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If WWE Wrestlers were MLB Franchises

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Major League Baseball's spring season is in full swing, and I'm really bored, so I've decided to assign each WWE Wrestler (no Divas) to a MLB Franchise. The criteria are probably pretty vague and there might be times where I don't have much reasoning (gut calls). Without further ado:

American League

New York Yankees -- John Cena
Reasoning: I don't get why I have to reason this one. He's won a lot of championships and a lot of people hate him. They're perfect.

Texas Rangers -- CM Punk
Reasoning: Reigning Champion, easily one of the best teams in the entire league. Like the Rangers, Punk might be the most complete package right now.

Boston RedSox -- Chris Jericho
Reasoning: Has won titles, but has never been a long time "top" team. They're both aging, but they're both very capable of winning it all. Both are very, very dangerous.

Detroit Tigers -- Dolph Ziggler
Reasoning: Had one key attribute (talent/pitching) and has acquired the other (mic skills/hitting). Looks to have a fantastic year this year.

LA Angels -- Daniel Bryan
Reasoning: Not the team everyone expected to make big waves, but has always been one of the best in the entire league. Now both the team and DB are swinging at the top and capable of taking it.

Tampa Bay Rays -- Del Rio
Reasoning: I just wanted to put Del Rio on this list... I don't have a good reason.

Minnesota Twins -- Big Show
Reasoning: They'll be good and might get into important situations, but probably won't win and are kinda over the hill.

Washington Nationals -- Brodus Clay
Reasoning: Both will be (or were, in Brodus's case) better than expected this year. SOMEBODY CALL MY MOMMA!

Toronto BlueJays -- Jinder Mahal
Reasoning: Surprised to hear they're both from Canada!

Cleveland Indians -- The Rock
Reasoning: Better in the movies then they ever were on the field! BAZING! Couldn't help myself.

Kansas City Royals -- R-Truth
Reasoning: Gotta keep R-Truth down. CONSPIRACY!

Chicago White Sox -- Khali
Reasoning: Former world champion, but (in my opinion) never really that good to begin with. Fluke!

Baltimore Orioles -- Justin Gabriel
Reasoning: Get it? Because Justin flies? This might be a little unfair to Justin as he seems to be getting somewhere on Smackdown.

Seattle Mariners -- Tyler Reks
Reasoning: I got nothing. Neither are too good in their sport? Reks, of course, being not used at all on live TV.

Oakland As -- Sin Cara
Reasoning: Had one good year, now hasn't been on TV for months.

National League

Philadelphia Phillies -- Randy Orton
Reasoning: He's won titles and he's the most touted wrestler on his division, just like the Phillies.

Chicago Cubs -- Rey Mysterio
Reasoning: They won a title long ago and their best days are far behind them.

Cincinnati Reds -- Wade Barrett
Reasoning: This is self serving, but both are young and are looking to be major players this year. Both could be wearing gold come October.

St. Louis Cardinals -- The Miz
Reasoning: Was on fire last year, this year... not so good.

San Fransisco Giants -- Kane
Reasoning: Way too much hair. Plus they both play an important role and are still pretty damn good.

Arizona Diamondbacks -- William Regal
Reasoning: They can still go! Seriously, they're both great.

Atlanta Braves -- HHH
Reasoning: Use to dominate, now just kinda sits there.

LA Dodgers -- Mark Henry
Reasoning: Got good, then kinda disappeared o_o

Miami Marlins -- Cody Rhodes
Reasoning: They just keep getting better!

Milwaukee Brewers -- Santino
Reasoning: Is reving up to a good run! Definitely a fan favorite (or MVP, in Brewer's case).

Colorado Rockies -- Christian
Reasoning: Has been great in the past, but injures have hindered them the last few years, but still tasted gold (however short).

Pittsburgh Pirate -- Ezekiel Jackson
Reasoning: Had a few good spurts, but nothing ever really sustainable.

San Diego Padres -- Johnny Curtis
Reasoning: It took me a few minutes to remember both of them. I haven't seen them on TV yet, but that's my fault.

New York Mets -- Drew McInytre
Reasoning: Was once the "chosen one", but hasn't lived up to billing yet. Neither are being taken seriously at all right now.

Houston Astros -- Heath Slater
Reasoning: They're still playing/wrestling?

This list is for fun--debate freely. If I did this again, I'm sure they're be major differences outside of the top 5-6.

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  1. mhshow21's Avatar
    thats awesome! really liked the ideal! but the Reds shouldnt Be Wade Barrett tho even tho Wade is one of my Top 5 fav Wrestlers right now he aint got the history of the Reds! Reds where one of the 1st teams ever and has won a few titles. i would make them UnderTaker. b.c they aint in the spot light all the time but every couple years they are right there!
  2. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Rome you should do this with more franchises. For example in The NFL I would put Dolph Ziggler as the San Fran 49ers for the fast-paced offense they both utilise extremely well.
  3. The Hipster's Avatar
    I'll take the Rock representing the Tribe because they were good in the 90's (and could be good
  4. The Hipster's Avatar
    again.) The Miz is the only Cleveland champ on which I can hang my hat.

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