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Why Make Excuses for The Rock?

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. It seems as of late my opinions are not the popular opinion but that's the way it is sometimes. I'm a vocal fan of Cena but I'm also not biased. When Cena was totally bland and shoved down our throats as WWE Champ, I had countless blogs criticizing his gimmick. Fan or not I try to be unbiased.

The Excuses for The Rock?

For the life of me I can't understand why the Rock's fans are making all kinds of excuses for this man. I've heard every excuse in the world. You guys call him the greatest wrestler sometime and yet I still here the same excuses for why Cena is owning him in these promos.

Excuse #1: The Creative Team is holding the Rock back

So this may be the biggest match in WWE history approaching us. The biggest feud we've seen in a while, its the clash of two eras. All the marbles are on the table. WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY TELL THE ROCK TO HOLD OFF? Why? These guys have been pulling out all the stops but the Rock hasn't been delivering like we all thought he would.

Excuse #2: The Rock is being asked to make Cena look good

I can understand this excuse to be real but at the end of the day I don't think that's the case. I believe Vince is backstage telling these two guys to go out there and shoot shoot shoot shoot and pull no punches. That's the gist of it.

Doesn't everyone rate the Rock as the greatest talker of all time?

The majority of wrestling fans classify the Rock as the greatest talker. I personally think its Roddy Piper but the majority of wrestling fans will say its the Rock? So in a feud with John Cena built on a war of words, how can you possibly make excuses for the greatest talker of all time?

My personal criticism on Cena

Just so I don't look biased as a Cena fan, let me tell you what I don't like about Cena in this feud.

#1: Cena kissing the Rock's ass
I really really hate how Cena has to come to the ring and start off kissing the Rock's ass before he starts to shoot on him. Saying things like "The Rock is someone I used to love. I was a fan just like you all. He's the greatest WWE Superstar of all time and the most electrifying man in this business". I hate that because that's the one edge that Rock actually has on Cena. The Rock never really said anything good about Cena during a promo, maybe once or twice but he doesn't make a habit of it.

#2: Cena making fun of his own self
That annoys me too. This started well before his feud with the Rock. The only time Cena could get the fans behind him is when he literally made fun of himself and that's what he did this past Monday. He called himself "a dominatrix", "he said he looks ridiculous". Things like that. I feel like Cena is good enough on the mic to not have to be asked or feel the need to verbally make light of himself to get the fans behind him.

How to book the last few weeks until Wrestlemania?

#1: Somehow involve two huge guys from each era.
For example, reach out to Stone Cold and have him make an appearance on Raw to put Cena over and actually say that he hates how the Rock left this business. Its been known that Austin was a very pro-Cena guy. On the flip side, have someone like Edge come out and put the Rock over and talk about how much Cena did hog the spotlight from him & his bestfriend Christian. Let these two cut one promo in favor of the guy they like just to add some quick buzz to the feud.

Have a guy like Cm Punk put Cena over and Chris Jericho put the Rock over. That will really add excitement to this as Jericho & The Rock id some pretty good work together in the Attitude Era. This feud needs that extra push and this in my opinion would do it.

I understand they want this to be a battle of words but for pete sakes this feud needs some violence. I say the go home Raw before Mania they have a huge brawl that carries on in the crowd and the backstage area and even outside. They need that last bit of true heat to draw those last minute buys. Personally I'm not buying Wrestlemania until I see something that grabs me. I need to see that HUGE brawl we've all been waiting for. The kind of brawl when they have the security members an superstars come out to break up. That would be huge.


I know many people on this site won't agree with me and will be very vocal about it. All I truly ask is that whoever agrees with me, please comment. I'm dying to know if I'm the only one that thinks people are making petty excuses for the Rock just because Cena has been owning him. Making excuses for someone as great as the Rock is like how people make all kinds of excuses for LeBron James everytime he chokes. The Rock is too great for one to make excuses for.

Once again thanks for reading this blog whether you loved it or hate it. Please leave feedback and READ THE BLOG before you comment something negative. Thanks guys and be safe. Until then.

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  1. f408m's Avatar
    You my friend, have said what i wanted too but was too lazy/angry to say. I love how the internet community loves to blame the writers when their favorite stars are sucking, but when its someone they hate they just blab.... so THANK YOU!!!!
  2. Theicon's Avatar
    Its actually pretty funny how blind you are to the fact that creative are trying to get cena more over by making the Rock look weak to actually build up the mania match rather than it being a one sided boots to asses type match where everyone knows the Rock will win.
    This is nothing but a terrible biased blog yet again!
  3. ShaunieB's Avatar
    Excuse 1 and 2 for The Rock are pretty much mutually exclusive so I think they can only count as 1. I find it surprising that you choose to ignore all the backstage reports about WWE wanting The Rock to make Cena look good and instead pick an opinion which has no base in fact.
  4. f408m's Avatar
    what reports? how do you know these things? Are you working for the WWE? do you know something I don't?
  5. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Knox I agree with you on both parts here.

    I think Cena is holding back, He comes out praises the Rock for 5 mins and puts him down for 1 min and he does it over and over again. Cena is holding back cause he is afraid the Crowd will be completely against him. Cena needs some guts and to let loose and stop being annoying for 5 minutes and being interesting for 1.

    I dont think creative is telling these guys to make one another look good, I think The Rock and Cena are having a healthy competition on the mic to see who can get the better of who.

    The Excuse I make for The Rock is people have to understand its been 8 years since The Rock has done this, He is Rusty and This isnt his number 1 job, This Wrestling thing is his side Job.... Rock is excellent at making catch phrases or making something as dumb as Kung Pow Chicken a huge insult... Before The Rock was more protected, Rock insulted Jericho, Jericho did a frowny face and got offended and left.... People set up The Rocks lines by answering the Rock when he said " Who are you" Then they go to answer and he say "It doesnt matter who you are".... Cena is a full time wrestler, This match is live or die for Cena, its his company, its his only pay check. The has several million dollar Blockbusters lined up after April.

    I think The Rock did Great on his pretaped segments and his other Twitter video against Cena but for some reason face to face The Rock is just kinda lack luster. hopfully The Rock will cut one huge promo and fix the last few weeks of lack luster ones.
  6. darkace9194's Avatar
    Does nobody read the head page?? Ryan Clark been saying that WWE is letting Cena have the edge in this feud
  7. knox's Avatar
    @f408m, lol no problem bro. Eventually people have to stop bailing the rock out.

    @theicon, your biased to any bloh i write. You could read a perfect blog on this site and agree 100% with it but if it says "Knox" on the top, you will immediately bash it. idk why you hate me so much but you certainly do make blogging fun. I can always look forward to whatever biased remark u make.

    @shaunnie & darkace, i appreciate the comment. I love this site to death but we cant believe every single post. I find it hard to believe they would tell any of these men to hold back.

    @crippler, always good to hear from you bro. You made the best point of the night. Rocky is indeed rusty. He hasnt done this in a long time. i think he is doing a good job but as expected cena has the upper hand. Cena does thos fulltime.
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