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The WWE PG Rating

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A lot of people have criticized WWE for their PG rating turn. I'm one of those people who hate that change and the product has declined from what I used to watch back in the 90s. But, I understand this change.

Actually, it is not a change. It is a step backwards. Turning PG wrestling isn't something new. As a matter of fact, it is the type of wrestling we all grew up in. Remember the day when you were drinking your vitamins and saying your prayers because Hulk Hogan said so? Remember when we all had our Ultimate Warrior face paint cause it was the cool thing back when we were kids? Isn't that the same thing with today's kids and Cena?

WWE has gotten it and they understand it. It is a cycle. They cater to kids and capture their loyalty. Slowly, they grow up their program along with the kids. Then comes the Attitude Era once again and arenas are no longer packed by kids but by rabid fans.

You have to understand that WWE has given us their time, they got our money, and they are now focusing on the next generation to entertain and earn from. This is a company for the long run. Granted that most of us would want to relive the era of violence, gore, blood, drugs and sex, the fact of the matter is, this won't happen in WWE for a couple of years. And that is where TNA comes in.

Another good thing about the WWE PG turn is the safety of the wrestlers. Because of the bans and stricter policies, management has started to look at the safety aspect of wrestlers a bit more. Chair shots to the head, blading, and bad bumps that could result from certain moves such as a piledriver or powerbomb have been effectively reduced to increase the health of the performers. But if you ask me this is still lacking by more than a mile. Wrestlers still need their rest so if WWE is serious about making a change in early deaths, they should reduce travel scheds. If they want to keep the same number of shows per year, then make use of all the wrestlers. Do not use the same people over and over again for each show. This will allow others to rest while others perform.

Bottom line, the PG rating sucks. I hate Vince for putting that up in my own opinion. But, I do see that all of these things were planted for the future of the company. In a few years time (8 years since most of the audience now are 10 year olds), you will see an edgier WWE which is better than ever. Let's just be patient. For now, we have TNA and ROH anyways.

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Updated 08-16-2010 at 12:24 AM by Hesterica

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  1. HHHBK's Avatar
    thank you finally .. people always complain about it but what that dont understand is back when wcw was first goin against wwe/f it was pg until the attitude era, dont get me wrong i do not enjoy the PG but complaing about isn't gonna changee vince's mind.
  2. dre-dray's Avatar
    That's a good point you make there. Very interesting.
  3. MarcusMiller84's Avatar
    WWE is supposed to be about what the fans want....

    but we know that's not the case at all.

    Or else people wouldn't get kicked out of arena's for simply booing John Cena.

    What happened to when fans could do as they please. Cheer who they like, boo who they hate. Now it's, you cheer for who we make you cheer for, and if you don't like it, fuck you.
  4. Hesterica's Avatar
    First off, thanks for reading and commenting.

    Marcus, I know what you mean there. At the end of the day, wrestling is still business which is why the big E does what it does. ECW showed that you can be really popular with the fans and all but you don't get to last long. WWE will remain for years because of their business model. BUT, again, we will always get the TNAs, ROHs, ECWs and even the independent promotions to give the alternative shows. WWE is not the standard of wrestling. Its more of a show now. I watch it not to expect the things I really want out of wrestling. I watch it for the show.
  5. ejaspy's Avatar
    I fully agree about WWE going through cycles, but also don't forget about Linda Mcmahon's senate compaign. She's constantly under fire for things that they've done in the past so you can bet they are going to be playing it cool and kid friendly for the duration of her campaign and potential senate term.
  6. Hesterica's Avatar
    And Linda winning, I assume, would only make things worse...
  7. ejaspy's Avatar
    Unfortunately, you're probably right
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