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A look at the current Divas Division

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Okay, just gonna have a look at the WWE divas division and have a look as to where it's going (or not going)

(in alphabetical order)

AJ - I believe she needs a push. When I saw her on NXT, she delivered some very good matches but since becoming a diva she's really just been used to build up Beths/Natalya's status as the dominant divas. I'd like to see her with a new gimmick and more decent matches as she's a good high flyer type.

Aksana - I don't really see what she's about. Apart from all the flirting with Teddy Long, I don't see her as a particular significant involvement in the division, but maybe she could be a good wrestler?

Alicia Fox - I believe she's actually a very good wrestler, although she has botched from time to time, with more time she could become a good champion. With more time and practice there could be a lot of good things to come from her. She needs more mic work though.

Beth Phoenix - Without a doubt she's probably the best wrestler there, she's powerful and delivers good matches. The Glam Slam is possibly the best finisher going. She makes a good Divas champion, however I think WWE need to give her and Natty more air time to cut promos because her mic skills aren't the best.

Bella Twins - Never been a fan of them, mediocre wrestlers and annoying overall. Brie was possibly the worst champion ever.

Eve - I think she's severely underrated. She's a really good wrestler and she had a great few matches with Beth Phoenix last year at the pay per views. She's very athletic in the ring and she could become even better. She just lacks popularity with the crowd and doesn't have good mic skills.

Kaitlyn - She needs to be heel. I don't understand why they cut the angle of her joining the Divas of Doom because she could of been great with them, a strong diva just needs more of a moveset and more spunk and she could go far.

Kelly Kelly - I feel sorry for k2. She's actually grown so much since when she started back in 2006. Everyone complains that she's a poor wrestler, but if you compare from the start to now, she's improved more than any diva. She gets the biggest pops from the crowd, she has great charisma and even she's not the best wrestler, she can throw a good match. Although I think other divas need a chance to build themselves, I think Kelly is important to the division in the way she has the most charisma.

Layla - I know she's returning soon & hopefully she'll be face. I'd like to see the nice side of her and hopefully do well in the WWE (even though she already has) feuds with Beth/Natty would help her with this. It would be even better if Michelle returns with her and we could see Laycool as faces and not total bitches!

Natalya - Great technical and strong wrestler. She needs to stop being a rookie to other divas however, she should be fulfilling her role as the dominant diva. Great champion and she can pull of both face/heel roles. I'd like to see her go against Beth at Wrestlemania.

Rosa Mendes - I don't know what to say. She's not really valued or used in WWE and from her matches, I've never seen any great wrestling ability. And now she's used to manage. We know what that's gonna mean.

Tamina - I'm not too sure about her. She looks like she could be a good wrestler, but we haven't seen enough of her. However with the recent face turn maybe we can see more spunk and more talent to come through.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog, comments are welcome.

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Updated 01-02-2012 at 06:56 PM by samwrigz

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Yo, i liked your post. A few years back you had Lita, Trish, Victoria, Gail, as the top diva's. My opinion, if worked right, giving the proper feuds and storylines, Alicia, Natalya, Beth, Kelly, and Kharma could be the next generation of good divas. Heck Natalya and Beth and Kelly are there in my opinion, Kharma just hasnt really had any time in WWE except for her squashes, and I agree Alicia has good potential.
  2. Sam Axe's Avatar
    The problem is... Vince doesn't give a crap about the Divas Division. The whole thing is a mess right now. It's not even interesting anymore. They start to build up Beth & Natalya as an unstoppable duo, but then it doesn't really go anywhere. Those two should have been tearing it up! But no, Natalya gets beat by Alicia Fox in a singles match??? Why?

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