you would have two handicap matches before the ppv. One with tag and the other tornado style. Natayla would get her shot at the ppv because of her return from injury. Natalya would win via DQ after Maxine sprayed hairs spray in Natayla's eyes while trying to pin Eve. Maxine would than face Natayla the next night on Raw. Next ppv MITB they would all face in a fatal 4 way so they would all be involved. Eve would retain after throwing Beth against the ring post pinning Maxine.

Kelly Kelly vs Eve been long waited for. Eve claiming Kelly is jealous while Kelly hasn't liked her attitude in recent months. Eve gets help via Maxine to keep the title. GM decides at Night of Champions to have a lumberjill match to makes sure every WWE diva will get involved to make it fair game. 1 "Diva" decides to show up during the match. Kharma and she attacks both divas motioning she wants the Divas title. Hell in a Cell ppv, will be a triple threat match. Kharma has Kelly Kelly beat, but Maxine distracts her. While Kharma has her hands around Maxine's throat....Eve picks up the victory.

Survivor Series, Eve will defend against Kharma. Maxine gets involved and the match ends via DQ which leads to TLC. At TLC, it will be a handicap match for the Divas title. Kharma wins the championship. Rematch clause at the Rumble and Eve loses. Kharma would put Maxine off TV after their match on Raw. Elimination Chamber, Natayla is the new #1 contender. Kharma defeats Natayla, but Kharma wasn't done. She was continuing to stomp Natayla after the match only to have Beth Phoenix to come out in a face to face confrontation.

You know where we are headed to.....Wrestlemania 29. Dream match everyone has been waiting for happen at Wrestlemania. Kharma would win clean, but Beth would demand a rematch. Kharma would only agree on one condition....face each other in a last woman standing match. First ever in the WWE and have Beth come out on top. Taking Kharma off TV for a while to have other Divas battle for the belt til their rematch at either Summerslam or Survivor Series.

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  1. bastianboogerismydad's Avatar
    ummmmm......more DQ finishes than a Vince Russo show!

    I'm not sure id want Eve Torres holding the title - let alone for that long! Keep it on Phoenix!
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    You actually want a heel to win without cheating? That is how heels get heat my friend.

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