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The WWE PG Rating

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A lot of people have criticized WWE for their PG rating turn. I'm one of those people who hate that change and the product has declined from what I used to watch back in the 90s. But, I understand this change.

Actually, it is not a change. It is a step backwards. Turning PG wrestling isn't something new. As a matter of fact, it is the type of wrestling we all grew up in. Remember the day when you were drinking your vitamins and saying your prayers because Hulk Hogan said so? Remember when we all had our Ultimate Warrior face paint cause it was the cool thing back when we were kids? Isn't that the same thing with today's kids and Cena?

WWE has gotten it and they understand it. It is a cycle. They cater to kids and capture their loyalty. Slowly, they grow up their program along with the kids. Then comes the Attitude Era once again and arenas are no longer packed by kids but by rabid fans.

You have to understand that WWE has given us their time, they got our money, and they are now focusing on the next generation to entertain and earn from. This is a company for the long run. Granted that most of us would want to relive the era of violence, gore, blood, drugs and sex, the fact of the matter is, this won't happen in WWE for a couple of years. And that is where TNA comes in.

Another good thing about the WWE PG turn is the safety of the wrestlers. Because of the bans and stricter policies, management has started to look at the safety aspect of wrestlers a bit more. Chair shots to the head, blading, and bad bumps that could result from certain moves such as a piledriver or powerbomb have been effectively reduced to increase the health of the performers. But if you ask me this is still lacking by more than a mile. Wrestlers still need their rest so if WWE is serious about making a change in early deaths, they should reduce travel scheds. If they want to keep the same number of shows per year, then make use of all the wrestlers. Do not use the same people over and over again for each show. This will allow others to rest while others perform.

Bottom line, the PG rating sucks. I hate Vince for putting that up in my own opinion. But, I do see that all of these things were planted for the future of the company. In a few years time (8 years since most of the audience now are 10 year olds), you will see an edgier WWE which is better than ever. Let's just be patient. For now, we have TNA and ROH anyways.

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Updated 08-16-2010 at 12:24 AM by Hesterica

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  1. Stoney's Avatar
    How was Ortons attack on sheamus with a chair shot 10 times to the back PG i wish WWE would make there mind up
  2. xAzureSkye's Avatar
    well now that Linda has won, we will be staying PG for quite some time which is very disappointing.. being PG ruins everything such as

    - no bleeding (srsly WTF?)
    - no chair headshots (GAY, ruins a hardcore match)
    - no bra & panties/bikini matches (duh, what else do horny 18 year old guys come to see?)
    - no swearing (ok how can a promo be good without swear words?)

    during the WWE TV-14 era, WWE were getting 4's & 5's in the ratings, & one time they got a 7.2.. now WWE are lucky to get a 3.3 which obviously proves more people like TV-14
  3. Stoney's Avatar
    So go watch TNA for your violent fix.
  4. Hesterica's Avatar
    xAzureSkye, that's what TNA is here for. As for WWE, they are catering to a new audience now and not us anymore. When the ten year olds get holder, you will get a bit more violence again. But I totally agree with no chairshots to the head. Chris Nowinski, a former WWE star, has been conducting studies showing how chairshots degrades the brain and is a possible cause to what happened with Chris Benoit and the deaths of other wrestlers. I want to be entertained but not at the risk of their lives. This isn't Rome and they are not gladiators.
  5. team_emmett's Avatar
    I Think That WWE Should Get Rid Of The PG Rating & Go Back To Chair Shots Where We See Blood & Not Have The Match Paused Whilst WWE Attends To Superstars Cuts!! Don't Get Me Wrong I Love WWE But Sooner Or Later Its Going To Get To The Stage Where People Are Going To Get Fed Up Of The PG Rating, If Not Already!! x
  6. el gabo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Stoney
    So go watch TNA for your violent fix.
    As for blood and chair shots, why do you need to see blood? Why do you want to see someone take a needless chair shot to the skull and possibly be killed? Grant it I HATE PG 13, still, I see wrestling as entertainment meaning that if you want to see real violence, watch street fight DVDs or MMA where blood gushes out like a fountain. These people have families they would like to go home to ALIVE.
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