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Possible Diva matches at Wrestlemania 28

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Hello, just a look at what could possibly be happening for the divas at Wrestlemania

1) Beth Phoenix vs Natalya
Of course, there has been lots of talks about this match. As of last friday on SmackDown it looks as if there is a chance that Natalya may be turning face again, so this could lead to a feud and match at Wrestlemania. However, this may not happen due to the fact that Natalya has been used as a jobber recently and it would look slightly strange if we saw her suddenly captivating the title in a few weeks even know now we're seeing her fart every week.

2) Beth Phoenix vs Kharma
Now this would certainly be epic. The powerhouses of the divsion colliding. I think this would be a great match and would certainly entertain and delight the fans. However again, this is unlikely because Kharma hasn't returned yet and we don't see any signs of her returning soon? Maybe after WM, this feud would happen.

3) Beth Phoenix vs Trish Stratus
Although I doubt this would happen, I hope it would. For two of the greatest divas to embrace the WWE to go at it for the title in a good 10-12 minute match would be just amazing. The fans would love it. Trish has even admitted she'd be all up for it if WWE called her, let's just hope.

4) Eve Torres vs Layla?
WWE seems to be pushing Eve as the big heel in the ring right now. She's really embraced her new hoeski persona so this could go well at Wrestlemania. There have been talks that Layla could be returning into a feud with Eve so maybe that could be a match? Who knows.

For now, these are the only real possiblities. Hopefully WWE will throw a good divas match.
Comments welcome.

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  1. ALEX3:16's Avatar
    I personally was hoping for a Beth and Natalya feud starting before now leading into a match at mania, I really like both of these divas and given time to put on a great match I know they would, but your point was right it would be stupid to have her jobbing before such a big match and I don't see it happening now.

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